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  1. Even though the second EA's fees are only 1% if they're the ones who find my buyer? I don't really understand, this whole thing is baffling me!
  2. Thanks for the replies. I had a local estate agent round yesterday, who agreed with me that the property was slightly overpriced, and I've instructed him to put us on the market at £135k with a hope of encouraging offers around the £130k mark. I enquired with my current EA (the one out of town) about fees etc now that I have 2 agents, and they informed me that if I stick with 2 agents, they are putting their fees up from 1.2% to 2%+vat!!!! Wow, what a hike! After sitting with my calculator I'd be better off dropping them altogether even though I'll incurr a withdrawl fee of £250, I dont understand why they've upped their percentage? That was a costly mistake I made before I even start....not enjoying this much at all and I was so excited when I first decided to start the ball rolling.
  3. It was valued by an estate agent, I told them that I wanted it priced to sell, that I wasn't out to make a huge profit etc. I paid £117k for the house back in 2004, and have since had a new good quality kitchen refub, and a brand new combi boiler, new double glazing and general tyding and modernising (was owned by an elderly couple previously).
  4. I have no idea if my house is overpriced....I don't think it is?? I had it valued at £140,000 and have put it on the market at that, hoping to get an offer of around £130,000. I'm not greedy, I don't want to make a huge profit, just enough to buy my next house. I don't have any family or anyone to ask advice on these matters, thought someone might be able to answer a simple question for me. Obviously not here.....
  5. Hi all, first post.... I put my house on the market just before Christmas, and obviously wasn't expecting anything much to be happening for a while. However I'm getting disheartened every passing day when my phone doesn't ring and there hasnt' been a single viewer or enquiry!! The estate agent we're using is based in a town about 20 miles from us, I used them because they dealt with our last sale very smoothly. I'm wondering.....would I be able to use another agent too, a more local one to get the 'passing trade' and window shoppers? Would I incurr two lots of fees, or would it be a no sale no fee thing? I'm not very good with all this, sorry!
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