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  1. Far worse than tesco vouchers. Tesco vouchers are an iou from tesco. This bristol pound is like bktcoin in that there is no obligation on anyone to redeem it. Be careful. What you said is mathematically equivalent to saying tecsco vouchers are no better than these bristol pounds. If i were a major shareholder in tesco, i would report this!
  2. Here is what you should have said. "Renting has its downsides, but at least we can shag in private" What this means is twofold. 1. I am ******ing this girl - who you obviously fancy 2. I am not sharing a house with a bunch of strangers because I made an investment ****** up. "I
  3. The core issue with all this is simple. It is full of shit on all levels. So much so that can't be arsed to go through it. I'll leave it to in in who is a great orator.
  4. yes. and this is only their basic wage. remember that politics is commission based work.
  5. We truly live in an idiocracy. no. we live in a Kleptocracy. the means of the wealth distribution - to the political elites - is via fiat money. and the problems you outline in your post are just some of the symptoms. people are not behaving irrationally, they are behaving perfectly normally.
  6. it's kinda tacky to use absolute nos. %s please in future.
  7. You're darn right. Next time I see King browsing in George, I'll mark him good and proper - 'I know your game mister! Pssst, check out the faux amber pendants over there by the knickers.
  8. It is no great conundrum when you consider that his job is not in reality what you think it is. the remit is for public consumption only.
  9. Well, yes. But it cuts both ways, at least while ever the government continues propping it up, then if you need to buy then you have to pay the fantasy price.
  10. Pay as you go debit cards solve all privacy issues and are the way forward in my opion.
  11. Or you could be a man and just admit that you do not know any maths.
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