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  1. I second that nohpc. I think the time is now to move to exceptional plays and producers/near producers/fully funded to be producers on AIM, pick the ones from the recent rise who can sustain that growth. There are quite a few on AIM, no froth required. Best of, Jaywall
  2. Hi all, Just a quick note for anyone who's interested. Since mid Jan i took a long look at my holdings and an even longer look at my watch list, done some more reasearch and it's paying off at the mo. Im now 70/30 oil/Mining. Its easy to say now i know but i got into EOG and CAD ahead of time. Im still holding both and expect more from them. SLE and RRL i have been holding a while now, both have so much potential. JP Morgan paid more for SLE than i did ! woot ! Next up in oillies, which i am hoping i reach target on *any* other share to move more funds into (if it doesn't happen i might
  3. Hi It's started, You are talking about a lot of money there and i would suggest the last thing you do is take advice from an internet chat room ! Unless you friend has a background in investment then it will be worth the sum paid to talk to an independent financial advisor. Every investment carries an amount of risk, and your friend needs to consider many options. There is no other answer, look for a good FA in your area.
  4. G-Man ....you said it yourself, you have done well on stocks you have held. Grow a pair man ffs ! You are either investing on fundamentals in which case sit on your hands until you reach your target or you are investing on the technical's in which case you are doing spectacularly badly in this market. I suspect your are doing neither and just chasing shiny's. You got some good advice on III's rrr board today, take it, learn to hold.
  5. Don't worry about RRR, they wobble around 13.5 to 15.5 at the mo. The next few weeks will see gold production and grade figures. News that will hopefully see more people waking up to the fact RRR hold 50M+ of increasing investments as well as the newly producing mines with cash and options for more. Im happy to hold 200k of these. One tip for you G-man001 don't wish you had invested, spend time researching, there is a massive amount of potential out there just waiting to be realised. Some of it goes awry, some of it fails and some succeeds, the ones that succeed can pay for the others several
  6. P.S to add, XTR is a small punt, ANR is a bit larger and if i can i will add over time.
  7. For XTR, amongst all the other places to research, this is a good summary of recent events; http://www.iii.co.uk/investment/detail/?display=discussion&code=cotn:XTR.L&threshold=0&it=le&action=detail&id=7495657 Not the best price to get in at but not bad i think, i like the diversity. I've had my eye on Altona for a little while, hoping to move some profits there throughout the year but (and i do feel bad about this) the floods in Queensland may well push the price up, so got a bit in there now. It's still a longer term play but this might well put it on the radar for a
  8. Hi Guitarman, Im glad Angels picked up for you, i really hope things go well for them. Once they announce grades and actually sell some of the yellow stuff they will do well, im keeping my fingers crossed for you, you're a braver man than me ! Added XTR today and thought now might be a prudent time to get into ANR so bought a few of those too. What price did you get for RRR ? The next few weeks should see the production and grade figures for El Limon and there is so much to come from them throughout 2011. Gold, uranium, rare earths, managanese, more gold, more gold oh and more gold. I can
  9. I think it is Snap... And oillies as always, well, the right ones at least anyway. My current holdings for 2011, some of which are risker than others so always dyor. Amur Minerals Corp AMC Dominion Petroleum Ltd DPL North River Resources Plc NRRP. Red Rock Resources Plc RRR Regency Mines Plc RGM San Leon Energy Plc SLE ISA Central Rand Gold Ltd CRND Polo Resources Ltd POL. Range Resources Ltd RRL.
  10. I have had a look, i was in and out last year. They might get to 8p in this market but it won't be because of the fundamentals. Compare them with AMC, both have a mcap of about 38M, HER have 70% of a npv of $90M AMC have 100% of a npv of about $500M. They will both probably have resource upgrades in the coming year, and both have their unique risks attached. But having briefly revisited my original research i can't see anything that has changed that much with HER. Still, they have risen... what.... 60% ? since i was thinking about this originally so wtf do i know ! Both good companies, but i
  11. Fawkandles Can i ask how you go to your 8p valuation of HER ? The most recent NAV is $90.4M of which HER own 70%. The current share price represents a Mcap of £33M. Your 8p would mean a Mcap of £77M. Without funding to get it out of the ground, or even a BFS, due to be completed end of 2011, where do you get 8p ? The only way i can see it is with massive resource or commodity upgrades, but with or without this a large amount of dilution or debt is inevitable for future funding? Am i missing something ?
  12. I've taken a cursory look at BowLeven, very cursory, and admit i know nothing about them but what justifies their market cap of 724M having never turned a profit ? Do they have some production somewhere providing funds ?
