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  1. Never going to come down I'm afraid. I work in the industry and we have only been able to pass on a small amount of the increase in the input costs, therefore this will just go into margin clawback so we can fund the next round of crazy duty hikes/cost pressures.
  2. And as if by magic the 100pt drop on the FTSE has gone back under 99pts - you are Mr King adn I claim my £5
  3. It is a joke, all the "many will never have top pay it back" comments really means that Some will never even start paying it back Some will make payments but will never pay back the initial amount Many will pay back 5-10 times the initial amount but will never pay it off as the interest payments wil exceed their repayments, however over this time they will pay back the initial amount many times over A rare few will pay it all off
  4. So hang on, we should feel sorry for him, even though he got IO, sat on his ass for X years and will still walk away with £100k in clear profit due to HPI...my heart bleeds
  5. Wouldnt the IMF love a Euro breakup? All those new devalued currencies that they can ride to the ruin rescue of?
  6. It reminds me of visitng the mortgage advisor last week, got the mortgage sorted and he asked for proof of deposit. i told him that a large amount would be cash and he just started repeat the word cash "what do you mean cash, cash I dont understand, cash" He really ddint get the idea, I told him I could send him a photo of it next to todays newspaper if that would be good enough proof...he didnt find it funny. The systems in the west dont run on cash anymore anyway, this just looks like cutting down on the tax dodgers...
  7. Is that really saying what i think it is i.e. that a sitdown style protest would be punished as well????
  8. My first thought as well. They looked at the petrol Issue/ploy and theough we can have some of that over here. Lots of people forward buying = a really nice bunce
  9. What happens when the kids go to sell the house to pay for nusring home fees? This will put even more pressure on government funding for nursing fees as in the past much of the cost has been mopped up by people selling their house. If they dont own any of it then this will be a problem.
  10. Thats how I read it. It could be a way of driving up the buyers of Treasuries, on the idea of better rates in the future (they will need more buyers as QE is withdrawn and they stop buying there own notes). It could actually be the sign that rates are not going to go anywhere for a very long time. I muts just point out this isnt my area and could be a load of rubbish, but this is juts my early read.
  11. I dont see why it would need to raise rates to put out a floating treasury. The idea that rates could rise within the life of the treasury could be enough to draw investors into these. If I'm reading what they actuall are correctly that is.
  12. I have no idea but i can only assume this is the equivelent to and index lined bond (treasury) rather than a fixed rate one
  13. We are saved link Economy grew 0.1 percent in first-quarter, no recession - NIESR
  14. Agree, but that would against her human rights....
  15. But the problem wont show up until rates rise. Despite the SVR rises friends of mine have a 2% better rate coming off their IO 5y fix. So yes they cant change provider but for the moment they are as happy as a pig in s*it.
  16. Sorry but the kid has a dad which she is living with, if her dad and all family members were dead then maybe she should escape jail, but otherwise throw the b*tch in jail
  17. Note that they have set up a facebook page for this, I would never encourage anyone to get stuck in, but if you were that way inclined, you would visit http://www.facebook.com/#!/righttobuy
  18. Ummm, he was...there was also a turtle by the same name, I think that one was a ninja.
  19. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/mortgages/9172348/NewBuy-mortage-scheme-in-crisis-as-lenders-fail-to-support-it-claims-Home-Builders-Federation.html
  20. If you consider what makes up RPI then the reason for the gap is obvious. RPI included (not house inflation but MORTGAGE inflation) thus they expect either interst rates to rise or for mortgage rates to rise independent of the BOE rate
  21. About the same for a grotty one about £230k for a nice one
  22. There is some real double speak in here How can you quote: and then say If 40% of sales are via a company then the jum is not from 5% to 15% for 40% of sales, its from 0.5% to 15%!! and the previous absorption of the 5% to 7% changes must have taken palce witht he move to off shore which has now been closed. There are some massive differences this time around, it seems like the loopholes are gone so this will have an impact
  23. Even bigger fall if you factor this in ... And hopes for growth in the wider economy in the first quarter of the year were dealt a further blow as retail sales volumes in January were downwardly revised to 0.3pc from an estimate of 0.9pc
  24. How this for a double speak headline on Yahoo http://uk.news.yahoo.com/uk-inflation-eases-more-slowly-forecast-093406452.html
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