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  1. Ok, I've not been that clear then. 1) Tenancy started on 10th October 2005, and our fixed period was 6 months so we were well out of that. 2) The rent we're wanting back is the period 23rd August to 9th September, basically it was agreed that we wouldn't pay rent after the exchange point of exchange, but had already paid for the month up to 9th Sept on 10th August. Whether it's not the case that you are/aren't allowed to exchange with tenants in the property is irrelevant, the completion was 2 days later and would have been hard for the buyers to move in without us leaving first!! 3) Unfortunately the only writing was done on our part, we've only got the cheques from the agency with covering letters, there was nothing while we waited for exchange; not even a written acknowlegement of our original notice given. There is a further development today, they finally got to speak to the landlords who say they paid us the refund electronically. They've asked us again to confirm we haven't had the money to which the response was that it may have been paid electronically, but not to our bank account! I can't believe they're claiming they paid having ignored all contact from the agency for a month (or the agency's lying about having chased them....who knows?!)
  2. Hey it's a long story, I hope you're not too busy! We bought a house (I know, I know but there you go), and given the huge uncertainty involved in moving, didn't want to give notice until the last minute; not least of which because we had 4 cats and if we'd got it wrong and needed to find temporary accomodation it would have been a nightmare. So, we gave our 2 months' notice on 11th July in the hope that they'd find tenants soon-ish and we'd hopefully be let off a portion of rent. We messed up because our 'rental month' started on the 10th, and the landlords' response was two-fold; they said our notice didn't become effective until August, therefore our last day would be 10th October, and then that they were selling and there'd be an estate agent and some potential buyers coming round in two days' time. Our response was that if our two months' notice hadn't started, we weren't legally obliged to show buyers round, at which point the letting agent pointed out that you can't exchange while there are tenants in the property and that it would behove us to assist, help them get a quick sale and hence be let off any remainder of rent. We obliged, were the perfect hosts on two occasions to the potential buyers and the sale was agreed. From the point of the offer, we heard nothing from the letting agent; in fact, they were calling us to try and find out when exchange was likely, completion etc. I was in contact the estate agents, who were actually very helpful and kept us informed the whole way along. Bizarre really as they weren't obliged to tell us anything - but we really appreciated it, made a pleasant change. We moved out of the property on 30th July, but held the keys on the agreement that we'd clean up, have the inventory and officially 'hand over' just prior to exchange. Finally the exchange happened on the 23rd August, we heard on the 24th from the estate agents, and the completion was the 25th. So no time for an inventory, we had to pass our keys directly to the new owners, and I gather the letting agents weren't too impressed at being kept completely out of the loop! Anyway, as we'd paid our advance month's rent on the 10th August, and hence needed our deposit (which we received promptly in full, having had no inventory so no chance of anything being docked!), and the rent rebate, for the period from exchange on 23rd August to 9th September. This was never disputed by the agents, they paid £200 from the landlords' account with them, and informed them to pay us the rest. They have been unable to contact the landlords since though.....but I'm told are still trying.....
  3. Our landlords have treated us in the most disgusting way, the situation being that in short: we gave 2 months' notice as we we moving, they sold in less than 1 month, we'd gone already and are now due a rent rebate for part of that last month. The agency has paid £200 of the £473 due out of the landlords' account but the landlords won't cough up the rest. We want now to make a small court claim but the sticking point is that they're in Canada with no ties to the UK anymore; are we going to have to kiss goodbye to our money or is there any way to retrieve it? We'd really appreciate any advice as we're just so livid over the whole situation.
  4. Well we've had no notice, but as we vacated (but kept keys) in July it's ok....so that's why I'm asking for the last month's rental back.
  5. Since this same letting agent told us that was the case last month....and the estate agent reiterated it. Does anyone else know different?
