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  1. Ballymena is getting it better than most towns in NI, high civil servant demographics (county hall etc) then high salaries at Gallaghers, Michelin etc. Perhaps this is the reason for high prices?
  2. The UK is finished - it can no longer ever hope to balance its books in the future (at least under our Globalist 3 main parties). As it cannot balance its books it MUST PRINT ITS WAY INTO OBLIVION. As it does so - so inflation will be seen in the most basic of essential purchases... food, heating and clothing. This is not a game - it is what happens when a nation loses its self respect and its identity... as surely as winter follows summer - so we face the blackness of political corruption in all its horrors.
  3. It is what the people deserve, they have become debt slaves and are unwilling to implement true democracy based on a constitutional basis. Many regard politics and economics as 'beneath' them and how many people have you heard say 'I don't do politics'. The majority I'd say based on trying to awaken them. So petrol prices now, vast swathes of redundancies, more authoritarian control and more Taxes are coming. Well we have the Govt of the Elites that we most truly deserve and guess what. 'The little guy doesn't count' All tyranny comes from Govt.
  4. And the reason for all this 'chaos' is??? Come on - what did Hegel say - Create the Problem - wait for the Reaction - then implement the Solution. So that being my interpretation of this chaos event what do you the posters think the solution will be? And more importantly who might be the benefactors of such a solution..................
  5. I shall make a prediction - virtually no public sector jobs will be lost. This is a con, designed to have the private sector believe the Govt is cutting big govt, the reality will be somewhat different. Remember Cameron is the ultimate socialist - 'the big society' man.
  6. This may well be the first year of the recession / depression proper. Although perceived wisdom would say it has been ongoing for the past couple of years - I think we have seen little of any recessionary / depressionary factors to date. Those that think we are getting out of recession when in reality we are most surely entering the 'job loss' phase will be caught unprepared for what will prove to be a 'game changing' economic shift. I fear even those of us (including myself) who understand the nature of this planned demolition of our economy and currency will be totally taken aback at the
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