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  1. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Does+A+Credit+Check+Affect+Your+Credit+Rating
  2. apologies for resurrecting an old thread but my question relates directly to this topic. does anyone have any experience of buying out leasehold/ground rent? the forms guide on LPS site seem quite 'jargony' and i dont know where to start with it all! my ground rent is £20 per year - is it even worthwhile to buy the GR out?
  3. which online site would you recommend to use to buy shares from? ive checked some online brokers and the fee's per transaction is pretty hefty - you'd need to make some big gains in share price to make a profit after the approx £25 buy/sell transaction fee.
  4. Ok so for a novice why is there such a difference in price? a quick comparison for 1 Krugerrand @ 16:15 today Current Gold Price per oz - £825.28 Hatton Garden Metals - £853.50 Bullion By Post - £886 Coin Invest Direct - £879.19 Why is there such a difference in price?
  5. I'm only thinking of buying some at the minute and was reading here about gold prices so wondered where to even go and buy some if the notion took me.
  6. Hi any recommendations what site is the best (cheapest/least mark up) to buy gold from. Physical gold. Not paper. Thanks
  7. I wish. Small fortune paid out this last 5 years but you have to live somewhere so no problems there. Happy with how it all ended up and we defo think we've done a good deal out of the situation
  8. Just thought I'd share my experience with you all on this thread. Ive had a few posts on the forum (mainly the renting section) but I have recently just bought the house I rented - from the bank - as the LL was in diffs with the bank. The estate agent acting for the bank came round and sucked through his teeth at prices in this 'highly sought after location' and 'quiet neighbourhood within the city' (BT8 area) and said that I would be paying a premimum to buy it off him before it went to market. Long story short (4 months it took from start to finish) I just completed at 30% less than RV AND under the stamp duty threshold! Interestingly when we moved in 5 years ago we saw an old estate agent for sale brouchure in one of the kitchen cupboards - the house was listed at £295k in 2007 :-)!! SO dont listen to estate agents and offer what you are happy to pay to live in a home and you will get good value out there. Our mortgage is £300 a month less than what we paid in rent and as we have a young family we thought this was the right time to buy.
  9. Hi all - hoping someone may have some info for me (or maybe i should just head to my local CAB office??) I just want to find out my rights as im a current tenant in a house (rented for 4 and a half years) and the LL has just gone bust. He has told me an agency is coming to value the house for sale but I just want to know what rights I have in the house? How long does it take to be evicted if they put it on the market for sale and someone buys it - or am i classed as a sitting tenant and can continue to rent? (im on a rolling contract as we never signed a renewal after the first year of tenancy) Thanks RBY
  10. Hi can anyone confirm the stamp duty threshold on a house purchase. A friend recently bought and said its 1% over 150k but the ni direct website says 125k. Just wondering what the correct figure is. Thanks.
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