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  1. Agreed. Sadly another debt binge and money shuffling is the only game in town, especially after the UK threw all its eggs into the service 'miracle' economy basket. Germany and France by way of contrast are doing quite well. How interesting to see broad money contracting even with record low IRs and QE. The banks aren't lending as they're insolvent and its wage freezes all the way down (if you keep your job at all).
  2. So let's see; interest rates at virtually zero, QE at 200bn and the housing market is still sinking like a stone. Doubt whether the elite can do anything to inflate the asset bubble bar sending out cheques to every adult in the UK for 50k - yes contrary to popular myth they love inflation but the forces of deflation are too strong.
  3. Yes, the UK may have ruled it but France has far more influence in the entire Arab world, as do its big companies. It was far more of a wrench for the French to leave Algeria than the British to vacate Egypt.
  4. Methinks the UK banksters have stuffed cash up every backside of every nation on the planet - which is why they're bust. Perhaps North Korea was immune? The French have cultural ties to the Arab world. On which point, they froze the accounts of the deposed Tusian President before he fled with $35m of gold to Saudi Arabia.
  5. The Telegraph is a trashy paper. Lately it's just become a mouthpiece for the elite and banksters. I'll take great delight in seeing the Trashograph stumble about while the UK 'recovereh' turns into the final, fatal double dip. Anyway, I'm emigrating to France in 2 weeks - the land where philosophers are more prized than footballers (or banksters). Yipeeee, can't wait
  6. Unless and until you produce a chart showing rising wages in the West, I'll stick to my deflation scenario. When the Chinese bubble bursts late this year, that'll unleash the biggest deflationary collapse in modern times - bad news for oligarchs and banksters but great news for us motorists and cash only brigade.
  7. Yeah I agree, Japan has hardly fallen apart in revolution but in the UK things may get nasty if wage deflation continues along with inflation in unavoidable commodities. The sheeple at the bottom have been kept quiet with bread & circuses but that all stopped 2 years ago (well the bread did), so a prolonged period of asset deflation is coming as a major shock to this country.
  8. Deflation Japan style will be the ultimate outcome for the UK. Anyone see much in the way of inflation wage wise? Oh, apart from banksters.
  9. Speaking personally, I've really cut down on driving and going out - still got gas in my tank from Xmas eve. Spoke to a friend who cancelled a 170 mile round trip as petrol's too pricey.....last time she said that was in summer 2008. Still, at least we know where all that QE cash has leaked; Clue, not wages!
  10. Players will always need agents but agents for 99.9% of housing? Do me a favour. Can see estate agents going the same way as bookshops with the inexorable rise of the internet - shame
  11. What I am suggesting is that prices will no rebound as they did post say 1995 - the mythical year that lots of HPCers wish to recreate so they can ride the next debt filled bubble themselves. All the ingredients are there for a Japanese style real estate slump and no subsequent recovery. The banks are insolvent and that's why they aren't and won't be lending. Sorry to the bearer of bad news but it's an inevitable consequence of bail outs producing zombies.
  12. It's the trickle down effect of QE artificially keeping asset prices high. Abramovich has done very well out of the Fed propping up commodities, that then gets stuffed into the pockets of players like Torres and agents like Pini Zahavi to spend on 5k bottle of Cristal. Recall in 2005 the then CEO of Chelski, Peter Kenyon, said they would break even by 2010 ......meanwhile back in the real world
  13. The State intervention failed in Stoke-on-Trent I'm afraid (where my mother's family hail from). Costa coffee and shopping malls are thin on the ground (but they do have an MP called Tristram) and to think it was once THE centre for pottery. Still, isn't this all part of the 'miracle' service economy?
  14. Sure prices will revert to (and are doing so again) to the traditional earnings multiple 2.5x. Where I believe a lot of HPCers are going to be surprised/disappointed is that there will be no post '93 recovery in real estate and for all those sitting on their cherished STR fund - unless you can buy your dream place outright forget it as the banks are insolvent. After the '90-92 recession the banks were not bust and so a lending recovery could take place. In that respect it will be different this time.
  15. The plan's the same as ever Bingo - get the people to go on another decade long shopping spree on the back of rising house prices and get us all money shuffling again like Thatcher dreamed. Er shame that ponzi scheme has come to an end, anymore ideas? Hahaha
  16. Looks like that last refuge of snobs, banksters and greedy MPs is being hit by the 'Double Dip'. No doubt Adam Posen will use it as an excuse to argue for more QE. I used to work at JLP and it's the same Far Eastern tat as all the other retailers but just sold by folks a bit more upmarket to fool le sheeple innit! http://www.johnlewispartnership.co.uk/Display.aspx?MasterId=894e1f17-69b4-4084-8ac9-7af298b09d2b&NavigationId=819
  17. Personally believe it's quite likely that the UK will now de-couple from its Anglo-Saxon cousin and be mired in low growth and deflation for many years. Rather like Japan de-coupled from the US post 1990 and never recovered. Viva la recovereh (for the US anyway)
  18. I used to think that but I'll take a drugged up Will Self over bankster apologists anytime.
  19. German brands are better on the whole which is why wealthy Americans shun their own for Teutonic or Scandenavian models. BMW is doing very well but Mercedes may be developing a bit of an image problem in the West like Jaguar - ie bit old mannish.
  20. Hah, that's where Shermanator's parents live. Very little on the market in terms of family homes and a heavily Jewish area may help. However, all this talk from 'sheeple' saying "oh of course prices may fall but not round here" is total nonsense. Everyone thinks they live in an area that's immune when in fact it's a case of least bad.
  21. It'll be interesting to see if Sky are hit by the 'Koalishon's' austerity package, rising unemployment, falling real wages and lack of credit. Or is the bread & circuses mentality so ingrained in the psyche of the masses that they'll continue to subscribe and upgrade?
  22. Think they may rise by .25% this year but quickly reversed when it's realised the UK is too weak to even take that. I predicted that Britain would end up in a deflationary death spiral, drowning under debt a la Japan Pre 2007 - nothing that's happened since has forced me to change tack. Unless of course average wages start rising
  23. All good points. Sky are definitely a winner as their core demographic can no longer go out so their home becomes a mini entertainment centre with a bar (courtesy of ultra cheap supermarket booze). With this trend growing, goodness knows why thousands of new restaurants are opening - can see them going the same way as pubs. Freeview satifies my needs even as a sports fan but when I move to France may invest in Eurosport. By the way, in Germany Deutsche Sky only have 2.2m subscribers with a population of 20m more - losing money hand over fist apparantly.
  24. Read the head of equities at Schroders was imploring the 'Koalishon' not to be harsh on the banksters and that government should keep out of banks' business. Quite agree. We should've let them go to the wall 2 years ago without the taxpayer picking up the tab - ah but that's when they want intervention when the goodies like QE and bailouts are being doled out. When are the British going to wake up to the bankster double-speak!?
  25. Too true, sadly. Meanwhile France and Germany are both growing strongly (guess snow missed the Continent no?) because they actually make high end goods that other nations like China and India want. Renault, Siemens', BMW. What does the UK have? 'Financial services' and talent shows. Margaret Thatcher has to take a lot of blame for turning Britain into a nation of money-shufflers. Chickens - home - roost :angry:
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