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  1. All the change implementations I've worked on (much smaller than the TSB roll-out) have had documented roll-back plans. On the other hand, the roll-back procedure is usually even less well tested than the main change itself, and people don't really trust it. There never seems to be enough time or money available to thoroughly test either the implementation plan or the rollback plan. After an implementation has been in progress for an hour or two, there have probably already been enough minor deviations from the implementation plan that people are no longer sure how to roll back. There comes a point where although the system is now broken, fixing it by carrying on feels more attractive than fixing it by rolling back. Telling senior managers on Monday "we hit some problems but solved them" feels preferable to "we hit some problems, rolled-back, and will have to do it all again in a couple of weeks". I probably shouldn't be let anywhere near a production system. It doesn't help that in my experience a lot of the people working over the weekend will be salaried staff who are expected to work extra hours for free without claiming overtime, so they won't want to lose another weekend by rolling back.
  2. You need a dog that's smart enough to always take a dump right next to the poo bin, that way you don't have to carry the bag any distance. It's amazing what skills and training some dogs from rescue centres come equipped with.
  3. I and some of the people I work with check the value of our defined contribution pension funds several times a month on the pension provider's website. The recent share price falls have had a depressing effect on our plans for early retirement.
  4. I start thinking about turning on the heating when the indoor temperature drops below 10 Celcius. I have an extensive collection of wooly hats. The gas boiler fires up once per day to heat the hot water cylinder. I'm a bit worried that I might be encouraging mould, etc. to grow in the structure of the house, but I haven't seen any yet.
  5. My impression is that eastern european states wanted to join the EU partly to bind themselves to The West rather than Russia. Is it really plausible that Poland would detach itself from the EU?
  6. A lot of companies have a IT "change freeze" from mid December to mid January, which basically means that no changes to live computer systems will be authorised. That hits productivity in the software development and support teams. On the other hand, I'm fortunate to work in a fairly unsociable office, so not much time is wasted on parties, hangovers and drunken fist-fights, unlike at my previous employer. The short period between between Christmas and New Year can be very productive for the small number of people who make it into the office, and are able to work with few interuptions.
  7. Penguins are always a disapointment anyway. Why bother with the different wrapper colours when all the biscuits taste the same?
  8. I think a lot of people in DC schemes pay in less than 5% of their salary, which is unlikely to give a comfortable retirement. I can't really blame them, with the risk that a future government could raise the minimum retirement age again, or even just grab money from those who have been prudent enough to build up a useful DC fund.
  9. Presumably the managers pushing through this initiative will have collected their bonuses and moved on before the scale of the resulting bad debts becomes apparent. Alternatively, they could recover some of the losses by increasing prices for the deadbeats who want to pay cash for their cars.
  10. Apart from the social aspect of student life, and access to facilities such as laboratories, I struggle to see why universities are still seen as a cost-effective way to learn stuff compared to Internet resources. These days I can learn things on-line for free from any number of institutions or Wikipedia, and buy a huge range of text books on Amazon. I've learned new things much more quickly since 1995 when I started using the Web than I did at university. I regularly take exams at commercially-run test centres to make sure I've learnt the stuff properly.
  11. Yes, I would have thought that the Conservaties and Teresa May would be celebrating the reduced risk of another independence referendum, but I guess it wasn't as big a risk as I thought. I hope Theresa May stays, I'm tired of political turmoil.
  12. Yes, the conservative manifesto seems to be almost a "blood, sweat and tears" statement. I think it's saying things that unfortunately perhaps need to be said, at least in the area of state-funded pensions and care for the elderly.
  13. I was a bit surprised to see Nicola Sturgeon's latest interview, in which she states that an independent Scotland will want to join the EU without adopting the Euro. It seems unlikely to me that the EU will accept that : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-39913402
  14. No. I've done it before to help with a relocation, but STR is far too much risk and hassle for me to do it again. If a HPC ever does happen, the chances of me being able to STR at the right moment to benefit from it are miniscule.
  15. I can't help feeling she's too sensible and responsible to be a politician. The pensions triple lock is unlikely to be affordable indefinitely, but it takes a brave politician to say it. Something needs to be done about the budget deficit, to make the economy less vulnerable to external financial forces post-brexit. Ruling out tax rises would be irresponsible. I don't really understand foreign aid, but I assume it serves the dual purposes of winning left-leaning Conservative voters and exerting influence abroad without dropping bombs on people.
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