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  1. Agree with you re leasehold - you are effectively renting the land the house is on for a long period of time - I think there is legislation that can force the sale of the land but the rules are very stringent I seem to recollect you have to show the land has been occupied for 112 years (its a strange number I remember that). Additionally interest only mortgages are effectively renting - instead of renting a house you rent the money to buy a house, hoping that the capital accrued allows you to settle the initial sum and downsize at the same time.
  2. Just because current home owners don't realise the plight of younger families with regards to affordability doesn't mean that you have to stoop to there levels should the table turn. However how many of those would buy even at these inflated prices if there circumstances changed? and the answer is "more than you would think" - In many respects whilst there is a degree of pain assocaited with not getting on the ladder - its not the same amount of pain suffered in a recession and sadly the chances of house prices falling without an impact on the wider economy are small - the social fallout from
  3. Just as the media talks up markets so they talk them down how you perceive their actions and views depends very much on your position within the market. The same happens in stocks, bonds and business. The major difference with property is that far more "normal" people are also exposed compared to the stock market and sadly many of them come a cropper because they don't realise that the "people talk it up" and that they very same people "talk it down". The tides turn, the times changes such is life. I don't revel in the news nor do I enjoy it - if anything I have sympathy for the people who
  4. Inevitably with these polls and surveys we don't know how representative the sample is of the population as a whole (in the case the population of landlords). The sample can seriously skew data and therefore the results - also we have no way of truly validating whether these people are really landlords or just claim to be. I do believe that "herd mentality" with respect to BTL is infecting a great many people and they see this as their best road to riches - however when it comes to riches and success I am with Mark Twain - "The dictionary is only place success comes before work".
  5. Thanks for your kind words and welcome back Charlie - I missed you guys too. Is sledgehead still around? (if so Hiya Sledgey). Indeed the start of a hidden recession, if prices do start to slip who knows how far the correction will go just as markets overshoot at the top they also tend to over correct at the bottom - the thing none of us can predict is how far the banks will go to protect themselves and how aggressive they will be in doing so. Whilst currently unlikely it is not inconceivable that we will face an economic situation similar to that of the depression (I'm not neccessarilly
  6. Credit will get harder to obtain and banks will be more inclined to call in loans when people miss payments. I also think that banks will be inclined to get charging orders on houses for unsecured debt - very few people realise that there house is at risk from unsecured debt the bank can lay claim to any asset, additionally the small print of most loans tends to have a "we can call in the debt at any time" clause. People would feel less rich - housing prices psychologically have a greater impact on how rich people feel than the stock market so I would expect to see a big downturn in leisure,
  7. Sadly you have to let people make their own mistakes, they don't thank you for trying to point it out before hand and nor do they appreciate "I told you so after the event". It's the old addage "you can't put an old head on young shoulders". Leave him/er to it, you've done your best so walk away knowing that that you gave them your advice and that they chose not to listen so you can do no more. To try to push the point will entrench them even further and make then ore blind to the other posible truths.
  8. It's the work life balance thing, you *can't* just be a techie the HR people don't like it if you don't have hobbies
  9. Mine was an anaphylactic reaction brought about by the EA disturbing a bee's nest in the loft which caused a swarm and I got stung. Thank goodness my adrenalin pen was in my handbag and that Mr stats had his whits about him. The EAs face was a picture, he had to be sedated because he was in "shock". Bless needless to say we didn't buy the house
  10. LOL, nope but the theory isn't about "sexiness" its about fashion Sadly I am not a dedicated follower of fashion and tend to go for what suits me rather than what the rest of the world says is the in look, not everyone can or should wear mini skirts but then again not everyone can pull off the gypsy long skirt look. Personally I tend to go for knee length which is "in between" neither long nor short ............
  11. Surely though its the way the person died that matters. There is a world of difference between an old person passing away in their sleep surrounded by family(hopefully rather than dying alone) "dying at home" as a final wish of natural causes versus murder or other suspicious circumstances surrounding a persons demise.
  12. There was an interesting article over on the fool a while back that looks at the correlation between savings and house prices; in an inverse way this also acts an indicator of debt and house prices because when people borrow thwy tend to save less (no point in saving if you are paying interest at a higher rate than you are getting on your savings). Table : Saving ratio and change in house prices
  13. I don't know what more do you need to say? Top marks for honda The British motoring public couldn't be fonder of Honda. That's the message from Auto Express's 2005 car reliability and satisfaction survey, based on the experiences of 50,000 drivers, which puts Honda models in first, second and third places.
  14. Not so much a lunchtime conversation but a new slant on I'm alright Jack ... I'm alright Jack: "Undoubtably distressed as I am at your situation Jack, I myself am adequately provided for".
  15. IT's true "fabric of society" is a difficult somewhat abstract idea that probably has little bearing on the real world but all in all this consumerism and "I want I want I want" makes for sad people which in terms make for unfilled lives. It tears people apart from inside as they feel inadequate as they can't afford x,y orz and so borrow heavily to buy these things, the ecstasy is short lived and then the dread of debt comes into play, its a vicious devisive circle people buy things for their kids as appeasement for lack of time, and then they have to spend longer away from home to earn the ca
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