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  1. While property prices drop around Europe there have been controversial reports for cities like Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt and others on 30% rise in 2011. On the other hand the official news papers in Germany report on average 5% rise. We visited few properties in Wiesbaden yesterday just to see that 80% of them were sold in just 2-3 weeks. We also saw some other interesting things. For example, if the agency advertises the apartment lets say for 120sqm, in reality there are only around 95-100 sqm. Even though having this in mind, they were all either under offer or reserved. What left on the property were totally unacceptable properties that none would even consider renovating? We are puzzled on 2 things: 1) Why there are no official reports on this (my extensive search on Google did not return anything official) and 2) Is this a sign that Euro is going to collapse in a month or two. P.S. We were told that December is the highest activity in real estate market here but seeing a queue of 20 buyers in the flat was an astonishing thing in a overall European depressed situation.
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