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  1. You are telling me it's possible to borrow one's way out of debt? I've never seen this work. Any chance you could give me an example?
  2. The token attempts made to balance the budget after 2010 were wailed at for being 'austerity'. I can only imagine the reaction to a serious attempt to bring government spending under control. Arguments for balanced budgets and increasing savings and investment carry little weight these days. Leading BOE and Fed economists instead tell us we must borrow our way out of debt, spend our way to wealth and consume our way to plenty.
  3. This is why no deal would have been better. Five years of messing about for a deal that puts the UK at a disadvantage. What was the point?
  4. It only takes a few rich people to bid up the price of wheat, oil, lean hogs or whatever. Ordinary people don't have to make more money. Their living costs just increase. Similar to what's been happened with housing.
  5. This was probably the deciding factor. Had the EU allowed restrictions on freedom of movement when Cameron asked in 2016 I think remain would have won easily. Too bad.
  6. True. But it still ought to be shocking. It's designed to keep a basic essential expensive. If the price of food or electricity had risen tenfold in a decade and the state stepped in the keep it expensive people should be outraged. In fact, that's a good plan for the BOE. Now that housing costs are incredibly expensive they could increase our porsperity by making food incredibly expensive too. It's right up their alley. Along with 'if everyone spends all their money we will all be rich' we can have 'if everyone is homeless and can't afford to eat we will achieve prosperity.'
  7. Wish that were true. The state takes responsibilty for the price of housing, the solvency of banks and the price of credit. The rest of us have to make financial decisions by predicting whether or not state will continue to act in an insane way. Do you buy a house when interest rates are at zero percent and house prices are in a massive bubble? Is that taking responsibilty? Or do you wait decades for the state to stop forcing interest rates down and house prices up? To me it seems like borrowing piles of money that could not be paid back if interest rates return to a sensible level is not taking responsibilty. But I always seem to get this wrong. I have no idea how much longer the state is going to continue to meddle in the markets. If they decide they've lowered standards of living enough they may stop this year. Or they may continue for decades. I have no say and no way to predict the behaviour of the insane. So how do I take personal responsibility?
  8. You're right, but I don't see it happening. Interest rates to increase for the zombies to die. The impact would be a huge crash in stocks, bonds and house prices and a sharp recession, on top of the Corona recession. There will never be a time when the adjustment isn't extremely painful. It would take about a year to find the floor and for real growth to take off, organic growth to take off. That year would seem like a catastrophe, even if it is the best thing we could do for the long term. But this is academic. The BOE are still trying to make things worse by taking interest rates negative.
  9. That's quite ironic. People who were made unemployed or had their pay reduced by mass immigration voted for Brexit as they want to be able to afford to buy shoes for their children. You say they are selfish as this will make you flash a passport when you pop over to France for the weekend.
  10. Might be good to get some veriety. A few crocodile steaks and kangaroo chops. Could be tasty.
  11. We would prefer not to have the tariffs. But if we want to be independent there is no choice. Being outside the EU is better for the UK. Having a good relationship with the EU would be better but they want to be our enemy. Not like we have any choice in the matter.
  12. They are growing countries with massive resources and similar cultures and values. They are wealthy making freedom of movement no problem. It would be a good deal for all involved.
  13. EU tariffs make food expensive. It's a protectionist racket.
  14. Brexit gives the UK massive opportunities. Nobody is looking back to the '70s. A better alignment than the EU is the CANZUK free trade area.
  15. The BOE are incompetent. They have cost us far more than 10% of GDP with their idiocy. If they think something is a bad idea it's probably a good idea.
  16. If it's not difficult to trade we should have no problems leaving with a clean break.
  17. If it's that difficult to trade with the EU would we not be better off out? It will be much easier to trade with the rest of the world.
  18. Can you imagine Starmer's negotiations? 'We surrender. Fully and unconditionally. Sorry! Sorry! Am I in your way?' No deal is the best deal. We've wasted years trying to negotiate. Time to just walk away.
  19. Yep. Time to walk away. If they ever want to talk in the future we can give their president a ten minute meeting with a lower civil servant. Nothng more.
  20. If the pound tanks as a result of leaving we'll feel it immediately. There will also be some disruptions as people get used to the new proceedures.Realistically there could be trouble for a few months. The opportunities gained by leaving might take a while to be felt. Leaving the EU was necessary but not sufficient for the country to become competetive globally. We'll have to see how it pans out.
  21. It's a bit late now. We leave in about three weeks. It's going to take a while before we can tell the impacts of leaving. The economy is in ruins after all the lockdowns. Maybe a couple of years before we can tell what the effects were.
  22. The referendum question seems pretty fair. "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?” Remain a member of the European Union Leave the European Union" https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/who-we-are-and-what-we-do/elections-and-referendums/past-elections-and-referendums/eu-referendum/testing-eu-referendum-question Maybe the campaigning was not perfect. But I think people are getting what they voted for.
  23. It must have seemed like a deal would be possible. A few weeks ago it looked like a deal was almost done. But it was not to be. Shame, but not much we can do about it.
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