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  1. Or it could just be that they have seen the issues with France for the last 7 years and reported it...
  2. Lol, are you serious, pub wet margin is >60% GP although on a £2 pint it will be a lot less. As for JDW being more like a restaurant, well they are. They sell more meals than M&B (who have more pubs and state they are food lead) just at lower price point. EDIT: I dont know this for a fact but at £2 a pint I guess JDW make 50% GP
  3. Should negative rates not be viewed in the same ways as ta breaks and rises that are designed to drive investement into or out of certian sectors. The neg move would be driving people out of cash into productve investment whilst at the same time encouraging investemnt from those companies that dont have a cash buffer (new start ups)
  4. I'm going to ccarry on assuming http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/11/16/police-and-crime-commissioner-spoilt-ballot-pictures_n_2144173.html
  5. But HMRC will come knocking and they can bear the cost of doing so. Being a small company investigated by HMRC I can tell you the cost is high so it may be legalbut that dossent mean it wont bankrupt you I now have insurance to help if it happens again
  6. As has been pointed out there will need to be huge extra tax take over the years to fund this, or will we see public sectors workers paing a pension tax that means their pay (gross) stays the same but they must carry on paying into a pension that is getting smaller? Woops, looks liek this is already happening. The obvious thing to do is to make public sector workers pay in 10% of earning and receive 1% back as a pension, that would help close the gap
  7. There is another way to not pay it back. Just move to dividends and a minimal PAYE pay and you can earn £100k a year and not pay a penny of it off. My accountant pointed this out to me after I had paid mine off
  8. There is another way to not pay it back. Just move to dividends and a minimal PAYE pay and you can earn £100k a year and not pay a penny of it off. My accountant pointed this out to me after I had paid mine off
  9. I read it that they were going to stop you going direct to a lender i.e. no advice and that you must seen an IFA for advice before you go and get a mortgage even if its direct. Nice money maker for the IFA???
  10. It really sounds like a "fill your boots" bring demand forward type threat. This caught my eye as well So with the chanegs in IFA funding I'll have to by law get financial advice, which I must now pay for????? Given some if the IFA and Mortage Advisor muppets I've met, I want to see and IQ test from them before I would even consider this. The last mortgage advisor I met was telling us she got here house in 2007, on IO and 105% LTV. Yep I really want advice from her!
  11. Wouldnt it be fuuny if those people that now have to fill out a return actually read it and realise they can offset a number of expenses againt their bill aswell, reducing the tax take further again...
  12. Daily Mail also ahve their spin Working families on housing benefit soar: Number of applications rising by 10,000 every monthWorking families on housing benefit soar: Number of applications rising by 10,000 every month Nowhere do they point out that hosing benefits push up rents and perpetuate the vicious circle
  13. Cant see it going the miss sleiing route for one simple reason liar loans If miss selling kicks of I can see the lenders pointing to the fact that most of those people inflated their earnings and if they dont drop the case they will go after them for fraud. If I were the banks thats what I would do.
  14. You know what they say about Seven...trying very hard not to make it eight in the downturn (the nasty restaurant may be the thing that sends them under)...
  15. This one is a beauty, Image image 4 shows the 40 odd steps to your front door http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-32770876.html
  16. I've been sorting a mortgage recently and the Post Office (best 5y fix) wanted the repayment vehicles in place for 1y prior to taking the mortgage out for IO and a very limited number of vehicles were allowed. On the flip side Northern Rock really didn’t seem that bothered as long as I had one...
  17. Yep, there is no value in the business, why would anyone buy it when they dont own their depots (sold on a sale leaseback deal) and they know that the business will just die and other supplier will pick up their accounts
  18. I'm cider, and soft drinks I'm afraid. I know a lot of people at Matthew Clark are licking their lips as are Booker
  19. I'll give this one a bump as we have just lost a stack of cash on WTBS the administrators were stopping us from going in to collect stock, you have to love it. Although this time its a proper administaration not just a pre pack.
  20. Agree, £300k over 10y even by a couple is £1,250 EACH per month so lets say that you need £1000 each per month to cover rent, food etc you need a take home of £2,250 EACH per month, gross that up and you average couple EACH earn £37,000 lol...Mr and Mrs average my ****. I've taken interest out of the equasion as this nullifies the inflation eroding the value of the £300k
  21. I love letters like that, we send out all our price increase letters showing the % rise ex duty (these are alcoholic products), then when it comes to implementing we show its as a % of the duty inclusive price. It looks like the customer is getting a better deal as the % drops but in reality it nets out the same.
  22. Sorry but thats wrong 4.59% @ £171k would be £959 pm for repayemnt £647 interest only. Also £171k at 4.5x combined (which most lenders will give) means each person only needs to earn £19k (if its a couple) which isnt very much. I'm al for HPC but people on here can paint a very false picture sometimes
  23. And a few of the HPC crowd how are buckling under pressure, cashing in their gold and about to buy.
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