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  1. The latest bit of reasonableness from the EU. A travel ban! Bet the Spanish love the idea. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/dec/11/brits-banned-travel-eu-2021-brexit-covid Add this to their other ressonable positions, such as 'you can make your own decisions now....just as long as you do as we say' and the we keep all your fish policy.
  2. A so calle level playing field must be avoided. The ability to become more competative by lowering taxes and cutting regulation is worth much more than anything the EU is offering. Taxes can be cut by more than enough to compenate for tariffs. You should not worry so much. It will all work out in the end.
  3. I'm almost positive there will be some big downsides to Brexit. On balance, though, I feel the UK would be better off out of the EU. Especially the lowest paid and unemployed.
  4. You ought to take a minimum wage job, perhaps in farming or an abbatoir. Then you would get the benefits of that equality yourself.
  5. Kippers used to be popular, when they were available. Maybe they will become popular again when we are allowed to catch out own herring.
  6. II've already said, the Europeans wont need their fishing boats any more. We can buy them. The price of the fish will increase if supply falls, making it more profitable. I'm sure an equilibrium will be found. Getting anything for the fish it's better than nothing by giving them away, so I don't see how we will lose.
  7. There may be some cheap, second hand, French fishing boats for sale soon. Our fishermen can buy them.
  8. So allowing our fishermen to catch twich as much will put them out of business? Well, maybe. But I doubt it. I think we'll find a market. Maybe fish and chips will gain in popularity as the quality improves and the price comes down. We'll see.
  9. They have no business. The Europeans have the businesses as they are given all the fish.
  10. I thought fishing was not important? If there is no economic benefit to fishing there's no problem. If there is a benefit why should we give it away?
  11. The best price for giving the fish to France is nothing at all. So selling them frozen seems like a better deal.
  12. There is a global market for fish, you know. Plently of places other than EU want to buy them. If not we can leave them in the sea. As long os the French are not allowed any access to them at all, ever, I'll be happy. Remainers keep telling me fish are not important anyway, so there's no problem.
  13. As someone said earlier. If we wait twelve months until the French fishing fleets are bankrupt and people get used to buying Japanese cars and Austrailian wine the negotiations should be easier. It's better to do business with people who want youe business. Thee are undoubtably going to be some difficulties to work out in the short term. That's the price we pay for being members of the EU. Best not to go back.
  14. Fish are a limited resource. If the Europeans want to pay more them they are free to impose a tariff. Or they can do without. Up to them.
  15. I agree with this. The process of leaving has been much more difficult than it needed to be. Doing deals with the EU is just not worth it. Best to get out as quickly as possible and not look back.
  16. True. But I wasn't just talking about physical infrastructure, like roads and railways. The British political and legal system, while not without fault, are pretty good. We have an OK-ish, if a bit expensive and bloated, health service. If you ask me the working people should reap the dividend. On the other hand some people think the likes of the Amazon Corporation should get all the benefit of the infrastructure and have the workers work twenty hour shifts for third world pay, as it's only fair. The past twenty odd years have been a disaster for the economy, no doubt. It doesn't need to be that way, though. Leaving the EU was a good start. '
  17. The British people were bequeathed a wealth of infrastructure and knowedge paid for by the blood and sweat of our ancestors. This gives us the privilige of a higher standard of living. I don't feel that giving it away or impoverishing ourselves in the interests of 'fairness' is a good idea. Instead we should attempt to increase the wealth of our little island so that future generations are even better off. The rest of the world can look after themselves.
  18. A feature length cartoon released in the '80s was supposedly based on this experiment. It's called The Secret of NIMH. NIMH is the National Institute of Mental Health. I tried to watch it once, but got bored. As for the experiment itself my personal feeling is that it was a disgusting thing to do to to animals. Makes me sick.
  19. I'll bet they think house prices are going to fall. They will include them in inflation figures if they begin to fall as that gives them an excuse to print money and lower interest rates.
  20. House prices / earnings were typical for the post war period. Prices were low during WW1, but times were different then.
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