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  1. I've recently had a chat on MSN with a friend of mine. Why are people so blind? Andway, here is the conversation... BTW, I live in the North East and £125k for a house is REALLY expensive for any FTB. ------------------------------- HIM says: me n ******* are gonna get a house ME says: how much r u going to pay for one? HIM says: *******'s mam n dad had thers valued at over £125,000 but there buying a new house and the company pays the xtra they need a very quick sale like 2 weeks quick so we are going to offer £105,000 ME says: 105k HIM says: aye ME says: that's a lot of money ME says: a lass from work is paying 87k for a house on *********. her mortgage repayments are £560/mo ME says: then add your council tax to that.. ours is £90/mo ME says: then the ntl bill which is normally about £45/mo HIM says: i know we gonna buy 4 that coz we have a lot more time to sell themn straight away put it bak up 4 sale 4 £125k makin a profit on 20 grand ME says: if u can sell it ME says: just be very careful HIM says: they only have 2 weeks so its worth 125k but we get 4 105k we cant lose ME says: how can u afford the mortgage repayments? HIM says: payments everything in council tax mortgage insurance water rates £670 ME says: is that a repayment or interest only mortgage? HIM says: 100pc mortgage but we r only selling not living in it ME says: another thing to consider is that the interest rates are on the rise ME says: they've gone from 4.5pc to 4.75pc and they may go up even higher which will make selling the house harder HIM says: i know but we hope only 2 have on the market 4 to 8 weeks ME says: i'm just trying to make you aware.... be very careful ME says: the problem is with the market being the way it is. houses are usually on the market much much longer HIM says: its a venture theres no way of losing we either make a lot of money or very little but we cant lose weve looked it all through been to c a financial advisor everthing HIM says: the quicker we sell the better but even if we dont we r getting a house 20 k under budget ME says: www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum HIM says: tryed it ME says: k HIM says: the house was originally priced at £128.5k but they decided put up 4 £124.995 coz then u dont have pay stamp ME says: i know.. that's more expense HIM says: its a oppurtunity that'll only come once so we gonna take a risk ME says: just work out what u will be paying HIM says: 670 everythin unless we live there ME says: our gas and elec was £250 per quarter ME says: i know it's just gone up so not sure what the next bill will be like HIM says: im not ready 2 move out yet just fancy a challenge HIM says: we got a meetimng with robinsons on friday ME says: k ME says: just hope u can sell it then ME says: have a look around the area.. try and find out what houses are up for sale and find out how long they have been on the market for HIM says: i am very worried about it, but im young no ties so i think its the best time ME says: you will have ties if u buy the house HIM says: i know like i sed its just a money maker HIM says: 2 months max ME says: check out a couple of estate agent websites and have a look see HIM says: up 20k profit HIM says: been on losads been looking 4 a while now HIM says: its not deffo like just really thinking bout it HIM says: or rite i know wot u saying n i appreciate the concern but i just believe its 2 good an opputunity 2 turn down ME says: well i hope ur right HIM says: me 2
  2. "Well you've got to sacrifice a couple of things you would normally have." What like? Food!
  3. "I'm planning on buying my council house so that I can sell it for a profit in a couple of years."
  4. Almost 27 and still living with parents. Wanting to move but unable to because of the house prices.
  5. To be honest, we just want a home to live in where we can bring up our daughter. We are not really bothered about owning our own home at the moment but would like to eventually. We can't afford private rent because it's just as expensive as a mortgage. Our only hope at the moment is a council house.
  6. We have given up looking for the time being. There's no point wasting our time trying with the high prices.
  7. We've been desperately looking to buy a house. There are not that many which we can afford unless we wanted to live in a cr@p hole. For moment we have given up hope buying a house. We are hoping to get a council house in the near future, however this looks very bleak too.
  8. It's not like I choose to boycott the market. I haven't got a choice. We simply cannot afford to buy at the moment.
  9. Would you like to buy a house for me in cash?
  10. I'm sick of seeing these DFS adverts. SALE MUST END SOON cr@p. DFS always have a sale on.
  11. Can you imagine borrowers trying to claim compensation from lenders because they sold them huge mortgages during the price boom. There are a lot of naive people out there to be taken advantage of. We nearly took out a huge mortgage not really knowing much about them. If a lender can say you can afford to borrow 6x your salary and you end up losing your home I think they should be made partly responsible. Like those who took out endownment mortgages.
  12. I've re-uploaded the video. It's a bit better quality. You can read the text messages that people had sent now... http://www.djchewmacca.i8.com/temp/ITVNEWS20051018.avi
  13. Here is that particular interview if anybody has missed it... http://www.djchewmacca.i8.com/temp/ITVNEWS20051018.avi Sorry for the poor quality.
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