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  1. The only way is up, like Hong Kong and Singapore. With our constant increase in population people will have to accept that they will need to live in blocks of flats - it is simply not viable to expect that everyone can live in a house with a garden.
  2. It does seem surprising that we hear so little from the young. The problem, of course, is that if the younger generation did take a stand it would probably be along the same lines as previously, ie "shopping" expeditions for free trainers, etc. This is because that that this all that that they have been brainwashed to aspire to, and the powers that be know this full well.
  3. So during the school term the children of these needy families receive free meals. Which means these people never feed their own children. Ever. I find this hard to understand, these people must have some money, what do they spend it on ? My understanding is that food banks are only a temporary short term measure used when , for example. people lose their jobs and there is a delay in receiving benefit. The answer must surely be to pay part of all benefits in vouchers that can only be exchanged for food.
  4. How will unemployment fall below 7% if we have continuing EU immigration, particularly from Romania and Bulgaria ?
  5. You can eat for less than £1(just) in Somerset... http://www.thisissomerset.co.uk/Austerity-bites-Hard-Times-Cafe-Wellington-99p/story-18233380-detail/story.html#axzz2U46KcyDn
  6. This guy has a lot to say on the subject. http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/
  7. The BBC reporter on the lunchtime news said it was all very quiet and orderly. Who do we believe - Wail or Beeb ?
  8. The Slog seems to have a bit more info about Sellafield. http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/
  9. These chalets may well not be around in a few years time. Who on earth would want to buy a property in a place that has its own Coastal Erosion Group ? http://www.greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk/news/scratby_erosion_hopes_higher_1_792285
  10. I thought I read a while ago that they were definitely going to bring back the equipment overland by train. Obviously they can't afford it now that the fares have gone up.
  11. And of course the local authorities in these areas then pick up the on-going tab .
  12. I'm surprised that Tesco haven't got into the game yet.
  13. I would think BHS is a contender - large dreary stores, few customers, and uninspiring stock.
  14. The sad thing is that this is the type of garbage that should be the victim of Evil Tory Cuts; the truth being that jobs like this will continue to exist at our expense when many essential services have been abolished.
  15. Please remember that this job should be described as "Lollipop person" - too many of you are politically incorrect. Come to think of it the word "lollipop" is also P.I. , as too much sugar is bad for your health.
  16. Not really HPC, but this guy deserves a helping hand for effort ! http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/01/03/adam-pacitti-jobseeker_n_2400798.html?utm_hp_ref=uk
  17. As they are only proposing to put VAT on new builds, this would presumably help 2nd time buyers to sell their properties and move on, given that there will be less demand for new builds, and thus increased demand for 2nd hand properties. Or am I missing something here ? (It won't happen, anyway - surely our government can't be THAT mad that they would allow this to come into effect ?)
  18. Although remarks like this are presumably tongue in cheek you are right - you NEVER hear of cuts concerning Diversity, Equality, Climate change, Street Scene co-ordinators, street football managers and all the other rubbish.
  19. I read somewhere (not sure where) that Isle of Boris is a non starter because aircraft movements would conflict with Schipol air traffic. I have also seen a suggestion that RAF Northolt be converted for use by UK domestic flights, thus freeing up space at Heathrow. This seems like an excellent idea, why don't they just get on with it ?
  20. It would be interesting to hear exactly what forum users think should be done about housing for immigrants, illegal or otherwise. Should it be provided by the government, and if so, where, exactly ? Presumably all these immigrants will insist on living in Southall, or similar, and it would contravene their human rights to house them elsewhere. As far as the "sheds" are concerned, presumably if a disastrous fire were to sweep through some of them, killing many immigrants, it would then be deemed to be the fault of the government, or "wicked Tory cuts".
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