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  1. 21) Crumbs in the butter tub. 22) Butter in the jam jar.
  2. I moved a long way to an area with little rental stock. When I met the LL he was charm itself but when I got back home and the agreement arrived through the post I was surprised at a £100 arrangement fee that had been slapped on for the sort of contract you buy down the post office and a few scribbled amendments. With no time to find somewhere else and he wouldn't budge I paid it. When we moved in we found all the bills to be higher than he quoted - should have asked for copies. There were a few jobs needed doing but the LL was away following a death in his family - because of this there wa
  3. After several problems with my LL I decided not to pay my last two months rent and asked the LL to take it out of my deposit. The deposit was equivalent to the two months rent, in hindsight that was extortionate given the property was rented unfurnished. I just wanted to post to say that in spite of threats of legal action at one point and irrational worries for the first month about returning to changed locks I believe my decision has paid off. I was very unsure about this course of action but now feel very pleased that I toughed it out, I don't feel I would have gotten all of my deposit bac
  4. More of Gordon’s miracles; he's making consumer spending disappear. Link
  5. Just like trying to get toothpaste back into the tube! (HPC Cliche #34)
  6. February 4th 2007 is a Sunday so lets make it the 5th.
  7. Some property owners; did some didn't. Most people on here can see through all of the sh!t that the VI's get away with and it's all of that sh!t that got my goat, am I justified in being angry about that CO? I greeted this IR rise enthusiastically and I'll treat the next one just the same. The likelihood is that real prices will fall dramatically as the country heads into recession. Hopefully we will come out of that recession with an economy better able to meet future challenges and a population having learnt a lesson about the dangers of speculating with homes.
  8. That is simply not true. Sure there will be a lot less irresponsible lending and in all likelihood 5x income mortgages will disappear but that's fine because they won't be needed. It's not possible to get more than 100% priced out.
  9. Nonsense CO. It's perfectly normal to have an emotional reaction to this subject which has a huge bearing on people’s day to day lives. There have been plenty prepared to brag on the way up and I think we will all be entitled to say I told you so on the way down.
  10. If the rate of inflation remains the same do they continue to rise the ir to bring it down - or do they only raise the ir if the rate of inflation continues to rise? I get so confused with absolutes and rates, can anybody help?
  11. Anyone prepared to be bold enough to predict the next one will be a rise as well?
  12. Sum's it all up really. F*** it.
  13. This forum focuses a lot on interest rates. However a change in sentiment could be all that is needed to get the ball rolling. Tales of success pushed prices up - tales of failure will have the opposite effect.
  14. Is a leaking tap the LL's responsibility to fix? I thought that the LL had to look after the plumbing installations and that it was statutory i.e. not subject to any contractual clauses. My LL (ex solicitor) continues to reject this and I'm starting to question myself. Help...
  15. Thanks everybody for taking the time to reply. I appreciate that I have a strong legal position regarding getting my deposit back. Trouble is I know it will be a hassle, the guy used to be a solicitor; he spends a lot of time abroad etc. So what is the worst he could do?
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