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  1. Oh, I didn't realise that. By 'buying a house' I guess I'm stuck in the mindset of doing it in some economically sound manner (hence me not having one!) Cheers for the link.
  2. Hang on - I agree with the mumsnet poster. Look - first time buyers are like fking hens teeth. Many of us on here have waited and saved, only to get continually done up the wrong 'un. Now I'm nearly 40, do no own a property, and am looking leaving the UK shortly. But if I was planning on staying, I'd be watching for the next year or so before buying - but by then I'll be borderling too old for a standard mortgage? Some will say that 'oh at 40, you're earning loads, you can pay a 15 year mortgage', but wages are fked, and have been for 5+ years (when many of us should have been peaking, a
  3. Indeed, but am sure they figure that for every middle-income professional who leaves the UK, there will be someone desperate to come in to continue to pay tax and keep it rolling. Off to live in the Netherlands for a year or so while I wait for my Canadian skilled migrant visa (hopefully the Carney bombscare there will have cooled). They can get their £50k in annual income taxes for the privilege of working and renting here from someone else [can't stomach giving them ~£12k stamp duty on a FTB flat].
  4. N1/N4 estate agent (Hotblack Desiato) email I received on Friday: "With the market looking like it is beginning to turn back into the buyers favour, and with plenty of new properties flooding the market, it really is becoming an excellent time to buy"... "loads of great properties - from quirky studios under £300k (WTF)"... My first thought?
  5. I have again joined this group after spending the last year looking. Taking some time abroad etc. The number of emails from EAs I've received in the last week has gone up 4-fold.. Looks like buyers are retreating.
  6. Emails this morning from 4 agents, all offering price reductions (Stroud Green/Crouch End/AllyPally), at least one I know to have been a fallen-through purchase. Still overpriced, but at least buyers have let the sellers swivel. First bit of good news I've seen in months...
  7. Kind of - I came to the realisation that departure from the UK (and London esp) is the only way to take a personal stand. Withdraw my labour and my tax receipts from the country, and my savings, and buy elsewhere to live. I thought I would stay in the UK, and possibly be able to afford a one-bed flat in London. But at 39 that is not a reasonable use of my existence. The MSM and Government Johnny-Come-Latelys only reinforce that, despite all the signs, people are still scrambling to buy in the capital. I am out. But I think the govt. will continue to intervene to stop a crash - with an e
  8. 36, renting a garden flat in central London for £1k a month. £200k or thereabouts in savings, mostly cash though some ISA and NS&I. Bit of physical gold, some artwork, and some bank shares bought during the crash. Put £55k in my pension 2 years ago purely to deny Cyclops his 50% cut. Above average salary, but little job satisfaction. I have been saving since about 2001, while still having fun/lots of travel. No debt. As with Nomadd in a previous post, work in IT in Banking, though am permie. Do not have problem with 'evil bankers', moaning about things doesn't change them. Eithe
  9. See the thread has gone off topic a wee bit, but spoke to a friend in the biz Guardian going 5 days a week, apparently. Does that mean Saturday issue is canned? Weird, thought that would be their biggest seller, but it is a bit of a comic. Focus is online for 'breaking news', and the print edition to have more analysis and be targetted at the 'evening reader' market. They've been trying to punt the Observer for years.
  10. Surprisingly good. Gordon Brewer's got previous on hounding RICS/EAs iirc. He must have a colleague or family friend who's got his ear about the total mess of the market, or (more probably) he's actually a BBC journo with his integrity intact and a background in economics. JD still a bit rough round the edges but much improved, his passion for the subject (and for the general greater good) adds to the argument and doesn't detract too much. Glad he's stuck to his guns, even though I'm considering buying and not in a bad financial position it's really nice to hear an actual debate on the n
  11. Doh, don't you get it, this is "how journalism works". Why should some lazy web muppet getting paid a measly 40k at the BBC bother adding anything to a press release from the Bank of Scotland (a 'reputable' business). The BBC will take 'news' on trust from certain quarters, and publish it directly without any editorial comment. See the Bias BBC website for more examples, though please wear your tin foil hat.
