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  1. Agreed - basically I dump from .io into a sheet for the areas I'm looking at then manually having to go into Zoopla/ Rightmove to try and find the original adverts to capture the listing dates/ prices - would be cool to have something aggregate the whole lot but would be hard work and records of the original listings are patchy.
  2. Thanks for getting these up and running - was sorely missing Property Bee!
  3. https://liveauctions.eigroup.co.uk/auction/show/25616 Scroll down to the bottom. Loads unsold.
  4. The second bedroom is 60 sqf. I'd imagine they just painted wardrobe doors on the wall.
  5. They'll just rent it out of course.... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-66298466.html Along with the other half of the road that's on the market.
  6. Did a stint over there - what do you want to know?
  7. Well, for £250k unless you are prepared to live in a grim ex-council property, you can forget the first three areas on your list. If your looking for convenience for the City, with that budget I'd be looking along eastwards along the Central Line or the DLR for something commutable, affordable and habitable.
  8. Not a million miles away from that area myself (but far enough). The area could still fairly be described as "lively" but does seem to be (slowly) gentrifying...
  9. Personally, I bought in Bow due to the excellent transport links but it's not somewhere to raise children. For that kind of money have you looked in Bow Quarter? Would take that over Devon's Road any day of the week. J
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