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  1. I dug up the survey and engineer's report. Some key phrases: Survey: "Deflection: Significant deflection has occurred to the side wall and gabled brickwork above the side wall, and to the gabled section of brickwork to the rear wall of the back addition. This deflection has been caused by poor design detailing, due to a lack of lateral restraint in these areas." Engineer's report: "none of the structure was opened up or exposed nor were foundations examined or drains tested" "although as stated we are reporting on structural issues based on a superficial view, we are quite content ... and
  2. The £50k is my very rough estimate for underpinning, taking out the wall and rebuilding, plus redecorating after. Could be less - not had quotes yet.
  3. Thanks a lot for the reply. We've been in the house about 10 years. We had a full structural survey done and it did pick up the bulging wall. We had an engineer draw up some restraints (ties) at floor level in the loft and maybe first floor landing (can't remember exactly). These were done. As I recall it was never considered very serious and certainly not questioned by the lender, etc. But to be honest I think we were badly advised, as there's not been much movement since then. We noticed some small cracks at the top of the stairs (1mm) and that's when we had the full verticality survey done
  4. Hi, we've had a verticality survey on our flank wall and it's out by 120mm which is pretty serious. An engineer has said it's beyond simple ties and our options are to put up steel buttressing (external arches) or tear down and rebuild the wall! Either way we need to underpin as the current foundations are shallower than the drain which runs alongside the wall (under our side alley). The buttress approach would obviously be very visible and also leave a very narrow gap in the side alley reducing its usefulness (not that we use it much). Obviously rebuilding involves moving out and is a lot
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