  12. @Laurag, the owners are friends of my parents, they've moved out. I think they were toying with renting it out, so possible it's rented and my mum's got the wrong end of the stick, but mum said they'd sold it. "Some guy on the internet's mum told him" probably the weakest information ever right enough! I also wondered re: the for sale/sold sign, but they were quite a low-key and considerate couple, so once it was sold they probably took the sign down right away rather than give more free advertising to an estate agent and spoil the look of the street (honestly, they were lovely). @Guinnes
  13. The owner of the flat I rent still gets mail delivered to my address. It goes in the recycling/bin without compunction. She has not lived in the flat for 4+ years (there were tenants before me). I forward mail to previous tenants though, but an owner who still pretends to live at the property they rent is almost certainly engaging in mortgage fraud. If she misses important mail, she should get it redirected. Give them an inch...
  14. That is very funny, loved all the callers. All bang on the money.
  15. Frankfort St has gone way downhill in the last few years. My gran lives opposite that one in the link, elderly, many neighbours passing away and the offspring renting the flats to all-comers - 3 of 6 flats in her close are now rented, neighbours being flooded repeatedly and landlords doing f-all, rubbish on the streets, antisocial folk in some cases though not all. Same story all over no doubt, but Shawlands has descended into a veritable sh1thole, definitely accelerated in the last 2/3 years. And I have known it 30+ years. I'd want to know that everyone in my close was an owner-occupier i
  16. Am from Burnside, my parents still live on Drumsargard Road. Neighbour across the road sold their end/corner semi after about 9 months on the market. Nice street, o/o £158k. Seemed quite high as it's nothing stupendous and has a weird corner garden. They weren't in a hurry to sell, so imagine they held on for close to asking. No details tho. There was a house at the end of the street that seemed to be up for sale for about 2 years that finally sold in the summer. Not much moving, and I don't see an awful lot of for sale signs up round about (I keep an eye out in case I ever consider a mo
  17. Yeah think that's what Mandy was after too.
  18. I can understand wanting to curtail bonuses for those at the head of bailed-out banks, but this looked like it was an effort to curtain this in ALL banks in the future. I.e. Labour think: "someone somewhere is getting rich and they don't give a stuff what we as the Govt. do as they are independent and can walk away if they want. We can't have that - how can we control people if they're not indentured? No one anywhere can get independently wealthy unless they are politicians, crooks or can give us jobs on the board of their massive company as long as we suck up to them and give them loads o
  19. As a saver with £100k 'in the bank' (whatever that means now), I can appreciate the OPs point. We are all in it together, I was under no illusions that my money in the bank was going to fund HPI in some form, but I wanted to remain liquid so just left it there. I understand that spending is what makes the economy function, and that common sense does not make for a wealthy society. I expected the Govt. to guarantee it as they offered to. If there was no guarantee I would have expected higher returns - e.g. getting 7% at Icesave I knew it was a risk, and was fully expecting to not get any mo
  20. Paxman couldn't get the topic moving on any quicker could he. Why not get answers out of the panel to OJames' point? The BBC is not the place for this kind of debate, and they'll continue to set the agenda as long as they're bankrolled by those in power. I get more paranoid everyday...
  21. Thanks for offering a bit of clarity on this EDM even if some of it is hard to swallow. I'm sure the Treasurey will not complain about the 40% tax take they get from any bonus giving out at rescued banks.
  22. Is it because politicians have been fleecing us all for years, and despite the efforts of some, have continued to rip the @rse out of their expenses, mortgage relief and 'non-executive directorships', and the people have not been able to stop it? Now folk can smell blood and can maybe have a chance of stopping individuals who work for failed banks from getting their hands on loads of taxpayers cash you've all decided there's some divine right that since you don't get a bonus, no one can get a bonus if the taxpayer is a stake holder in the bank. If you wanted to work in a bank, and get th
  23. started my flight from sterling last month (late I know), be upping the rate of transformation into something physical just to stuff my banks, and minimise the devastation of QE. indeed.
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