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  1. Here's what a postive test result looks like. Got a text too. Followed by a lot of pestering by test and trace. Your coronavirus test result is positive. It means you had the virus when the test was done. You should be contacted for contact tracing. You must, by law, self-isolate immediately for 10 days. The 10 days begin the day after: your symptoms started the test date if you’ve no symptoms If you’re already self-isolating from a previous test, do this for 10 days from the day after the previous test date. People you live with must also self-isolate for 10 days at the same time as you. Care home residents who test positive must self-isolate for 14 days. For a child or staff at school or nursery, tell the school/nursery. For medical help, contact 111. In an emergency dial 999. More advice: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus Research is vital in our fight against coronavirus. But we can only win if people like you take part. Sign up to take part in coronavirus studies on the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) website: https://bepartofresearch.nihr.ac.uk/campaigns/Positive-test-result/
  2. Heh, fist ASL I've seen for a long time. M 46. Generally good health. 80 kg before I got the Corona. I'd say 75 now. Don't generally get sick. Yeah, the lungs definitly aren't in the best of shape right now. Not much coughing, but somtimes breathing in is painful. Like the surface of the lungs, not the muscles. Hard to describe. I'm quite spaced out, as I said, so you'll have to make allowences for my rambling post. I get the feeling that if you had a heart condition or asthma or something you could be in real trouble. If you're young and strong you'll probably be OK. It might put you in bed for a week or so, though.
  3. Tested positive for Corona on Monday. But I has it for at least a week before I took the test. For me the symptoms were extreme tiredness and dizzyness. A fever developed later. Not much of a cough at all, although my lungs occasionally feel like they've been through a blender. No sniffles or bloked nose or anything like that. Dizzyness, tiresness and a fever since about Sunday. Also a bit spaced out and delerious. If you are old or weak I'd say this is something you want to avoid if possible. I can see how it could take a dangerous path. Can't think of anything interesting to say about it, really.
  4. 'According to the reports, the Uganda government on Tuesday through the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has ordered internet service providers to block access to social media applications and websites. It was reported that Twitter and Facebook were trying to interfere in the elections by blocking certain pro-government voices.' https://www.opindia.com/2021/01/uganda-bans-twitter-and-facebook-over-election-interference-allegations/ The source is fairly biased, true. But it has a ring of truth to it. Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the left wing extremeists have been banning people with opinions they disagree with. Including the President of the United States. So shutting them down during an election seems like a very reasonable course of action. Hopefully it will become standard practice. The best thing about this, though, is the wailing left. After banning people and words and destroying careers in a neo-McCarthyism they suddenly get all outraged about freedom of speech. It's comedy gold.
  5. It was all fun and games when they were banning Trump. But Twitter and Facebook being banned in Uganda for their left wing propaganda is wrong because 'freedom of speech!'
  6. You're absolutely right. The printed money is enriching a very small number of people at the expense of everyone else. It's repulsive.
  7. Yep, the Cameron government should have torn up Brown's spending commitments as soon as they took office, if you ask me.
  8. I'm not a citizen of USA, so I can't vote there. Minimum wage is an interesting topic. It's a policy I agree with. It's also left wing. So, yeah, maybe I seem to contradict myself. But to me it seems that improving standards of living for the working class is not a left wing policy any more. Maybe it never really was. The modern left is about increasing the power of the state. One way they try to do this is by creating dependence on the state. If someone has the support of their family or community they are not dependent on the state. Hence the drive to destroy family and divide communities. Voting for Trump was voting for change. Maybe it didn't work out how people would have liked. But what was the alternative? More of the same.
  9. Exactly. If you don't want the status quo you have to vote for something different. Brexit and Trump, for example.
  10. Pretty sure you can google facebook arrests. I think a few people are arrested every day for saying something the left does not like. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=facebook+arrests+uk If a government spends more than it collects in taxes it is said to have a budget deficit. If it collects more in taxes than it spends it is said to be in surplus. UK is a mixed economy, btw. Role models are important.
  11. What rightwing authoritarianism? Example please.
  12. Printing piles money and giving it to people to sit around and do nothing? Seems both left wing and extreme to me.
  13. How can you not know the answer to these questions? Left wing radicalism has taken over pretty much every aspect of life. Use the wrong word on facebook and you get a squad of thought police kicking your door off at three in the morning. To control language is to control thought, or whatever it was Orwell said. Is there even a single positive white male rolemodel left on TV these days? The economy has been crushed by money printing and defecit spending. How is those not extreme left wing policies?
