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  1. Yep absolutely stacks of those, our rent would have been 2350 when we moved it but moved in Dec at 2100. Now it's £1600. Not far from St John's wood
  2. How far west are you? Rents definitely fallen in expensive parts of Zone 2
  3. My rent in a very nice part of West London is down 25%, the landlord barely put up a fight when he saw all the local property at the new levels.
  4. Henry was forecasting falls in q4 2020 before the stamp duty bung, he isn't an overt bull is he?
  5. I am on the look out but seeing lots of variance across London and out of London Flats have fallen from the mid end, typically down from a £620k at peak to about £535k, and still sitting there. Then I have been looking around areas like Beckenham and down the thameslink towards Redhill, Beckenham is more resilient but other areas have fallen back substantially to 2014-2016 numbers. Which does mean £2-300k savings from peak on £1m+ . Some houseprices.io examples... where property sells for what it did about 4 years ago but losing money due to inflation/stamp duty/fees e.t.c e.g
  6. I thought that was the case....but it's not ! It's was a maisonette and still is... https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=57753508&sale=83685417&country=england
  7. There's loads of massive falls all over London. Back to 2008/2009 numbers e.g. Flat 5, 4, Little Green, Richmond, Greater London TW9 1QH £1,175,000 Flat, Leasehold, Residential 11 Dec 2018 £1,300,000 Flat, Leasehold, Residential 30 Nov 2010 £1,100,000 Flat, Leasehold, Residential 07 Mar 2007 Second example: below 2011 with inflation, and probably 2012/13 value if looking at face value Address: Flat 4, 17 Aldridge Road Villas, London, W11 1BL Date Sold for Nominal Change Real Change with inflation 03 Dec 2018 £1,245,000 13.2% -5.7% 30 Sep 2011 £1,100,000 249.2% 17
  8. https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/uk-house-price-index-summary-september-2018
  9. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/uk-house-price-index-summary-august-2018/uk-house-price-index-summary-august-2018
  10. Sam, you are probably similar to me in many respects. I started small time goods trading before I was 15, built this into a successful SME (but still emphasis on the small). Moved away from this when Ebay and direct shipping became the norm and I am now a young senior leader in the private sector. Long story short, I started looking at a first property a few years back in the south west as I could afford it but thought it was overpriced. The reality is, if I bit then I would have had a home for a few years and made some money on it and not the loss I anticipated. C'est la vie Si
  11. Even London is up 0.6% mom https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/uk-house-price-index-summary-july-2018/uk-house-price-index-summary-july-2018
  12. https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/uk-house-price-index-summary-june-2018 +0.4% Nationwide -0.6% London
  13. Absolutely, a positive to see it written down for public consumption though.
  14. https://moneyweek.com/house-prices-arent-just-slipping-in-the-uk-this-is-global/
  15. It's there now.. http://blogs.deloitte.co.uk/mondaybriefing/2018/07/in-search-of-affordable-housing.html
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