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  1. No - the one linking to this. http://www.pwc.co.uk/eng/publications/the_future_of_manufacturing.html Did you actually read the posts?
  2. 14% is still hardly defunct. Get a grip, especially in the shadow of the recent crisis..What is the banking sector's contribution to the economy? We never hear the end of how the country would disintegrate without the banks but I bet the contribution isn't much beyond 14% if that. I assume you didn't bother your backside visiting the link at the bottom of the list? - Eejit.
  3. Yeah, you're right we don't make anything worthwhile in the UK. Manufacturing is dead. Okay its not Germany or China but there is life in the old dog yet. A quick scout about the web for UK goods, and I mean quick - this took me two minutes. http://www.baesystems.com/WorldwideLocations/UnitedKingdom/Locations/BarrowinFurness/autoGen_107115145925.html http://www.morgan-motor.co.uk/ http://www.triumph.co.uk/ http://www.norvilmotorcycle.co.uk/ http://www.britishproductsdirectory.co.uk/stones_bros.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Semiconductor#Manufacturing_locations http://en.
  4. Indeed having just been spanked by HMRC for importing some kit from the US, I have to say the more government/bureaucrats intervene to "ease" means of trade across borders the more expensive and difficult that trade becomes.
  5. I think St Vincent has been sent a warning. This is the political equivalent of finding a horse's head in the bed.
  6. He was on the Daily Show on Monday night in the US. He is as mad as a hatter. You can watch the show at this link with the modify headers add on in firefox, http://www.thedailyshow.com/full-episodes/mon-december-13-2010-gordon-brown his interview is the final 1/3 segment. It will be on more4 soon I think. It is without a doubt his creepiest performance to date. You'll need to install modify headers into Firefox to watch it (and other U.S. based shows) online from outside the US. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/967/ This video explains how to do it. Alternatively watch it
  7. Dammit, I thought the yield spreads on bonds meant we were through the worst of it. Or something. Does this mean Ann-Margaret's not coming?
  8. The Telegraph; http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/johnmcternan1/100068334/if-you-thought-the-students-were-trouble-wait-for-the-disability-movement/ Carer's allowance is in the region of £50 a week for a 35hour+ week. The people who are helped by the Independent living fund usually require someone on hand much of the day. Not everyone has relatives or friends who can take up the slack of care, the fund helps in such cases as well. Carer's allowance is also strictly limited to one person irrespective of how many people participate in giving the care. From the Carer's allowance website;
  9. Depending on students for rental income at the moment seems short sighted, considering the recent trouble from the rise in tuition fees. I know the coalition plan to protect the poorest from the rises but I would be expecting student numbers to drop noticeably in the coming years. I'd also bet more students will be selecting universities closer to home (Mum and Dad) to save money. Could be wrong but it looks far from a guaranteed market, certainly in terms of numbers that we've seen over the past ten years, for the foreseeable.
  10. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere on the site, I had a look and didn't find it. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-11985568 This is a fund that allows people with disabilities to live with care in their own homes. I thought it was one of the more cost effective schemes and as I remember it this was introduced under the last Conservative government. This seems like a moment of madness from the coalition. Before people start shouting about chancers and scroungers this fund paid for disabled people who would have been forced to live in institutions to live independently. The big question
  11. Coininvestdirect is a terrific website, I've been browsing it for the last hour. Certainly draws one in.
  12. Thank you for the tip, I will pass it on. My neo-numismatic other half asked for them for Christmas, so I assumed they were coins, they also have the 1.50 Euro value stamped on, though sadly I paid a sight more than 1.50 Euro on each. My own numismatic knowledge is limited to being able to spell the word. I did think when they arrived, which was very prompt, they were pretty and shiny, I particularly liked the shininess in fact, if that helps.
  13. First post, Hi all, For numismatic Christmas present reasons bought some silver Austrian Philharmoniker's from ATS Bullion, http://www.atsbullion.com/ they are little pricey but their service is excellent. Although I plan on buying bullion bars in the next while or so and for that I plan to go with Baird and Co. Offices in London and Glasgow. http://www.goldline.co.uk/ I guess the seasoned holders of PMs already know where the best deals are to be had.
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