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  1. What a load of tosh. As Interestrateripoff pointed out, if it wasn't for the taxpayer bailing out the entire insolvent banking with recapitalisations, deposit guarantees and SLS, Barclays would've gone down with Rbs, Lloyd's et al. Diamond's done nothing apart from fleece the British taxpayer out of billions and then has the cheek to award himself a bonus. As I say, historians looking back at this episode will conclude it was a fatal act of hubris on behalf of the banksters. Still, makes me pleased I stiffed them for a few grand - pity I didn't max out every line of credit and do them for a 6 figure sum. Astonished that there are some HPCers who continue to defend parasitic banksters :angry:
  2. HPI and consumer spending is the only game in town for the UK and I suspect the coalition know this. Manufacturing renaissance? Do me a favour, we're not Germany or France as Thatcher decided to turn the British into a nation of money shufflers. America, for the time being, can play by a different set of rules to boost their consumer but interestingly house prices are still falling there.
  3. The Big Society is nothing but an attempted massive con trick whereby the poor are left to fend for themselves while money shufflers stuff their wallets full of QE cash and evade taxes that the little people pay. No wonder Liverpool, having plenty of the former but few of the latter, have told Eton Dave to naff off. More of Steve Hilton's bluesky thinking nonsense. :angry:
  4. We may well have a revolution as everyone, apart from banksters and the elite, is totally fed up with the status quo. After the roaring 20s, you had numerous governments in the 30s under different guises - for national government then, read 'coalition' now. As I fully expect the economy to shrink this year with more demos on the streets, they'll be gone by Xmas
  5. This form of absolutist libertarianism is fine if it were applied across the board. Didn't hear many of the banksters banging the non-intervention drum back in '08 when they were bailed out though, did you? The bail outs changed the economic and political rules of engagement forever. It's a case of take what you can as quickly as possible - that goes for the demos as well as the elite.
  6. Yes agreed. The super rich elite have been overtly greedy and it'll come back to bite them in the backside in the form of civil unrest, war or depressed asset values. Awarding themselves vast bonuses at the taxpayer's expense AFTER they were bailed out will be seen by historians as a major act of hubris.
  7. Now we all know why Murdoch loathes the EU, it prevents his monopoly. These satellite companies from Greece and Albania charge 1k a year flat rate whereas Sky can go north of 30k. No doubt the Murdoch clan will be summoning Jeremy Hunt over soon for his orders.
  8. Don't be silly. Banksters are 'masters of the universe' and only a select few can carry out their valuable work for the world economy, that's why we have to pay them so much when the bits of paper being 'traded' turn out to be illusory profits If only bankster's bonuses were as false as their so-called 'profits' :angry:
  9. Dave Whelan, the founder of JJB, sold his stake for a whopping £190m in those heady days of 2006 - bet he's relieved. Seriously though, JJB is bust and lurching from crisis to crisis with all these capital fundraisings. Best thing to do, let it go under now.
  10. Yeah, Bernanke's some self-appointed expert on the Great Depression. I have my doubts he knows jack about anything because if he did, he'd realise the current crisis is one of solvency not liquidity. By propping up the banks with bail outs all that's happened is a long drawn out death deflation spiral. If the banks had gone to the wall in 2008, the necessary process of 'creative destruction' would've happened.
  11. Ah how true. I've given up on this country and its people, emigration is my answer. The banksters incredibly have the whip hand over the government and the people when they were bailed out to the tune of trillions. If little Osborne had any chutzpah, he'd just say to Lloyd's and RBS, that are owned by the taxpayer, no bonuses - end of discussion. He didn't because the banksters run the show. Still, only consolation is the 'Koalishon' is toast. Change of puppets by Crimbo methinks.
  12. If this is so, and I'm inclined to agree, the elite are playing a dangerous game. History shows that most revolutions stem not from the working classes but the bourgeois middle classes as they can't be bought off so easily with bread & circuses and they're generally smarter too. Look at the student protests - contrary to popular myth, these aren't underclass rioting but sons/daughters of the middle class (you can tell by the accents). Personally I'd be surprised if the elite (however strong they've become) will beat the middle classes in the end.
