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  1. "Far more of us will be eating sausages by the end of the next decade, according to the National Sausage Council." Yawn. Sad to see Reuters stoop this low.
  2. These people are financial illiterates You can only make money in a rising market if you have a LONG position If you own one house, and need one house to live in, your position is NEUTRAL. You have no exposure to rises or falls in the market per se. On a mark-to-market basis you have made no money even if the value of your house has doubled. MEW is NOT profit-taking. It is simply BORROWING money that has to be paid back at some point, plus interest. Your house will not pay that money back unless you sell it, and then where will you live? The only way to make money from the position of owni
  3. Let me correct you I just cant see prices coming down unless people stop being able to borrow lots of money
  4. What do you think will happen if everyone who is struggling does that at the same time?
  5. I don't think you really need to believe in any sort of conspiracy theory to believe that figures are being fiddled or presented dishonestly (maybe not as blatantly as in Argentina). It's just political expediency. The measures needed to combat inflation will always be - in the short term - highly unpopular and won't win you many votes. So why not just pretend that inflation is not happening? Not too hard, he who pays the piper etc... In the long term, of course, the effects of an inflationary spiral are guaranteed to kick you out of office. But most of our populist Nu-Lab politicians don't s
  6. It's not just happening here: Cooking the books WHEN a dash for economic growth produces double-digit inflation, most governments change their policies. But not that of Argentina: it has opted to keep the policies and change the inflation numbers. Last month, it sacked the head of the consumer-prices section of the National Statistics and Census Institute (INDEC), replacing her with Beatriz Paglieri, a trade specialist at the economy ministry. Five days later the institute announced that January's inflation was 1.1%. Private economists estimate that the real figure was between 1.5% and 2%.
  7. ...until you factor in the opportunity cost of money, Einstein
  8. I don't think this was worth starting a new thread about, but seeing as you obviously crave attention I'll indulge you: Outrageously stupid and ignorant? You said "For most of Q4 2006 the weather was unseasonably warm in the USA especially in the NE." There's no arguing with that, but that has no bearing on MOVEMENTS in the oil price in Q1. It's ancient history and it's long since been priced in. Now read something a bit more up to date. US harsh weather extends its grip - Friday, 19 January 2007 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/6274769.stm More snow hits upstate New York - Satur
  9. No I'm afraid you are off the mark my friend. The weather in the US northeast has been cold in the last couple of weeks, and heating oil stocks have fallen, whcih has translated into higher prompt prices. But what is more interesting that prices have shifted higher further down the forward curve. It seems that the market has built in a higher risk premium - ie it is pricing in a greater chance of a supply disruption in the next 18 months. Add to this the fact that: The US has massively increased jet fuel purchases in the Persian Gulf The "surge" in troop levels More aggressive rhetoric fr
  10. Nationwide is offering 6.25% if you pay in £250+ a month
  11. Oil prices are rising because the US is gearing up to attack Iran this summer
  12. Sorry if OT but: Does SPR Increase Foretell Iran Strike? Does aggressive SPR build-up foretell Iran strike? Light sweet crude is down 20 cents at $54.80 per barrel, after Tuesday's $2.48 jump to $55.04 on reports that the US Dept of Energy will purchase 100K barrels of oil per day starting next spring. While the decision is part of the Bush Administration's latest commitment to reduce US dependency on imported oil, the aggressive approach on beefing up SPR may reflect heightened possibility of a US military strike against Iran as early as March or April, at a time when US navy ships are p
  13. What was the old RPI inflation target?
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