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  1. Many people find their existing mortgage term coming to an end and have to scrabble around looking for another (assuming they're not too old)
  2. None of items the Daily Mails list show any class, there's nothing worse than a Chav with dosh (except Russians) I suppose owning 51/2 thousand acres, a couple of villages, 3 tenented farms and the family pile is a sign of failure as there is no 3g mobile signal and what's Waitrose? one of those soft southern twit type things one supposes.
  3. I lease a car through the 'Motability' disabled scheme, it costs me around £200 pm for 3 years lease and includes all servicing and roadside assistance. I know I'd be better off buying somthing outright but there is no way I could easily afford this class of car plus the adaptions and peace of mind the lease brings. Having said that in 2015 I'll buy instead of lease.
  4. We've just bought a HMO to revamp as our family home. Some real bargains to be had
  5. Or just by-pass the meter or tap into the neighbours
  6. It did for France, at least once the revolution found its 'head'.
  7. The problem is as soon as someone starts talking sense & in a position to make a difference they are enticed into (what they believe to be the 'inner circle' of power where they are corrupted enough to keep them in check. Anyone else is dismissed as loony-left or far right and we do not have an unbiased press to get the message out.
  8. I take it you read the Daily Mail you obviously live in their world.
  9. He's not actually Maggie gave him a knighthood for what it's worth
  10. Majority of British children will soon be growing up in families struggling 'below the breadline', Government warned God this is depressing, I was told last night by a leading Tory activist that 'We' will all start spending more as the returns on 'our' savings are so poor. What the f**k are we doing?
  11. Despite Ian 'Swivel-Eyes' Duncan Smiths (lies) assurances that all's going to plan THIS doesn't read too well.
  12. Sorry, when I said sales I really do mean sales, houses that have gone from available to either sold or under offer. There's not many properties actually come onto the SA31 area recently at any price.
  13. trippytinker


    We're hopefully moving into 'Town' shortly and have noticed a big increase in sales below the £250K mark in the last few months at the same time there are a lot of BTL properties sitting empty for months at a time. Is this trend happening elsewhere in the country?
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