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  1. Biggus

    Mandela effect

    For those that don't know the Mandela effect describes the phenomenon of people remembering things being different in the past. People are so sure of their memories that they believe something has happened to subtly change the world. For example, there's a robot in the original Star Wars movie called C3P0. Most people remember him as being gold. In reality one of his legs is silver. Many people have seen the move many times and are completely convinced the robot used to be gold. But when they check they find he has always had a silver leg. Other examples include - Forrest Gump saying 'Life was like a box of chocolates'. Most people remember him saying 'Life is like a box of chocolates.' - People remember Isaiah 11:6 saying ' The lion will lie down with the lamb'. The bible now says the wolf will lie down with the lamb. -The ford logo has changed. - People remember kit-kat having a - between the kit and the kat. It doesn't. It is simply kitkat and always has been. - The Volvo badge now has an arrow on it. - People remember the witch in Snow White saying ' mirror, mirror on the wall...'. She actually says 'Magic mirror on the wall. - The Statue of Liberty used to be on Ellis Island. It's now on Liberty Island. People have no memory of the German terrorist attack on the statue in 1916.There are loads more. - The move They Live! is now simply called They Live, without the exclamation mark. Anybody here experienced a Mandela effect?
  2. Biggus

    Interest Rates

    In theory people could borrow money and buy a stable currency. They would get a 9.25% return for doing nothing. In practice people like Soros would just short the pound. https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/08/george-soros-bank-of-england.asp
  3. The Bank of England being given independent control of interest rates was the worst thing to happen to Britain for decades. Since that time the economy has been a series of bubbles and busts. They are incompetent on a staggering scale.
  4. Defered pleasure or consumption is probably the defining feature of the middle class. It used to be the case that saving a portion of your income every month for a decade or so could give you a small independent income. Now you'd have to save for about a hundred years for the same result. So what's the point? Buying a home has been pushed out of reach, especially of people encouraged not to save but to take on debt instead. Is it really suprising that an environment of discouraging savings and property ownership is destroying the middle class? What's worse is the shift in attitudes that comes with the instant gratification culture being fostered. A generation of borrowers and are hollowing out middle class values. Once you learn the habits of a deadbeat you are condemned to live as a deadbeat.
  5. There may not be a choice. The Chinese government holds a lot of treasuries. If they decide to sell the Fed would have a heck of a time preventing a rates increase. TBills being dumped and the Fed printing to keep rates down doesn't paint a rosy picture.
  6. I saw a show a couple of years ago on TV. Not sure if it was Benefits Street or something else, but it was about life on the dole. Half of the program was about some skinny guy who was really struggling, living on a Cup-a-Soup per day and so forth. The other half was some fat bint who was having money thrown at her because she had a child. I don't remember the exact figures but she was raking in the dole, child benefit, child tax credit, free rent, free poll tax and probably a bunch of other stuff. She made comments about having another child in a few years to keep the gravy train rolling. It was an eye opener. Personally I'd like to see the current mess replaced by a negative income tax or citizen's income. That would make the system cheaper, simpler and more fair.
  7. Genius. Massive amounts government spending will solve all our problems. I have to wonder why nobody has ever thought of this before.
  8. It was supposed to be only adults. With tax free allowance removed people who earn over ten thousand pounds pay a fair portion of it back. People in the high tax bracket pay the high rate of tax on the CI, recovering a fair chunk of the money. It was supposed to replace a lot of benefits. Would have been close to cost neutral at the proposed seventy pounds per week. Not going to happen, though. Too many people think they are being clever by saying 'we can't afford it', so it's not a vote winner.
  9. People are going hungry for a Tory ideological crusade. It has nothing to do with saving money, as has Duncan Smith admitted in the past. Dispicable if you ask me.
  10. The article tells you exactly how much money she is getting in benefits. None. 'Sarah says her benefits were stopped because she only completed five "job searches" instead of the required six' I'll bet when she gets a job she is still forced to pay taxes, though.
  11. Biggus

    Are The Greens Going To Be The Ukip Of The Left?

    Those do sound like good policies. Maybe I'll look into the greens. I like my lcoal MP, but he's a conservative and I don't like the government. Right now I'm 50-50 on whether I vote UKIP to get rid of the government or vote conservative because I like this guy.
  12. Oh come off it. We are not talking about the second world war or the black bloody death here. We are talking about a small increase in interest rates, to bring them up from stupidly, insanely low. I promise you, if interest rates increase a couple of percent the world will not end. The stock market might cool off a bit, a few people might go bust because they took out reckless loans. Big deal.
  13. It is precisely a game everyone can play. Both parties are made wealthier by trade. If one country exports wheat and imports cars they are better off. The countr that exports cars and imports wheat is also better.off. Both are wealthier. Trade makes everyone richer.
  14. Of course there are such things as savings! Buy some bricks and don't use them. You have saved them. Buy some tins of beans and don't eat them. You have saved them. Produce something and don't consume it. You have saved it. Only by producing stuff and not using it immediatly that it is possible to create capital. Capital creation is what creates growth. For example, think of a guy digging a hole with his hands. Give him a spade and he can dig much more quickly. Give him a mechanical digger and he can do the work of hundreds of men with spades. Also trade is not a zero sum game. When it comes to trade when someone wins so does somebody else. As Milton Friedman put it 'The most important single central fact about a free market is that no exchange takes place unless both parties benefit.'

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