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  1. Hello folks, I've been approached to pay exchance fees on a smallish plot in a high value area for (relative) someone who cannot pay fees to get a plot left in a legacy into their ownership. The cost is £1000 which I can well afford but is it wise? The only thing I know about lending money is....don't do it! Anyone know about how to make a small loan totally legal and enforcable with interest or an e.g10% flat charge on the land when its sold upon said relatives own demise? Are informal arrangements enforcable or would lawyers et al be required? Any ideas gratefully recieved.
  2. P.S. Laurie, FWIW I would listen to "Pytyr" since I doubt (and in my case I read very very carefully) that you signed up for anything at all that was not explained somewhere. And please heed "tomposh101" since the facility exists for you to walk away from your debt .... WALK. It may not be in your nature to default and your pride may dictate that you fall on your sword (as it were) but I take it from from your posting style that youre kindov O.K, Just unlucky temporarily. So if I have to pick up the bill for bankrupts I'd prefer to pick up the bill for yours or likewise O.K folks. Its not the end of the world, consider it a gift. And yes... I have drunk the WHOLE bottle. So do it tomorrow before I changes me mind. Bless sins Ad.
  3. Hello Laurie, Sorry you got stung. I almost got sucked in with this one. https://www.homechoiceplus.org.uk/Data/ASPPages/1/4.aspx?PropertyID=12684 If it wasnt for the fact that they p155ed about so much with the sale that I had plenty of time to do due dilligenge regarding fees, mortgage types, service charges, rent hikes, selling and staircasing protocols, liabilities and freehold issues (thereby finding this site, inter alia), I would be in soooooo much crap right now. I had tried very hard to deal with these people honestly and straightforwardly but they will just not be staight. Even to date they will not reveal the service charge costs on the example given or the reason for the service charge. I do not believe that you can treat with these people as they have the famouse bottomless pit of tax cash at their disposal. They will never shift their position. However, You have very nobly done your bit by posting an alarm on t'internet for others to either heed or ignore (in my humble oppinion). It is up to the folks them selves to carry out research. Perhaps folks such as You and I and the others can help by just.... posting. Blessings for your future. Ad.
  4. I wish I could afford to make plans, let alone change 'em, But I am just a workman so my interest rate is what I can save from tomorrows work and my rate of inflation is what I buy today. However I have saved enough to be able to afford a mobile home and an acre to put it on. I havnt do so though cos I think that Julius Ceaser knew his shyte when he said its all about bread and circuses. seems to me that the bread aspect is out of control and the circuses (T.V etc) cannot feed the people. Personally I am nearly priced out of working, never mind home owning. And these LibLabCon jesters a just fiddling whilst Rome burns, I honestly dont think they know what to do, anymore than I do. Good luck all never despair. no surrender.
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