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  1. I've spent a couple of years riding around Africa (pushbike), crossed via the Eastern and Western routes and I definitely recommend re-trying for the Egypt / Sudan visas one day. It took me four attempts to get a Sudan visa and I'm glad I did - it's the most stunning riding I've ever done (as well as the hardest), among the best people I've ever met. Whenever the HPI frustration sets in, I keep having to remind myself that I've never been happier than when my home was a bivvy bag, my possessions fitted into four panniers and my outgoings averaged less than £5 a day.
  2. The one above: 2 bed semi - "Excellent First Time Buyers Or Retirement Home." The one below: 2 bed flat - "Ideal First Time Buyers Home." In my part of North Yorks, RM's average prices went from £87k in Aug 2000 to £320k in Aug 2010 (although low sales volumes mean there's a lot of variation month-by-month). Average wages in North Yorks are around £19,000.
  3. Yep, Emmerdale's set in the Yorkshire Dales, where around 15% of houses are holiday homes or second homes (at least they were in the 2001 census). There's no way most FTB locals can afford to buy there now. I live in the Dales and both house prices and rents are starting to fall now, especially in the last few weeks - a big sell-off of second / holiday homes (which I assume people expected capital appreciation on) would help speed things up nicely.
  4. I'm besotted with a place on for £350k - was on for £460k in '08. I'm going to put in an offer for £250k (cash buyer, no chain - and will walk if they don't accept it, which they probably won't). Planning to wait four or five months before putting in the offer though...
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