  14. People are becoming fed up with left wing extremism. All of the woke ideology. The destruction of the economy based on crazy ideas. We don't want to live in a communist hell. So how do we get these horrible, awful, frothing at the mouth left wing idiots to just leave us alone to get on with our lives? Trump was elected to 'drain the swamp'. That's what people wanted. An end to the puss filled vomit that is the modern left.
  15. Balanced budgets, not printing money and interest rates betweem five and seven percent are now crazy ideas held only by a lunatic fringe. The world today could have a chapter in this book. https://www.gutenberg.org/files/24518/24518-h/24518-h.htm This actually happened over the past twenty years. In 1997 the UK had gone through a huge period of correction, brought inflation down, balanced the budget and the economy was growing rapidly. Seemed like we had things figured out. Then in stepped Blair and Brown. The BOE was given license to create a series of bubbles and busts. Now the UK is in the worst depression for centuries for the second time since the BOE took over. Yet calling them incompetent is seen as radical and crazy. For me the fact that good economics, even good sense, is now viewed as insanity is worse than the depression itself. It means there will not be a correction and return to prosperity any time soon. Just more money printing, defecit spending and bubble creation.
  16. I'm betting interest rates are kept stupidly low. Perhaps they will even be forced negative this year. So far as I can tell central banks are packed full of people who think that they are supporting the economy. It's kind of like a roof thinking it is supporting the foundations of a house. CPI merasured Inflation may finally take off. Commodities are looking like a good place to invest. Everything else is in a bubble. If inflation increases enough we may finally have higher interest rates and the long needed correction. Don't count on it, though. The BOE are crazy enough to think they can fight inflation by printing money and lowering interest rates.
  17. Indeed. The loss of some eel fams will have an impact that ripples through the ages. The event will be similar in magnitude to the Toba catastrophe.
  18. Between bird flu, the ozone layer disappearing, Y2K, global warming, 2012 the end of the world and now Brexit I am honestly supprised that there are any of us left. Future generations will look back upon these times as a true test, similar to the downfall of Rome or the Black Death.
  19. I'm not sure. Didn't Clinton balance the budget? He did not pay off the debt, that's definite!
  20. That might be the logical conclusion of some macro models. The empirical data suggests otherwise - I honestly can't beleive people are buying into the borrow your way out of debt idea!
  21. ' 'Under our present revenue system there is every probability that there will continue to be a surplus beyond the wants of the Government, and it has become our duty to decide whether such a result be consistent with the true objects of our Government. Should a surplus be permitted to accumulate beyond the appropriations, it must be retained in the Treasury, as it now is, or distributed among the people or the States. To retain it in the Treasury unemployed in any way is impracticable; it is, besides, against the genius of our free institutions to lock up in vaults the treasure of the nation. To take from the people the right of bearing arms and put their weapons of defense in the hands of a standing army would be scarcely more dangerous to their liberties than to permit the Government to accumulate immense amounts of treasure beyond the supplies necessary to its legitimate wants. Such a treasure would doubtless be employed at some time, as it has been in other countries, when opportunity tempted ambition.' http://www.gutenberg.org/files/5016/5016-h/5016-h.htm#dec1836
  22. Not true! Andrew Jackson shut down the Bank of the United States, repaid the national debt and had a surplus. I think there's a state of the union address on project gutenberg where he talks about what to do with the surplus. I'll try to find it.
  23. If government borrowing reduces government debt how do you explain the increased level of debt every year? The government has been borrowing lots of money for a decade and the debt is still increasing. Explain please.
  24. If the government is going to hand money out I would prefer it to be given to ordinary people and not banks. Sometimes it may be the only reasonable thing to do. That said, In terms of good economic policy, government should not be trying stimulate or spend. Anything they spend comes from the taxpayer. Which means they take out as much as they put in.
  25. That's actually a fair response. Borrowing to invest should be fine. I have no arugment against it. But that's for micro, or 'household finances'. In macro we talk about the total amount of borrowing and total level of investment. More investment means more saving. In any case, government spending is not investment as there is no return. So government borrowing more will not repay the debts that have already been acrued. Still a good point, though.
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