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  1. I think the strength in bitcoin currently is a repeat of a few years back when Chinese people were using it to get money out of China.
  2. Nothing much, just a bond market implosion.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCyA9RMW5mA&feature=youtu.be
  4. Ignore the title, there are some interesting thoughts in here on the geo-political issues facing the world and the internal issues of US politics The interviewee talks about Trump's election promise to reintroduce Glass-Steagall, forming some kind of national US bank and even about getting rid of the Fed an taking US rate policy directly under Whitehouse control. Unlikely to happen but... if it did...
  5. Former bank boss David Murray warns of disastrous property crash http://thenewdaily.com.au/money/property/2016/12/08/david-murray-bubble/
  6. Makes him feel important. Makes him appear important to his disciples.
  7. The Lib Dems are a spent force until they can get more seats in Parliament. The longer we go until an election the more danger they are in of disappearing altogether, especially if someone can get a new slightly left of centralist party going in the UK. (But that looks unlikely.).
  8. In the above video, Jim Mellor recommends gold/precious metals towards the end of the video - what is his record on precious metals? Is he one of the perpetual goldbugs or not?
  9. That is increasingly the agenda from the REMOANERS - pretend it has not happened and will not happen. Say it long enough and people will begin to believe it.
  10. Pumped was probably the wrong choice of word for Europe. Um, supported. I think the Italy vote will be like when they blow the dam in the second Navarone film - nothing seems to happen at first but then...
  11. It is possible that big money created the Trump rally to avoid being locked in to a rapidly declining market and that, over the past 3 weeks, they have pumped the markets in order to distribute and off-load. I mention this because it is possible that the European markets will be pumped in a similar way re what happened in Italy yesterday.
  12. They were probably buying big into the markets this morning for them to be up at all.
  13. The Italians clearly did not know what they were voting for.
  14. Well, he has said he is going to offer his resignation to the President. Should be a fun week.
  15. So did Friday mark the bottom in gold? Has the swing low now completed? Gold carried on down last week but the miners did very nicely. Someone was hoovering up junirs and there was huge buying volume on JNUG. Thing is - if the EUR collapses against the USD overnight then it should be bad for gold/silver but then a crisis - a BIG crisis - is always good for gold/silver. Interesting times.
  16. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-11-27/cash-out-mortgage-refis-expected-crash-rates-surge
  17. Can you imagine the first time the BBC reports any kind of wage inflation in the UK - the estate agents will be rushing out and adding 20% to asking prices. Until the housing bubble is addressed properly the madness will just continue until it just collapses. Carney and the BOE will do anything and everything to keep rates at 0% for savings, not much above it for mortgages and hoping that they can somehow stem the inflation tidal wave that appears to now be building.
  18. Thanks I just listened to the Labour economic guy on Fivelive complaining about why the Debt to GDP is so high and, without pausing for breath, saying that we should be borrowing more money at low interest rates to drive the economy.
  19. Mortgage rates have shot up in the US & Canada in recent weeks with talk now of them going much higher next year. The stocks of base metal miners have soared this year and look to go much higher next year. Food inflation is very much here with a mix of increasing prices in the shops plus products getting smaller & smaller. Why would anyone want to work harder? To, as you say, simply pay more tax so that other people will get more benefits? Will the public sector workers work harder in the councils, unis, etc. Anyone fancy working harder to pay their pensions? In 2009 the UK should have had a 20% across the board cut in public worker salaries or, rather, a percentage cut from 5% to 25% dependent upon whether you were a cleaner or a uni lecturer or a CEO in a housing association, etc. I live in a part of the world where the local Highways department seems to have perfected the art of constantly digging up the same roads. We had some grand European boulevard build a few years ago - it literally took them years, and massive traffic congestion, to build about a half mile stretch of a few new pavements and the road lay-out altering slightly. The Chinese or Japanese would have done it in a week. A new bus station in Swansea took about 2 years to build and if you saw it you would wonder why it was not put up in a week? Not one public sector employee is going to work any harder or add anything of value to UK productivity. The people who will do so are not being incentivised to work harder. If anything, today's statement will probably make a lot of people think twice about staying in the UK.
  20. Want to keep your million-dollar luxury pad in Vancouver empty? Get ready to pay C$10,000 ($7,450) annually in extra taxes. Lie about it? That’ll be C$10,000 a day in fines. Canada’s most-expensive property market, suffering from a near-zero supply of rental homes, announced the details of a new tax aimed at prodding absentee landlords into making their properties available for lease. The empty-home tax will take effect by Jan. 1 and will be calculated at 1 percent of the property’s assessed value, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson told reporters at City Hall. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-11-09/vancouver-wields-c-10-000-a-day-fine-in-crackdown-on-empty-homes
  21. I was in the Vale of Glamorgan area last week and was amazed to see so many Purple Bricks signs. Interesting. We are now in stagflation - prices are going to rise for day to day living and, in time, interest rates will rise. Then we will see who is wearing any shorts when the tide goes out.
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