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  1. things do seem to be moving rather more quickly now... i personally called the top when ocean finance started their latest advertising campaign encouraging people to take out loans with them to btl. when the subbest-of-the-sub-prime start to sell btl loans you just know that's the arrival of the greatest fools...
  2. he wouldn't be the first pm/chancellor to do that... when i took my politics a level in 1993 we were taught that that is common practice when it comes to public sector pay rises. not so much a conspiracy, simply the way it has always been done. (unless of course our lecturer was a secret tinfoil hatter... he did confess to being a liberal democrat so who knows...)
  3. i just had a quick nosy on rightmove to see what was happening in my area. the house which myself, miss starship and another couple used to rent is back on the market a year after we moved out. the asking price is £75 per month cheaper than when we lived there! superficially at least rents are indeed falling in the S10 area of sheffield. in fact, it looks like it could be time to renegotiate our rent. we rent 2 bedrooms for £525 pcm. there are several properties in our area where you can get three beds for the same money or 2 beds for £475. a year ago 525 was a good price for our property.
  4. there is a comment piece in today's mirror condemning those banks who are offering 6x lending multiples to first time buyers. i read it as the paper setting up their 'villains of the piece' when the shit finally hits the fan...
  5. i currently rent a two bedroom mid terrace for £525 a month. the contract expires in march and we are definitely moving; for the same money we can now rent a three bedroom semi with garage, or alternatively pay £450 for an equivalent property. these falls have occurred, it seems, in the last 12 months as more and more flats have come onto the market in sheffield. i have no doubt at all that landlords across the city are sweating it...
  6. even erring on the side of caution in the figures used it still came out at 6.8% i don't suppose i should be too surprised...
  7. HPI still rampant in sheffield though... prices up 20% yoy on average.
  8. exactly my thought as i read this... i'm paying my bit for the world student games and i lived in frikken' derbyshire when the even happened!
  9. i have known numerous promoters, of events of many different kinds. they are all, to a man, drug dealers.
  10. my street is a perfect illustration of the oldest trick in the ea's book. i've lived there for nearly 5 months now and two houses further down the street (next door but one to each other) have had 'sold' signs outside them for that whole time. funnily enough, the house across the street and the neighbouring property to mine have been 'sold' in the last six weeks, but are both still just showing the estate agent's signs, and absolutely no signs of people moving in to them...
  11. bully for you! why though have you come to a forum discussing issues which are entirely contrary to your own views? i suspect you may be looking for reassurance that you've 'done the right thing...' you might be better off trying the home of the big hug...
  12. a very witty and elegant description of exactly how i've been feeling about consumerism and it's links to house price inflation for several years now. a war or a recession really is beginning to look like the only thing which will save this society from disappearing up it's own backside. i'd prefer a recession, but on the other hand a mandatory conscription of chavs and a spell in the munitions factories for single mothers - really make them feel like they've earned their benefits - could be equally satisfactory... second thoughts a recession will probably suffice. it doesn't take too much
  13. hmmm... all the pleasure of student living, except with a huge, rate sensitive debt hanging over you! could this also be aimed at 'btl clubs?' several of my friends are members of 'share clubs' - it could be the new investment-as-fun activity!
  14. so it's another 'i don't think prices will crash because everyone i know can afford to pay the current price' post then..? please, if you must be the voice that all bears hate to hear, say something we haven't heard... and check your calculations before hitting 'add reply'.
  15. 'i can't believe you're renting. i would kill myself if i had to rent...' spoken by the girl who married my best mate... and despite the fact that he owned the house prior to their marriage and she moved straight in from her mother's! 'silly cow' was the expression that sprang immediately to mind... the rest just seem to be the usual cliches... rent is dead money, if you don't buy now you'll never own, and yet those who impart this wisdom usually stumble when you ask them to clarify their point... almost as if they're spewing soundbites they've heard on property porn shows...
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