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  1. Yep its a shame they can't see it. I used to be like them (a socialist) until my eyes were finally opened up to the fact that its all BS spouted by politicians so they can stick their snouts in the public purse along with their cronies
  2. Its the British foolish and astounding passivity which leads to us having the major P taken out of us No wonder they call us Treasure Island
  3. edit: when I worked in banking you got paid according to how you dressed. I wore expensive suits and earned £20k a year more than my equivalent counterparts purely down to my attitude. My boss refused to walk on the wrong side of Cheapside in case somebody saw him walk past a Next and thought that he'd come out of it.
  4. Well by that reckoning it would seem so yes. If its assumed that under 35s are somehow lesser citizens who should share accommodation (as is normally assumed for youths) then they should be included in the youth unemployment figures Its quite bizzare the age at which adulthood is being shifted forward nowadays
  5. They are a janus faced organisation if there ever was one One face carefully looking out for their own interests while the other face pretends to be looking out for the poor
  6. Yes I agree. Not sure we'll ever get rid of that though either
  7. Yes I agree. Injustice is what people hate. However all societies tend to have injustice as well as inequality because a certain amount of wealth is accrued to the wealthy by corrupt methods with some societies being worse than others The longer particular elites have had hold of power the more corrupt a society tends to be as they have had many years learning how to best game the system
  8. Indeed. I would go as far as saying social inequality is part of human nature and will always be a feature of any society I don't believe that the democratic process being skewed in favour of the rich is a threat to democracy either. Democracy was only introduced by the elite once they could be sure that it wouldn't threaten their privileges However, what I do see as a threat to social stability (and the elite) is the proles twigging that democracy is essentially a sham. So far the proles have bought the idea that they have political power via the vote and this has made them accept the e
  9. I say sack them and replace them with new recruits on 50K-60K or thereabouts Then lets see if things get worse. I very much doubt they will as things weren't worse before they introduced these ridiculously high salaries Whats more, as taxpayers I feel we have the right to conduct this experiment. We are paying for it after all
  10. One of the most common reasons for bankruptcy other than sudden illness is the unexpected, or ill planned for, arrival of a child.
  11. They must be useless managers of course. We all know that you need to pay top money for the best
  12. Yes the UK is very badly run with regards to housing policy and that does make a huge difference to standard of living here if you don't already own a house. I'm sure that this alone would be a huge factor in most young peoples decisions to emigrate Good luck with your new life. BTW. When I lived in France I spoke French and mixed in with the locals and didn't seem to arouse their ire as did the Brits who lived in little British enclaves
  13. I think the general idea of those moaning is that if property prices stay elevated here they would be better off emigrating as high property prices here would lead to them having a lower standard of living than in some other places, I myself know that if property prices don't drop here I would be better off living in mainland Europe ( I don't have massive wedges of UK cash so the devaluation isn't that relevant to me) The UK isn't all bad if you live in a decent part of the country. However I lived in France for 5 years and there is very little that is better about the UK other than the d
  14. I think most on this thread who intend to emigrate know that they would be able to get a job suiting their skills in their intended destination so the world wide depression is irrelevant to them in employment terms Its the cost of housing in the UK that is making many want to emigrate. Housing is definitely cheaper in most destinations
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