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  1. gilf

    SJW meltdown

    I'd have to bow to your judgement on that, but the reaction to Brexit and US election does point to something going on IMO. It's not a case of we lost and we are upset about it, it's we lost and we completely refuse to accept it. Years of telling kids their opinion matters and every contribution they make is as valid as anybody else regardless of the outcome surely must give them a slightly perverted version of reality.
  2. gilf

    SJW meltdown

    It's a well used argument, "generation snowflake", I do think there is a lot in it to be honest. Although equally it's come from a generation that's been able to publicly express itself, regardless of the fact nobody is actually listening to them (I mean that in the sense that you can have 1000 followers on twitter/facebook, however the flip side is your message is insignificant). In face to face discourse you will actually be speaking to somebody directly and can be challenged immediately, online it just goes off in to the ether and social media is a great place to form an echo chamber*. It's not just a prize for turning up, it's the pandering to kids whims. There is obviously a balance to be had. * We are all guilty of that too a degree, I certainly don't "surround" myself on line with people who have particularly contrarian views to my own.
  3. gilf

    SJW meltdown

    While that's totally true they unfortunately get the oxygen of publicity.
  4. gilf

    SJW meltdown

    The prime example US = Asian - Chinese, Japanese UK = Asian - Indian, Pakistani
  5. gilf

    SJW meltdown

    You said that yesterday, and now you are back. Nothing worse than people announcing they are leaving somewhere. You might well be right about the Nazi's but there is no doubt that facism is left politically, you can try and pervert the narrative but the symbolism of the fasces isn't about the state against the little man, its the definition of socialist principle, the many are stronger and more capable than an individual. The fact it tends to come with an authoritative bent is a secondary point. Of course you won't reply because you have gone from out little echo chamber, however I suspect it's only because it doesn't want to echo whatever it is you want to say. I've no doubt at times this place does resemble one, but just because their is consensus doesn't make it an echo chamber.
  6. gilf

    SJW meltdown

    They say the yanks don't get irony. There was plenty of bashing of Trump for saying he would reserve judgement on wether he would accept the result until after the event, the same people now running round the streets with placards not wanting to accept the result.
  7. gilf

    SJW meltdown

    They need to learn that lesson where I work, had a long sequence of terrible employees.
  8. gilf

    SJW meltdown

    Yes I'd agree with all that, although I'd say short of an actual proper revolution this is the only tool people have to express themselves, especially in the US where it really is a fixed two party system, it's either one or the other. I bet most people can't name the other 3 candidates standing (I suspect a massive majority wouldn't even know there were others).
  9. gilf

    SJW meltdown

    I'd say yes and know. We have got ourselves in to a situation where the political powers don't truly represent the people and it's propped up by mass media. Anything that chips away at the is a good thing, regardless of the fall out. I think it's actually too far gone in the US.
  10. gilf

    Will we leave the EU?

    This was the thing for me, I voted leave because I think the EU is bad for most of Europe, great for the Germans and French, possibly the UK ultimately but it's going to be a long term failure in the longer term. For me it was better to get out now and go our own way and possibly succeed rather than be dragged down in to a long drawn out death of the EU, the fact we are not in the Euro is a massive blessing as it means we at least have the power to make it on our own fiscal decisions. The shorttermism of most remainers with regards to sterling and noises from big business only demonstrate to me that these people have no vision, ambition or spirit, they are happy to be subservient sheep in a corrupt system that is totally designed to further increase the divide between rich and poor and is totally there for the benefit of business and not the people. Any demise of the UK is because of this sort of attitude over the longer term.
  11. Was going to Poland a couple of weeks ago, at Stanstead and the line for the security was massive. There was a bloke who had taken was literally a fully size suitcase as hand luggage. He was being told in no uncertain terms that he wouldn't be allowed through security with it as it wouldn't fit in the scanner.
  12. Yeah does my head in, I just close the tab. So far there has been nothing so compelling that I'm going to turn Adblock off to read it.
  13. gilf

    Referendum - Another Millenium Bug Affair?

    Millenium bug was a complete non-story (to be fair mainly due to the efforts of the computer industry at the time). This will be a bumpy road, BUT it will not bring about armageddon and it will all be fine come the end. The bigger story will be the break down of the EU, this of course being the first step along that path.
  14. gilf

    Scottish Independence Referendum 2

    You need to learn to read... In January 2013 The promise of a referendum was there, whether the Conservatives were able to deliver it rested in 2015, but you can't say that it was not on the table.
  15. gilf

    Scottish Independence Referendum 2

    Yes, tempted to keep a list of all the people on Facebook who have mentioned they are thinking of leaving the UK and then emailing them in a year asking why they are still here.

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