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  1. Seems so. The 32 yr old who apparently is now running the country has a plan for Saudi to become the main provider of power to Europe via solar power and a big cable. In other words, they still wish to control us and have our leaders sucking up to them?
  2. Good news for its share price - up 3% today and about 10% up since last week's stress tests. They want more QE.
  3. My understanding is that yesterdy the BOE wanted to buy longer term securities from companies but those are the few things that pension funds that are wroth anything long term. As I understood it the BOE wanted to buy the longer-term stuff and give corporates/pension funds cash in return with which they can go and buy global stock markets at all time highs. So most of them told the BOE to FO.
  4. I recall him several years back saying that house prices were in a bubble in London. We talked about it on here. His tax bill was probably lower than the likes of you or I.
  5. I am wondering how soon Carney's hand will be forced. Will take a lot though.
  6. Yep, that is the one. If that occurs again we should be looking at GDX circa 19 to 22 bucks.
  7. Interesting stats in pull-backs in a gold bull market going back over several bull runs. About now is typical timing for a sizeable pull-back before another leg higher. http://www.321gold.com/editorials/hoye/hoye080316.pdf
  8. Sky News is saying that Corbyn is going to Cardiff instead. Local paper is saying he is coming to Swansea. Is he coming or going?
  9. OK, I will put this on my phone. I think he wants £7 to enter and listen to him and there is a good fish & chippy just around the corner with a good curry house opposite where my £7 can be better spent. Oh, and a pub selling Gower Gold.
  10. Countrywide up 2.66% currently. Foxtons up 3.69%. As I said, the markets are not convinced.
  11. 3.69% up which, all things considering, is not good. The banks have fared even worse also. Methinks that the City boys are not convinced that Carney's stuff will help either the housing market or banks. I was expecting this to be a 10% today at least. If iit stays like this today it could begin drifting down again IMPO.
  12. The FTSE is giving back what it spiked up into earlier. The US markets look to be topping out and a January 2016 or August 2015 style drop looks very likely. Gold and silver are the best performers from Carney's BOE talk.
  13. Yes, on a few business programmes this week there have been allusions that shops are seeing a sharp downturn in people buying.
  14. The BOE guy who spoke after Carney talked about a worry about the housing market flat-lining.
  15. Lots of stocks I follow - Glencore, Anglo American, Llyds, Barclays, M&S, Next, all spiked but are now trending back down.
  16. OK, will do - if I go. But you are going to have to give me a retort just in case he comes back on me and I go "Um, err...." and look silly.
  17. So we get a weaker pound and assets, cost of living go up.
  18. Corporate bond purchases? So the BOE is going to buy FTSE listed company corporate bonds giving money to firms? What will those firms do with the extra money - buy back their own shares IMPO. Just watch the FTSE explode so that they can say that everything is fine. House price bubble. FTSE soaring. Carney has two tricks after all.
  19. I think the current market price values the company around £4 million per office - how many of those offices are just rented? So, where is their moat? Lots of expensive offices around London. A work-force who are not heavily invested in the company in terms of shares in the same way staff are at a tech company, retailer, etc. Much cheaper to set yourself up as competition then buying out the company. Their USP is what exactly? The housing market booms and they will do very, very well. But if we are heading into recession then the SP c ould halve from here. The move today are the pure speculators - perhaps someone who knows something. Get 9% gain today. Hopefully 9% tomorrow and then sell, sell, sell once the BOE announces the rate cut. Walk away with a good 15% profit?
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