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  1. Let's hear them then - we can analyse whether they're any good. Not sure how Bill Gates working to eliminate child poverty is lining his pockets, unless you see malnourished children as possible purchasers of Vista. It's more likely that you think your standard of living needs to be protected at the expense of others. I don't want to lose my standard of living either, that doesn't mean it's sustainable.
  2. So what's your plan then? Force people in many autonomous countries to only have one child? Oh I get it, you have no plan...just the usual hand wringing and doomsaying you get around here.
  3. You're talking about first generation migrants. Once you reach the second generation, the number of children stabilises.
  4. There's a difference between aid and a genuine increase in living standards, unfortunately. Population growth is still out of control in Africa due to other factors such as political instability. The theory itself is sound, it's backed up by statistics.
  5. There's an interesting lecture from Hans Rosling at TED about population growth. The reality is that in developing countries children are a family resource. The more developed a country becomes, the more infant and child mortality reduces - so people feel the need to have less children. http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/hans_rosling_on_global_population_growth.html That's why people like Bill Gates are spending so much on child healthcare in the developing world. It's not only humane but the only chance we have of stabilising the world population at 9 billion. Arbirtary limits just won't wo
  6. The loathsome hypocrical slug has got a nerve, less than a week after telling the world that people in the UK need to accept a lower standard of living. Funny that this isn't the main story on every news site I'd be surprised if it's not more than 55% of people who aren't saving enough for retirement. How can you? Unless you live in pennury your whole life to put 25% of your salary aside. My career has been mostly freelance, short term contracts and placements - try saving for your pension doing that. In the same breath this is the media and government who are desperate to preserve huge li
  7. Mine went down by £40. As with everything you need to haggle and threaten to go elsewhere.
  8. Can't find anything close in the other area I'm looking at - Crouch End. The nearest I can manage is this - the chance to lurk in a converted roof space, like the deformed relative in a Victorian Gothic novel. A snip at £215,000. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-17169993.html Christ, I've depressed myself now.
  9. Muswell Hill. Although not really Muswell Hill, more like ringside for the North Circular ring road. All the charm of an open prison...I've added a bit on for London - and also anything below they're too ashamed to show a photo. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-17849529.html
  10. [quote name='Muswell Hillbilly' timestamp='1293882424' post='2838812 Sorry, a bit of a digression there – back to Totteridge now! To continue your digression, I've lived in Muswell Hill for years, missed the boat with buying as when I moved there I was a penniless hack. You're spot on about the shops changing, we used to have a decent hardware shop which became a poncy organic supermarket with eye watering prices. It's still rough in places, despite the influx of money the top end of the roundabout has a few empty shops, dodgy clubs and pubs and copious fights at the weekend - it's also lack
  11. Still signs of insanity in the London market... Not sure if I had 2.25 million to spend on a flat my ideal location would be Totteridge in Zone 4. it's ok...but not exactly brilliant. http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/12533343?search_identifier=74d1b2f9987bac6ccadf86ab52e55bcc Nicely done, but for that money, I'd want a better location than near ASDA.
  12. It's incredibly cheap TV and still mildly entertaining - people actually love watching something being changed. I'm not that bothered that this guy got his house renovated for free. Having read his story it seems he's been through the mill a bit and a lot of his time was spent chasing the scumbag who ripped him off. Also sounds like he's been suffering from depression, which isn't the best for motivating you to do DIY. I've been visiting this site for several years now under various usernames and sometime people take things a bit too far. I find there's a deep undercurrent of nastiness in
  13. Wonder where cakehead lives? Anyway, the reality is these mythical 'ladder 2' people also need purchasers when they sell due to divorce, death, downsizing, whatever. Where do you think these people come from. Are they magically gift wrapped or do they come from the lower end of the market? As I said, prices are spread across the market from studio hovels to 20 bed mansions - there are no huge jumps. The real question is how easy people are going to find it to trade up across the market? If it becomes difficult and unaffordable due to low wage inflation and tighter lending criteria then it w
  14. No it doesn't. I've provided evidence that properties fall at the same percentage rate. This is an incremental system. I could go on finding similar falls across the country Did like your 'well I looked for six years and didn't see any bargains' argument.
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