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  1. Read the article and you'll see the context. It has nothing to do with this.
  2. Read it. So many quotes that indicate King is a retard. Here is one: Total fool.
  3. Let's say that's true. That's an anecdote, not data. On average it's a problem.
  4. I can't stand King, and I will read the article, but before I do I'd like to say that over the last 5 years I've lost all respect for the FT. They are a bunch of fools.
  5. Shows final salary and public sector schemes to be even more of a lie. The guestimates from pension advisers are not just "optimistic", they are, as we say in my house, "a lie".
  6. Why do auction houses only get absolute crap! Is it like this in other countries?
  7. I'm surprised someone is put off by 5K. Even if his house is cheap 5K is still hardly the main consideration. Housing going up a lot or down a lot is not a consideration when you are moving into a similarly priced property and already own. If that's you, fine, but if you can save 20K in a year have the brains to comprehend the context of HPC before you post.
  8. 1.8K rise on a 300k home - hooray - no point working (again) this month!
  9. Sounds like the Robbie Keane of the business world. Keane is minted.
  10. I always enjoy it when the powers produce a graph where the historical data is rising and the future predicted data bucks the trend by falling. It's just like a sales graph. So pathetic - why doesn't the person presenting it refuse? Have *some* pride!
  11. Yes, saw this on reddit, it looks nice but the data is poor.
  12. Me too. If you take a repayment mortgage you pay back the interest and the capital. I/O is just the interest - hence the name :-) So surely if you are paying I/O none of this would have gone into the capital repayments? Unless the way I/O repayments are calculated varies from a repayment mortgage, and it is the gap between these two that defines the compensation amount. Can someone clarify what this actually is? If so what is the distribution for the I/O mortgages? Would the median clam be this gap from 2007 onwards? In which case are we really looking at a lot of money here?
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