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  1. I didn't realise that when you paid off your mortgage, this meant you were sitting on a pile of cash equal to the value of the property....
  2. Who cares how much we are taxed? It doesn't matter If taxes were cut, everyone would just have more free cash to bid up house prices even higher. Great... :angry:
  3. HSBC has a terrible rep in the U.S. They are a notorious sub-prime lender. HSBC over there on a credit card means 'Has Sh!tty Bad Credit'
  4. Who cares how much we are taxed? It doesn't matter. If taxes were cut, people would just use the extra cash to bid up house prices even higher...
  5. I've had an ISA in Jupiter's Emerging European Opportunities Fund for a few years and I've doubled my money. The biggest holdings are in big Russian Oil and Gas companies such as Gazprom. I'd imagine theres a bit more mileage in it yet, but who knows. Personally, I'm being a bit more cautious now. Fidelity's UK tracker has only a 0.11% management charge and is obviously weighted mostly in big companies who's UK exposure is not too large (BP, Shell etc). High Income funds have been good too.
  6. The point is the hypocrisy in your statements. You ARE one of the City types you despise (whether you like it or not). Fact is, these parts of inner London are just as 'identikit' as the suburbs you have so much contempt for. Just that instead of all Cafe Rouges and Pitcher & Pianos, its all Chicken Cottage and William Hill. They all look the same. From what I remember of Ladbroke Grove, its a rather bleak mix of kebab shops, a few rammed Nathan bars, a huge Sainsburys, a poorly served tube, lots of litter and an elevated motorway. Wow, feel the vibe!
  7. So you're not a bohemian artist after all, why am I not surprised...
  8. http://www.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,,1939391,00.html City bonuses this year are expected to reach a staggering £8.8bn, on the back of markets trading at five-year highs, a spate of mergers and acquisitions and competition for top people. The Centre for Economics and Business Research estimates that 4,200 City workers will receive bonuses of more than £1m Almost everyone in the bank gets some kind of bonus. A secretary might receive between 6-10% of his or her salary. People in back-office functions, such as public relations, might get 40% to 60%. The big money, though, is "front of house" - the traders who might use the bank's or clients' cash to make money on the foreign exchange or bond markets, the advisors on mergers and acquisitions or flotations that bring in major fees. They make four or five times their annual pay. The impact on the property market could be extreme. All this cash doesn't just push up the country mansions, but also smaller second or third homes / pied a terres, not to mention lump sums given to their kids as deposits on their first homes....
  9. Although, ironically, Hackney has a higher average house price than Winchester
  10. This site is populated by saddos, mostly engineering types who think the world owes them a 3-bed semi in the home counties.
  11. People are buying using inherited money. All it takes is 1 grandparents house being sold to allow 4 grandchilden to have huge deposits. I hear about this happening the whole time.
  12. All these examples of crashing prices are entirely predictable scenarios in crapholes like Newcastle or the East Midlands. Buying 2 bed flats in such areas for £500k+ is lunacy by idiotic, amateur investors with no understanding of the underlying strength of the local economy. Show me flats in *LONDON* that have crashed by £200k and I'll be impressed.
  13. Its becoming clearer to me that the crash won't happen. Its plateaued for too long. The economy is doing better than people here make out. Many people I know are making lots of money at the moment. Lots of people are inheriting big money too. I know a normal (not rich) family who've just sold their dead grandparents' house for £1,000,000 and the money was used to get the 6 Grandchildren onto the housing ladder. Its depressing, but most people are finding a way round this.
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