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  1. Looks like the place is being advertised here. http://www.teomipropertymart.com/mojo/mojoEstate/id/28/ ...unless you happen to be British by the looks of it. btp
  2. An old friend has turned up at auction.... http://www.propwld.co.uk/auction/pdfs/agen...on/Lot%2020.pdf Went for 500K in 2003 http://www.houseprices.co.uk/e.php?q=FLAT+...+85+CANUTE+ROAD No guide price - because the auctioneers know this site loves the development? btp
  3. Like the way 2 sinks have been put in without regard for the fact you can't fit the washing machine underneath... doh btp
  4. Look through the previous threads for info on making a claim through the courts. Check the process people have been through. Do you have the inventory report? Good luck btp
  5. [your mom] Are you sure it wasn't one of her roller skates? [/your mom] btp
  6. Depends how many you squeeze into the space I suppose. Must be a c*** if you've bought next door though. btp
  7. Wouldn't it be ironic if this was the case. They have a 240 million BTL empire, so I'm sure they'll be fine. Still, they must have spent a few hours with the tax advisor last week. btp
  8. To be fair to Adi, he does strike me as a chap of some good taste, and I'm sure wherever he is looking to buy will afford him many years of enjoyment. *hugs* btp PS. Thanks for the article winkie - seems to tally with what us city dwellers are seeing on the ground.
  9. This seems to run rather at odds with what I thought was the ability of landlord to magically just increase the rents. btp
  10. This is city centre stuff (Barcelona), in a reasonable neighbourhood, so I guess that developers would rather abandon sites out of the centre rather than these. Have to admit some sites out on the outskirts of Hospitalet seem to have been stuck at "shell" stage for some time. Then again, this might be due to a shift towards commercial property development nearby. Did you see the "Callejeros" on Cuatro a few months back? Seemed to have pretty sad examples of off-plan gone wrong. btp
  11. Imagine what an absence of kite flyers must be doing to asking prices in some areas.... btp
  12. Well, reality has bitten at a local estate agents. Lots of property in the windows with "reduced" and the amount the asking prices have dropped by. Some 10K, some 30K - this is city centre stuff. Some 2K - no comment. And they are still building. Well, the sites are being cleared and adverts put up. Most ambitious is a 3 storey development with a swimming pool on top - wouldn't fancy buying/renting below that. As expected, the stretched are beginning to flog their parking spaces first. Signs go up, and are ripped down by the local competition, also trying to sell their own. Know of a coupl
  13. Imagine coming home in the evening to your flat, sorry, executive apartment, knowing that if you'd had the wit you could have instead bought something far better but a ferry ride away. Gutting. btp P.S. Wikipedia tells me Dieppe is twinned with Grimsby.
  14. Looks like the tide is going out and we get to see who is swimming naked... btp
  15. Sir, Why are you going through a letting agent? I've always had more luck looking for places to rent in the local free-ads, work bulletin boards, asking around local shops/pubs, etc. From the tenant's point of view, letting agents add absolutely f***-all value to the whole process. Another link to break in the chain. btp
  16. Can I just say that with the "File On 4" today featuring Liverpool newbuild flats, I believe someone at the beeb really has it in for Liverpool. btp
  17. Looks like it is in the corner of some council traveller campsite or something. Expect a Shogun and a jetski just out of photo shot. btp
  18. Barratt! Time to dig this one up from the archives http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uhw9mdvuyrc btp
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