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  1. I personally would define centrally as being within zones 1 or 2. I'm basically looking for a balance between location and space- I don't want to live in a shed in Knightsbridge (not that a shed would be within my budget), equally I don't want a penthouse in some shady part of town. I've looked at Oval/Kennington, Islington, Maida Vale/St Johns Wood, Hampstead, Hammersmith/Fulham and found a few (at first glance at least..) places which look to be suitable, although evidently overpriced. These properties have almost all been studios, although there has been the odd 1 bed. Lastly, does anybod
  2. I'm looking (eventually- I'm in no hurry) to buy a place in London. Given that I am able to wait indefinitely, what can I expect for 130k? This is what I am able to afford on 3.5 times my salary with a 10pc deposit. I would obviously prefer to be located centrally (z1/z2), and would prefer to live in a smaller property in a good area, rather than a bigger place in a less salubrious borough- quality over quantity if you will. I suppose my most obvious question is as to whether my demands are (or will be after the adjustment/crash/Gordon's economic miracle ) realistic in relation to my means? I
  3. Anecdotally, I was listening to the radio in the car today, and heard an advert from a mortgage company, seeking to recruit new workers in their debt/repossessions departments (can't recall the exact phrase), due to recent extra demand! This would appear to be good news for the majority of us. Has anybody else heard anything along these lines recently? This advert was broadcast on local radio in Devon- not sure if this is relevant to anybody on here, but thought this information might be of general interest.
  4. Durham University is going to grow, rather than shrink. The University have just started building a new college out at Howlands Farm and the last all female college (St Mary's) has gone co-ed as of this year. Also, consider the background of the average Durham student- middle to upper middle class- are another 3k of tuition fees really going to make any difference to this type of person? Rental prices are going up and up- myself and three friends rented a place out in the Viaduct area of town back in 2003, and were paying £55 per week, on a 12 month contract. This was seen to be averagely pr
  5. No, I'm on an IC (12 year)- I joined just after FTCs were scrapped. Do either of you guys have any idea as to what sort of deals armed forces folk get on mortgages? I would have thought that we got a better deal on the basis that we have a secure job and a fixed payscale (failing appearances at the table/courts martial suite )? In your experience, do these factors count for anything, or are we the same as joe public?
  6. I also understand that LSAP is to be extended to cover all ranks/rates, but am not sure how they are going to go about recovering the money. I personally have a minimum of 6 more years to serve before I am able to leave, against a commission of seven more years (which I can obviously opt to extend etc). My question being, if I leave after another 6 years, having taken 32 k, how do the MOD get their money back? Looking at the pension calculator, I would get a terminal grant of about 13k, which means that I would have to take the money now to have it all paid off by the time I leave (6*3.2+13=32
  7. I agree on your first point- it was unfair that somebody was taxed for being in employment before 18. However, I feel that the present system is far from fair. As Prince Charles said (and for which he was almost universally derided), young people today believe that they can do anything, without applying the requisite amount of effort. The higher education system is a case in point. If you hang about a school long enough, you will be able to pursue higher education. In effect, people consider themselves to have a right to this education, as opposed to seeing a university education as something
  8. Aye Ian, am a fellow fishead- soon to be living the dream on a Pompey Gash Barge. My plan is much the same as yours- set up camp in the mess, save beer tokens, await the crash and clean up when prices get a little (or lot) more sensible. Hopefully save 1k a month whilst at sea, then take full LSAP and a smaller mortgage. A question for you though- how do matelots get looked upon in terms of mortgages? Do we get given bigger multiples for being in the mob? We must be seen as a good risk, given the security of employment we have, and the fact that most of us know what pay band we are going to b
  9. Heard the same thing going about the rumor mills- 28.5k or a years wages, whichever is less. Not sure what they will do about recovering it though- at least the 8.5k (or the balance owing) could be covered by a terminal grant- you'd have to retire as an admiral to cover this sort of money (assuming you took the full whack). I understand that the new system comes in next month, but haven't seen the DCI/been to the UPO yet.
  10. I'm in much the same boat as you guys. I'm 23, earn a good wage (in relative terms), have money saved for a deposit, and am able to live cheaply (hence saving money) by virtue of my work. I've no dependants, and no financial obligations. All I want is a place to call home- that being a flat in London, preferably with enough space to swing a cat (although am willing to compromise upon that...). Is this asking the world? Am I being unrealistic? The fact of the matter is that this aim is unattainable at the moment- and I am one of the lucky ones. I'm five years ahead of my university contemporar
  11. Not too sure about St Austell, Bodmin and Redruth, but Launceston prices seem to be fairly stagnant, certainly in terms of small property (1-2 bedroom flats/cottages). That said, there is very little of this sort of stuff about for less than 100k, which still puts it beyond the reach of most locals. Big estate being thrown up on the edge of town- the second phase is under construction as I write- I believe the last lot were sold at 139-160k.
  12. I live in Plymouth (or rather I have done- I now live out near Tavistock), and agree that prices are totally unrealistic in relation to earnings. Plymouth prices will have to correct themselves, as very few local people are presently able to afford homes- particularly given the fact that local incomes are low in comparison to the national average. Given the fact that Plymouth is not seen as being a 'desirable' place to live, we are not going to see an influx of second home owners pricing FTBs out of the market (as has happened in places like Polzeath, Dartmouth etc). I personally have no inten
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