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  1. Was I the only one who opened the thread hoping expecting it to be the house builder
  2. This, if a friend of my can turn his golf course management degree into experience and now VP of risk for Asia with a very well know bank (and hated on here) then I think people should be able to turn that Law qualification into a useful tool in almost any role in business.
  3. Just for balance I would guess the cost of the energy is a small part of the actual cost we pay as consumers, much in the way that the oil price is only a tiny part of what we pay at the pumps. Whist it does look like a poor deal, we (HPC) always slate the press for spinning figures and yet we are doing the same. Its highly unlikely that this will mean we are paying 100% more...however that not to say we wont be paying 100% more for other reasons (more tax, currency collapse etc)
  4. Lol, this. Friends of ours spent £20k on their wedding. Its nuts, but if people want to spend that money then I say go for it, just don't complain that you have no money and a pile of debt.
  5. Sooo, we are supposed to feel sorry for them because they will ONLY make over £2m profit if it sells rather than £4m??? If that's a curse then get the voodoo doctor over and curse me up!
  6. As always the Mash nail it (to the cardboard wall).
  7. Just had a meeting yesterday with a client and we are closing he Cyprus business, not just because we cant transfer our more than 5k without it taking ages to get it authorised but also because there is now a big stigma attached to having a Cyprus company and any UK business you deal with doesn't think they are going to get paid. Just in the process of opening up a new UK company to replace it. Its been a massive PITA and the advisors have told us everyone isdoing the same so its safe to say the Cyprus economy will be dead very soon I'm afraid.
  8. I would normally agree but if you asked people in the 90s what they would do with their cash if savings rates were 1.9% they would say stick it under the mattress, but today people are still happy to park their money in the bank. If they drop the rates over a long enough period say 3-5y people will just treat them as the new norm + the fear people have about society will make them think that their house will be broken into. Fear will keep people in banks until the day their savings have been stolen.
  9. Bingo, this was my point, you can't just get security and get the premium for unsecured.
  10. NO, if they wanted it to be secured then that should have been the load they offered (with a lower rate because its secured). In my eyes its not right that they could charge and APR for an unsecured loan but want the security of a secured one. On this basis it must mean that there is no such thing as an unsecured loan (if you own a house)? has anyone got a link?
  11. UK property PLC rubbing their hands with the idea of all those chinese buyers now going to the UK
  12. You would think this would be the UK plan. Get the deficit down to zero using the debt as a reason for doing so (pretend that once we hit surplus we will start to pay it down) and in the interim use the defecit reduction plan to keep rates low and the markets onside. Once we get to zero defecit (but a hugue debt pile) then default on the debt and start again with an instant balanced economy
  13. This is just what happens. I've decided to let my accountants off their ball and chain and bring me every way under the sun to reduce our tax bill. Sod it why not
  14. If all the joy gets sucked out of our lives and we end up paying for air, can I still get a hooker with 3 boobs please
  15. Profit share never ever works. We refuse to do it with our clients as if they are smart they will make £0 profit each year and its impossible to see how the cost allocation works. I did a paper on PFI many year ago, biggest scam ever
  16. So the 61 year old guy who is in complete control took out a mortage over 25y ago and still hasent paid it off. Yep he is a great example
  17. They probably are , but thats not why they are calm. Plenty of people love speeking in public, its the chance to shine, if you think you are great at what you do then what better palce to show that than on a public platform, TV just makes it even better. Simple as that, some people hate it others love it as you can show everyone how good you are.
  18. OK after a debate about this with a senior member of Amazon today I came to an interesting juncture. If we were to gain Corpo from companies based outside of the but trading in the UK what happens to companies based in the UK but trading outside of it? Would we actually lose more by implementing these types of rules if it became a two way street? Discuss....
  19. To be fair evey business needs these things though. Just because its food, it dosent mean you can just stand there and it will fly off the shelf. Consumers want innovation (the tin foil hat, I find no pleasure in food lot on here are not a classic sample of the UK population) as many people actually enjoy their food and eating new things, its just not about job creation, far from it, the buying teams are very lean in most of the supermarkets.
  20. Can't see minimum pricing for booze coming into play. It it does then so be it, but if the govenment can up up the price of booze they can sure as hell force down the price of energy or force up the savings rates or up the cost of a knife to stop people from being stabbed...where will they stop. (to the government) Just leave us alone, if we are too stupid to know whats bad for us then in the natural world we would die, and if we are addicted then upping the cost will do jack s*it.
  21. Given I look after the supermarkets for our company it blows me away watching the BBC this monring in relation to this http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20543107 Promotion issues seem to be the big complaint form all on the interview (although the guy from Manchester business school was rubbish at trying to defend the industry). People seem to think the retailers are driving up prices due to greed rather than inflation and devaluation of the £ doing it. They have a food writer on passing judgement with clearly no understanding of how the industry works. I can tell you its not a fix to try and get the consumer to pay more when you can by a 500ml something for £1 on promotion and £3 for the 750ml off promotion. It will just be an account manager looking after 100 lines trying to run promotions (as in most categories 60% of sales are on promo) and missing things, or a buyer looking after 1000 lines trying to compete with someones elses deals. Yes there has been value engineering (smaller for the same price) but thats the price of inflation and crap macro economics. End of rant but its just another the world is againt me, im to stupid to open my eyes, wrap me in cotton wool news story.
  22. Or it could just be that they have seen the issues with France for the last 7 years and reported it...
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