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  1. No, just the chickens finally coming home to roost. Jim Mellon explains it in the below video - from about 13 minutes in.
  2. Yes, I hope so. Anyway, the Pound story is more important than the butter or chocolate story. Let's see how Carney can feck up and makes things worse this week?
  3. Hardly any cocoa in many of the brands such as Cadburys. I think Dairy Milk is something like 23% cocoa in it - how low it goes before it is no longer technically chocolate is interesting. I would argue that it got there when it got below 50%. Cocoa prices are rising and I know some people buying into it because they see the price rising much further this year. I think chocolate it about to get much more nastier and more expensive.
  4. One of the problems is that the health benefits of grass fed milk for butter has become very popular on the health sites - especially in the US so demand for real NZ Anchor butter, for Kerrygold, etc, has shot through the roof. Pretty disgusted that the Brits are taken for mugs again re the 'new Anchor'. Anchor butter was always a tad pricier because it came from NZ but the price never dropped when it started being made in the UK from goodness know where milk. It could be UK milk but it is just as likely to be Polish or some other EU milk that is supplying it.
  5. Day traders buying at the low and hoping to get a 5% profit in an hour or two. Some might even have got a 10% profit if they were lucky.
  6. This is a very interesting year unfolding financially. US Treasuries are, some such as Jim Mellor as arguing, close to collapse and that the US will be forced to raise rates rapidly this year. Interesting times we are living in.
  7. I only found out because i used to eat because it did once come from grass-fed cows in NZ. Then the taste went downhill dramatically IMPO so I did osme research and discovered that it is now made in Manchester from non-Kiwi milk sources.
  8. Anchor is made in the UK and has been for several years. The myth that it comes from grass-fed Kiwi cows is one that continues but that was a long time ago now.
  9. Some Yanks I know are shorting the Pound big time. I imagine there are going to be some demands by MPs this week for Carney to say or do something - but probably having no clue what he is supposed to do. The idea of raising rates will not occur to them and, if it did, the threat to their mortgages would scare them out of wanting anything done.
  10. I am seeing food items up 30% plus percent this week in the shops as opposed to the week before Christmas. One example - Tesco and Sainsbury own brand butter has gone up from about 85pish to about £1.15ish now.
  11. In early Asian pre-market trading the Pound has crashed to new lows.
  12. Swansea landlord bemoans rowdy tenants and says regulation is hurting the rental sector Read more at http://www.southwales-eveningpost.co.uk/swansea-landlord-bemoans-rowdy-tenants-and-says-there-is-too-much-regulation/story-30059335-detail/story.html#Ji5rAMKMU14sbzdT.99
  13. It is a coin toss on how the markets react to Trump taking office. We could soar or crash within a matter of weeks.
  14. Distribution takes as long as it takes. There is no way to tell who is buying and who is selling. In the wider markets there are some who believe that distribution has been taking place since the night of the Trump victory. That the big jump up in the markets the following morning was driven by the big boys wanting to avoid a limit down and the banks losing potentially tens of billions as the markets tanked overnight. Since then, so the theory goes, the ramp up in stocks has been a means for the big boys to off-load to the pension funds and Joe Public.
  15. They distribute before the price goes down. Edit: They being the big boys in the market.
  16. The MACD is turning down and the RSI has not really got to over-sold yet. Watch the RSI and IF it goes to -10 on another drop it MIGHT be worth a buy for a quick 10% bounce then... MAYBE. http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=FOXT.L&p=D&yr=1&mn=0&dy=0&id=p91190381962 I am not touching it as I think it is just too volatile with all this BREXIT talk. I also suspect we will see another profit warning in the next 3 months.
  17. The share price today is basically where it was after their profits warning big drop at the end of June. If they come out with another profit warning I imagine that there will be a similar drop in the share price. I think I posted on here a few months ago that I expected it to go to 75p. But you never know with this kind of thing. They could come out with some bullish statement tomorrow and get a 25% plus rise in a few days. Likewise, a profit warning could see a similar drop.
  18. A lot of people now think that Purple Bricks is the EA share to put money into as opposed to Foxtons. I have not kept track of its share price nor that of Countrywide so it would be worth compared both of their recent performance with that of Foxtons.
  19. Interesting tht the share price did not respond to the Halifax news - usually this stock shoots up when Halifax or Nationwide bring out house price increasing figures.
  20. Jim Mellon on Markets for 2017. https://masterinvestor.co.uk/economics/mellon-on-the-markets-13/
  21. Yep, I am not really sure how to play this. On one hand the USD should soar on such a thing. On the other hand it could/should result in a global stock cash. But would money try to move into US stocks for perceived safety. Gold?
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