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  1. Yahoo finance have got on it. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/5/20110110/tbs-house-price-decline-accelerates-in-d-327c223.html The even have the word decline in the headline EDIT BBC News as well http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-12149296
  2. Radio 4 just reported HP down, only just caught it but I think they said 3.3% in 2010
  3. I supply all the supermarkets and waitrose was 10% more than the others but that was 5y ago. Now they have closed the gap a lot, it dosent cost much more to shop at Waitrose. To be honest they are trying to attract the Sainsbury shopper not the ASDA one anyway. I say good on them as they show a retailer can be good to deal with and a success story
  4. Really enjoyed it and someting they should re run.
  5. Whn I had more money than brains, I was looking at a £900k flat to rent in the local area, when into the carpark with £150k + cars, asked how many parking spaces were allocated for each flat A: 1 Didnt even bother to see the flat, I'm glad they have lifted this as its a joke
  6. I think you have it all wrong. If no one views it then it reinforces the idea that due to a lack of Mortgage funding there are no buyers. By looking but not calling you are reinforcing the idea that people are looking but proces are too high. If you want to push EA prices you need to be more proactive than just clicking/not clicking IMHO
  7. Yahoo Finance still says House prices rise 2.2 percent in November If people wich to share the view that its an inaccurate headline, please go to. http://help.yahoo.com/l/uk/yahoo/news/general.html and comment to the editor for a correction
  8. I don't know whats more shocking. The figures, or that fact that there is well written piece in the DM
  9. Inflation will carry on regardless from what I can see. We are putting through 5% increases as a min and I know our competitors are as well. This will feed through to the consumer but with supermarkets looking to claw back all the margin they lost in 2010 I think the price rises will be a lot more. Granted i do FMCG to the supermarkets and pub trade but 5% is the minimum increase, some areas I'm seeing 25%. Its sfate to say that a lot of businesses have absorbed the increase in 2010 but will use the VAT change as a chance to play catch up Just my 2c from my little corner of the world but I doubt I'm in isolation
  10. Been looking att he forum for a while. I must admit at first I thought it was a forum for people to clutch at straws but after bing on here for a few months I've relised there are some very insightful threads. Very interested in the inflation threads as I work for a number of clients in FMCG and cand see the 2011 price increases that look like the will help to bump up inflation. No doubt testing the limits of how many "one off shocks2 you can have.
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