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  1. PS: I don't think prices are dropping here in NM - if anything they are going up slightly still. Many houses & bungalows we looked at last year, to buy, which hung around for over a year some of them, have now sold (around £350K mark) and for pretty close to the asking price or for asking price, unless there was something drastically wrong with them. And lots more SOLD signs everywhere here ( they don't put SOLD here unless completed, as far as I am aware - they certainly wouldn't put up 'sold' on ours until we completed). Also, we just finally sold our old house in West London. After
  2. TA Winney are our letting agents, and we received a letter to say that Winkworth's were taking over the New Milton office. No reason why. Shame if they are 'downsizing' because they have always been very friendly, given a very good personal service, and sorted out any problems promptly. More than I can say for the 'large name, bright red' agents we dealt with when previously buying in New Milton!
  3. Two completely different answers - who should I believe?! Do you both live there or just trying to stop me buying generally?
  4. Thinking of buying a house in New Milton/Barton on Sea (South of New Forest). Anyone know how the market is doing here?
  5. By the way, refusing to rent you a property because you have a pet is illegal. Why is it illegal? I love my own pets, but I wouldn't want other people's in my property, making it smell etc (dogs all have a smell, and incontinent cats can ruin a place). I've seen adverts for rented properties which say 'unsuitable for children' and you know very well it is up the parents to make that decision. But who wants snot and crayon all over the walls? I wouldn't. On right said fred's decision, jolly good. If you can get a good deal, good on you. We exchange on a lovely house on Friday, at 88%
  6. To original title, no... Britain needs 1,000,000 less families.
  7. I really do think you are deluding yourselves if you think people will sell for that low, in that price range. Re original question, I have just got a £42K reduction on a £365K house (orig price) and am very happy. Needs quite a bit of work, but a really good house basically. Valuer even thought we had a bargain, and that we had done better price-wise than many others he has recently valued. I also know someone who, completing last week, was very happy to pay £320K on a £325K house. While people will pay that close to asking, I'd be very surprised if prices will reduce a huge amount mor
  8. "why should i pay the interest on HIS LOAN ?" Not the point, I'm afraid. You agreed to pay his rent, and now you are defaulting. I hope he sues you. You're a complete idiot, and I hope any of us here ever come across you in life (as landlords or otherwise).
  9. Well, I'm just buying at the moment (12ish% discount, if all goes well) so I'm not predicting a crash, just a hold for a while! 0% in next year. Wait for it... (defenses ready...) (Come on, all you people who are buying now, where are you?! You don't want a crash do you?)
  10. Hope you are right. Did you try haggling the price down first, before you pulled out?
  11. House was on at £350K, we offered £310K 3 months ago. After all this time, they came back to us and accepted. On day after offer accepted we noticed house is agent's window and rightmove at £340K. Just thought it strange, that's all. Doesn't stop us wanting house (just what we wanted), and we think we've got a fair deal (at the moment! you lot'd probably say otherwise!) but just... strange. Probably coincidence, as you say. (They have said they will take it out of window once paperwork started in earnest.)
  12. "The individual concerned is fully aware of how ridiculous their pretend views are." Wish it was pretend and ridiculous but actually it's true and we're not happy!
  13. Sorry,, have I missed something? What's a reverse troll?
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