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  1. You live with your mother in law for 3 years who runs a regime that Robert Mugabe would think was harsh!
  2. Thought id throw my 2p into this Got to about page 5 of this and realized it was all the same old arguments to stay on the waggon like its some AA club. OP if you are still reading this thread here goes. Been reading this forum since 2008ish (mainly lurking) and after spending 3 years trying to sell my flat (bad mistake) I ended up at the (soon to be) inlaws. We have been there another 3 years there and its been tough on everyone. With me now being 33 and both of us on good wages we thought Balls to it! We have a massive deposit for our ages and life is passing us by! So we booked our wedding and have delt on a house that we have an additional 50k off under what they go for on that street. Do I regret these last 6 years, in parts yes with a massive loss of freedoms etc. But when you think in the last 3 years we have save another 100k+ that we wont be paying interest off on. So it kinda balances itself out really. My new place thats just going through I have a 65% LTV and the fanatics amongst us will chirp up what happens if prices fall by 35%. Well the answer is simple really ill still have the house, woman, job and lifestyle i currently love! Thats if society hasn't collapsed. If that happnes who gives a sod about how much money you have in the bank. There are probably gonna be dark times ahead so find yourself a good woman and get back to enjoying life. Make sure you buy somewhere you can get a short mortgage on or overpay. Then you can stop worrying about crap you have no control over like inflation/rates/currency etc Think I've just snapped recently, i want to get back not not giving a stuff about anything but myself, friends and family. The world can go to hell if it wants ive got bugger all control anyway. I know its all a bit anti-hpc but there you go. Take it easy CaptainHangover
  3. My current favourite cupboard for sale is this Makes me chuckle every time I drive past http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-33074399.html Pics 7 and 10 to appreciate the majesty! Regards CH
  4. Oh sod it -35% ..... Lets get it over with. Sick of living at the inlaws!
  5. Almost identical setup and opinion to you. Couple of years younger born in 1980. Sentiment switching tho for me due to age and life ebbing away. Spent getting on for 2 years at the inlaws now and while I haven't posted here much have been all over this site for a good 4 years at least. Sick of waiting for this bloody market to die now, sick of setting my self targets for this bloody thing to fall over but it never does. I've decided that if I don't see -2% across the index's for the rest of the year im going to buy somewhere in Jan. Do i tihnk that will happen, it might but it will probably just be give and take like it has been for the past few years. Even the predicted -10% for the year looks way off now and i remember thinking last year... 10% year right it will be more than that! Need to get my woman married and get on with a family and start spending some of the money I work all hours for. Need to start enjoying life again and let be whats gonna be!
  6. Which is best bank or BS? If banks which ones? government owned ones or non government owned? Is there a score league table of all the uk ones somewhere? Any acid test results? Regards CH
  7. Chip it...... My Bluemotion VW normally does about 49mpg on its 40 mile trip home (25mway and 15town) After the chip 64mpg! Stick that in yer EU pipe and smoke it! Company car so don't even pay for fuel anyway.... Sorta did it for the BHP increase just dont tell the boss CH
  8. How do you milk a cat? ......Anyway if you had 100k how would you spread it amongst the banks/building society's? My sphincter has developed a nervous twitch! Ta CH
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