  6. Just to add to matters, the landlords have been utter gits and wouldn't release us from the remaining rent until they'd exchanged. To cut a long story short, I've been in communications with the estate agents who've finally let me know they'd exchanged yesterday, and are completing tomorrow, all while we still hold keys and are sitting tenants.....not a dickie bird from the letting agent. We've needed this like a hole in the head as we're getting married this weekend and will be away on honeymoon - how's this for a stinking letter 'cos they're not getting away with it for sure!! To Whom It May Concern, Re: Tenancy of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX We are writing to inform you we have just been told of the exchange of contracts on the above property by the vendors’ estate agent, “XXXX”, completion is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday 25th August 2006. As you are aware, it is against the law for a vendor to exchange contracts while there is a sitting tenant in the property; our landlords have acted illegally as there has been no communication on their part to you, the letting agents, or to us requesting our vacation of the property and the requisite inventory on our exit. As the completion is taking place tomorrow, less than 24 hours away, there is now no opportunity for an inventory, though we must stress that we have followed protocol in respect of our contract. Please find enclosed the invoice relating to carpet steam cleaning/fumigation, which we had done despite being given no notice of when our official exit should be. We expect a full refund of our deposit (£XXX), and reimbursement of our rent paid on 7th August for the rental month to 9th September (a further £XX). If we have not received these monies due to us by 8th September we will be taking legal action. Yours sincerely,
  7. Thanks for all the advice, I think we're going with the "Keep Schtum and Scarper" approach. After all, the place will be sold within weeks and the landlords won't be coming to see it beforehand. Glad the inventory doesn't poke around in the loft ;-) Interesting about the 2 months' notice possibly not being valid. It might not be worth us seeking professional advice as a quick exchange will mean less than 1 months' rent anyway.
  8. Hugely long story with a total debacle that is my current situation. Most is not that relevant however, but just for the record:- 1) bought house (I know, I know, don't shout) 2) handed in notice (2 months) on rental accomodation on 11th July, turns out should have been 10th so we're stuck paying until 9th October despite moving out this Saturday. 3) Turns out landlords are selling house, sold before it even went on the market (13th July) so we're hoping they exchange quickly so we're let off the last however-much rent (great that notice period doesn't 'start' until August 10th but exchange should happen around then!). Just discovered a HUGE wasps' nest in the loft whilst moving out. Now our landlords have been such s**ts that we obviously don't want to get stuck paying for this to be removed after they've screwed us over, we'd love to pass the cost to them; plus I don't think it's fair on us to skive completely, pretend we haven't seen it and leave it for the new owners. I'd be hugely grateful if someone could tell me whether this kind of thing is the tenants' responsibility, or whether we can be a pain and leave it to our emigrated-theiving-rude landlords ;-) Thanks in advance, we're slightly bitter about everything to do with renting and buying houses at the moment - both are as much of a nightmare as the other!!
  9. 1) Private 2) £900 3) 3 4) North Hampshire 5) £250k
  10. Tate & Lyle? (EPIC: TATE)
  11. 27 This is better than a poll 'cos it's good to see who's aged what, not just out of nosiness but it's good to see a number of twenty-somethings who aren't stupid, and older guys who must speak from experience as well as opinion!!
  12. I live just down the road, and I can give you a fair number of reason why this appears to be. Hook IS bloody minute, BUT they're building a massive new development there and I know two people buying houses for top whack. The first person I know buying there now is someone I heard about through a friend, rather than someone I know directly, and was selling and buying in Fleet (prices generally slightly higher), but when the sale fell through and he re-sold, he clearly panicked and went for a 'Victoriain style' new build here, as it was less money. The second guy is someone I work with. He and his girlfriend are living with mum and dad but desperately want a place together, however, they don't think they can afford even to rent (he was shocked to hear that the £600pm he saw for a place he liked doesn't include council tax for example). They have no deposit but announced the other day that they are getting a part-rent, part-buy on this new estate. I don't know the numbers, but when I asked whether he was sure they could afford it he said he didn't think so originally, but it's ok because the financial advisor they saw has told him no problem. He knows my thoughts on where house prices are going but the advisor's told them that this deal's great because if they go up, they make money and if they go down they just to buy more shares in the property. Personally, I think it's disgusting, and I'm very concerned, but you know how it is, there's only so much you can say to people and I don't know him well enough to push the point any further...I've tried as much as I can. On top of this, Hook as right next to the M3, so in fairness it gives a very good link to the commuter belt into London, and is well positioned if you work in Basingstoke, Bracknell or Reading (i.e. silicon valley) but don't want to live in any of these major towns...I work in Basingstoke and I couldn't blame anyone for that!! Still, it's hard to believe prices are genuinely rising there when I keep an obsessive eye on my home town 5 miles away and they're heading south here, albeit not quickly enough for my liking!
  13. Speaking as someone who's done just that on the eve of the 23rd (hence being awake now after being in bed for 36hours, no turkey for me today :-( ) my God I'm making sure we always have two bathrooms!!
  14. Ok, it's not quite Guildford (Fleet, 'bout 10 miles down the road for those who don't know) but I've just heard of a collegue getting gazundered on the property he's selling....makes a nice change from buyers getting gazumped!
  15. Did anyone else see Sarah Beeney on "The F Word" last night (Gordon Ramsey cookery programme)?! What more proof do we need that the crash started months ago.! She looks fairly far gone.....must have decided a while back that if nothing's happening in the housing market there's got to be something else to do ;-)
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