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  1. And there's the rub - what life will be left in a secondhand electric car's batteries?
  2. Yep, I think it is a few yet before opting over to an electric car. Consider an electric bike first - pretend to pedal and confuse everyone you run into.
  3. Feck, I worte you a detailed response and then it just disappeared. Very short version now - look at the Russell. $IWM. It had the massive Trump rally and then, since Dec, has traded sideways for 16 weeks. The Russell has been leading most of this bull market but now looks exhausted and ready to drop. I am just another guesser.
  4. April is setting itself up for a potential big drop in the US markets. Worth keeping an eye on the next 3 weeks.
  5. University of South Wales was a mish mash of polytechnics and colleges of HE. By merging them a lot of people did very well out of working on the merger plans and others taking early retirement. But, IMPO, the arts side of Newport, which was a world renowned Film & Photography college, was lost. But it is interesting to see the downturn in applications. With a weaker Pound surely there should be more people from overseas applying.
  6. It is possible that, with some magic ramping by the banksters and the arabs talking up oil cuts, that we could see $70 sometime this year. Perhaps throw in fears of a war somewhere to help boost the price. But the glut is truly enormous and the countries keep on pumping. The US and Canadian frackers are back in business pumping away and more and more car companies are now developing electric engine models. Electric cars are not going to happen overnight but 10 years from now things will be very different.
  7. The markets did not have a clue what to make of that - PMs had been bid up yesterday and again this morning in London. When the Fed made theiir announcement PMs did not know whether to soar or crash. In the end they went blah. Ditto the conventionals. Apple and FB came out with good results so they will probably drive the NASQUACK higher tomorrow but we have an island in the air... or is that a castle in the sky... and the markets may have just topped. Going to need some Trump announcement soon methinks.
  8. I think people are being very complacent about today's Fed Yellen stuff. I don't think that she will raise rates - verylittle chance - but I suspect she might be very hawkish. It was a tad convenient yesterday that the White House basically talked the USD down. They obviously know what the Fed is going to say today and Trump needs a weaker USD.
  9. For the past 9 years the Fed has been complicit with the US Presidents over keeping IRs low. Now, with the hated Trump in power, the Fed could just talk very hawkish tomorrow, bring about a stock crash and Trump will get the blame. He won't be to blame but the politicians and media who hate him will blame him.
  10. Will Trump fire Yellen? She has made it clear that she intends serving out her term till next January. Could we now see a war between the White House and the US Fed? Will the Fed get more and more hawkish just to derail Trump? Will they raise interest rates faster in order to collapse the US economy and put the blame on Trump? We will get an inkling of what is going on later this week.
  11. I think he will give a rallying speech about jobs - mention steel-workers - and infrastructure on Friday which will send more of those stocks to the Moon, the USD to rise accordingly and the PMs to get slammed. Whether that happens or not long-term is moot as, on his inauguration day, he has to say these things. Of couse, I am guessing. We are all guessers now - especially those thousands of people writing stock market articles weekly.
  12. Yep, the USD is going to soar. Gold has had a nice bounce this week but Trump will give a bullish speech this Friday and if he can bring back 100s of billions to the US then demand for the USD will go through the roof.
  13. I suspect that there will be another profits warning soon. They did a trading announcement on 3rd of Feb last year so suspect another one anytime from, well, around now.
  14. So, as the coup failed, are they trying to get rid of the erdogan, or whatever his name is, by crashing the Turkish economy?
  15. I planned my bunker but concluded that I needed to bury something the size of a premiership footie stadium filled with the contents of an Amazon and Tesco warehouses combined.
  16. I was hoping that the sterling slide would be a short term thing over last summer but the politicians and Carney seem to be perfecting driving it lower so I see little chance if it not being much lower come March/April. In theory, if the USD has topped out here then it will begin to go down against global currencies and precious metals will rise as a result. They shold rise faster than the USD drops against the GBP. Of course, it might be possible that the USD begins falling agains the Euro, Yuan and Euro but the GBP keeps falling against the USD. Then again, Trump might see the USD go much, much higher this year and the precious metals tank. No one knows. Everyone is guessing at the moment.
  17. We are overdue for a 5% pull-back on the S&P - if we get it I doubt that it will last longer than a few days. The problem is that this week Trump will most likely make a bullish infrastructure speech on Friiday so the stocks could just carry on upwards.
  18. I am looking for some sexual related joke here.
  19. Yes, I was referring to the ETF. I can see Sterling much lower in March/April against the USD. I would like to buy more US base commodity and infrastructure stocks but I suspect a 5% pull-back in the S&P soon - it probably will be over in 3 t 4 days IF it happens - and then off to the races for 2017.
  20. URA was a good buy as was several uranium miners. Uranium might top out around 18 bucks and then get a pull-back but it is possible that uranium is heading to new highs in the coming years. I missed out on the Dec bottom but have a list of uranium miners to begin buying into.
  21. Was it the sell-by date? How on earth was it that cheap?
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