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  1. I believe so. The first page of our agreement says: "for letting furnished dwellinghouse on an assured shorthold tenancy under Part I 0f the Housing Act 1988... together with fixtures, furniture and effects therin and more particularly specified in the Inventory thereof signed by the parties [there was no inventory]... A term certain of 6 months from 1st July 2010... The Landlord lets and the Tenant takes the Property for the Term at the rent payable as above... This agreement creates an assured shorthold tenancy within Part I Chapter II of the Housing Act 1998 and the provisions for the recov
  2. I highly doubt our deposit is protected. To be honest, it wan't something I thought about, I've never had a landlord scarper with it before (which is pretty good going for annual nomadic housing!) That will be next question on my list. Just to update, landlord has agreed (somewhat grudgingly!) to use the redirection service. Thanks again for the advice!
  3. Thanks for the quick replies! Our contract is an AST, not the official looking one I have had before, but terms on it are pretty much standard for what I have encountered elsewhere (including "right to quietly enjoy the property.") Price is what I would consider market rate plus bills. He has listed his address on the contract as our property, the agreement that he would continue using the house as an occasional base was a verbal one, and I'm fairly sure since we have individual contracts that there isn't anything we can do about that. In taking out the contract, I accepted that essentially,
  4. Hi all! New member, long time lurker, was hoping to get a bit of advice on a situation we currently have with our landlord. Bit of background: I moved into my rental property in July, my housemate moved in in October. Our Landlord, although based in London, made it clear that every few weeks he would be sleeping in the property due to work commitments up north, which is fine. He pays all our bills, and is still on the electoral register in our house. Since we have moved in he has almost completely relocated to London, meaning he will only come up every few months, and he has delegated respons
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