  13. They opened one in Dulwich about a year ago, to go with the other 50 within a stone's throw. Truly, how on earth are EAs surviving, let alone expanding, with transactions at record lows for the past 3 years? Yes I know staff are paid peanuts and overheads are low but still surprised we haven't seen mass closures.
  14. Yes exactly. One should also point out bad news for HPC STRers who think they'll be snapping up a bargain in a couple of years with a hefty mortgage. Sheesh they're gonna in for a nasty surprise when the banks aren't lending 'cos they're bust. Looks like their dream of swooping for Barratt home a la 1995 will be just that, a dream. Unless they can buy it only borrowing 20%. I've seen the future and it's Japanese yipeeeee
  15. Too true. The ultimate endgame is revolution and/or economic collapse. As Sir Marty Sorrell pointed out in Davos, the last time we saw inequality on this scale was in, you guessed it......1929. If the BoE announce another round of QE, you'll know that the elite think they can get away with anything.
  16. Haha yes great gag. Unsurprisingly David Buik got his knickers in a twist over it and called for Cable to be sacked. Just who runs Britain, the people or a handful of banksters? Note how Boy George is treated with utter contempt by the banks even though he holds all the cards over Lloyd's and RBS, and a few others over other lenders with the SLS.
  17. Don't be silly, East Kent has the new high speed rail link which will lead property prices to soar! I went to Uni in Canterbury so know the area pretty well. Pfizer was one of the few quality employers, the vast majority of jobs in that area are minimum wage....and there's already an almighty scramble for those probably.
  18. The banksters have had a very private party with QE. It'll be interesting how long the 'squeezed middle' put up with this. The elite have taken us all for fools - predict nervous employees will be thankful for 10% wage cuts just to cling onto their jobs. Bad news for Tesco, great for Burberry.
  19. What's the betting that Boy George and the 'Koalishon' in a few months will realise that Britons are only interested in rising house prices and securing more debt to pay for trinkets and thus try to pump up more asset bubbles via more QE? Oh services PMI out tomorrow (manufacturing is irrelevent these days), predicting bad news * *
  20. All this adds more grist to my deflationary mill and that for those non-elitists (c.90%) the recovereh has been more illusory than miracle. Will intensify this year too - with hundreds of thousands of job losses, wage freezes/falls and even the prudent with savings won't feel any better off as IRs stay at nowt. My question is, when will the elite/banksters feel the chill winds of asset deflation. If it doesn't happen soon, won't be happy :angry:
  21. Hmm not sure about that. If you look at the companies doing well at the moment, it's all high end luxury of solid upper-middle class entities - that's where the QE cash has been shovelled. Look who are faltering, the likes of Tesco and Carpetright. QE hasn't trickled down to the masses (and won't either) but rather hoarded by an elite to speculate on prime property and commodities and to spend at Prada, Burberry etc. In most countries this would have the sheeple out on the streets a la Cairo but sadly not.
  22. She's probably inherited a massive country pile off Daddy along with buying an overpriced townhouse in Edinburgh - typical sucker's rally victim. Out of all the Moneyweek crowd, James Ferguson speaks the most sense. The women on it are mostly Sloanes like Annunziatta Rees-Mogg......no I didn't make that name up!
  23. I was listening to the cricket this morning but know who you mean - it's either Andy Verity or Mickey Clarke; both East End barrow boys ('Big Bang' children) who live in world a perpetual boom for equities, commodities, house prices. Think Verity lives in Sandwich and was rubbing his hands thinking East Kent property would rocket a few months ago. Presumably the news that Pfizer are making 2,400 redundant may prompt a change in attitude but he probably thinks they'll all become baristas in Broadstairs. Hah, what a putz.
  24. Yes correct. The only sector that matters is the 'service' sector in Britain now; financial services, money shuffling, restaurants, retail, coffee shops et al. Brighton's a pretty good microcosm of Nu Labour's 'miracle' economy so it'll be especially hard hit methinks.
  25. Sadly correct. One could also add that QE has funded bankster bonuses and is propping up the banks' balance sheets. Heaven forbid any of it should end up in the pockets of workers - Merv's vigilant on wage inflation you see!
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