  13. I have noticed them a lot recently in Kent. Here's another, http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-17047314.html What the Owner says: We bought our home some years ago attracted by the potential that the rear garden offered us and of course the stunning views out to the rear. We saw real potential both outside and inside. We wanted to create a garden to be proud of and a clean comfortable home to live in. We feel we have achieved both. We love the quiet close and the fantastic neighbours, both of which we will miss hugely. But as they say the time has come to move on. We ar
  14. Hi, some great posts above and i have to say i agree pretty much with every thing ftbinthewaiting just said. I would add my two penneth worth though, all in my very humble opinion ! A good way to start out, IMHO, is to pick an assortment of companies in sectors that interest you that have recently gone way outside the curve and also some that people thought should have but didn't. Up, down and sideways. And then pick back through the news and every bit of info you can get your hands on to figure why what happened happened. Have a read up of investing strategies but don't take advice from w
  15. Awight, I held HER earlier this year, had to sell when it touched 3p, although i averaged out at 2.7 but was a pretty good innings really. I still like them and for the medium to long term may still hold some interest. Bear in mind though the feasibility study isn't due to be completed until Q4 2011. There will probably be upgrades in the meantime to help things along but there would need to be to make it comparable to others in AIM further along than them with bigger resources and similar market caps. AMC for example. I sold the rest of my BPC today....still biting my nails now ! But i
  16. I can understand that, im a great believer in going with your gut feeling. It has served me well and i shake my head still at the amount of times i didn't go with it and regret it to this day ! Stick with what you like and know well, i intend to ! One you might like is Altona Energy (ANR). Strictly Aussie (with a chinese partner) Lots of potential to be a solid long term play I imagine it will be a slow starter so my personal plan is not to jump the gun and move some profits slowly into it over the next 6 months or so. Good luck with what you do, personally i think Africa has a lot to o
  17. Oh, and also need to add to that the recent investment in Ascot Mining. Red Rock's interest in Ascot is held by way of 10% convertible loan notes 2015, convertible at any time at Red Rock's discretion into new Ascot ordinary shares at 20 pence per share. In addition Red Rock holds 740,000 Ascot ordinary shares and has warrants to subscribe for a further 10,300,000 additional new Ascot ordinary shares at an exercise price of 20 pence per new Ascot ordinary share, valid for 5 years. Ascot is quoted on the PLUS-quoted market, an exchange regulated market operated in London by PLUS Markets plc,
  18. This is why i really like the look of DPL http://www.dominionpetroleum.com/_uploads/user/Presentations/RBS%20Equities%20Oil%20Services%20and%20E&P%20Seminar%202010(2).pdf If its good enough for Shell, Petrobas,Statoil and BG then its good enough for me ) Heres a recent email from Andrew Bell to shareholders which sets things out quite nicely regarding RRR; (and it's easier to copy and paste than type out my thoughts on it all !) Dear colleagues, 1. Many of you will have seen the enclosed Jupiter Mines announcement. Although our shareholding has gone down, the Jupiter stake is st
  19. BPC at 100p would value the business at approx £1000,000,000. They would probably have to actually find some oil before that happened. Great share as it is, i hold plenty, £1 is a lot of milestones away from now and it would be prudent to pay attention to the likelihood and associated risk of each of those points. Just saying.
  20. Alright, seeing as you asked have a look at Dominion Petroleum (DPL). Read up on Tanzanian off coast recent finds and then view DPL's acreage (block7). Slap bang in the middle of them all. Obvious downside is the amount of shares in issue, 1500M, a third more than BPC limiting the maximum upside. Other than that, good board, good finances and looking for a JV for block7 "as soon as humanly possible and to drill in 2011" Personally it feels along the same lines as RRR at 2.5 and BPC at 6. So much upside and very little downside. Loads of info available, have a look.
  21. Red Rock Resources Dominion Petroleum North River Resources San Leon Energy Amur Mineral Corp Polo Resources Nyota Minerals BPC Niger Uranium Herencia I couldn't stick to 5 ! Not in any order and a few have performed somewhat already but all have a way to go yet. Whilst there are other very good stocks, most of these are lower level and if they play out ok then i can easily see 3x in all of them, more in some, over the next 3 to 18 months. And yours ?
  22. Wot ! Gold today $1413, It's likely to be outside of your range by xmas mate and it won't stop there. What makes you think it won't go over $1500 ?
  23. Good on you, hope you get what your after. I saw your post on the iii board, lots of confidence there still. Ive been looking for a home for my ex angm funds and I came across Altona Energy today and so far i like the look of them, do you know anything about them ? More research to do but they have ticked all my boxes so far. Low cap with potential, resources in place, funds in place, JV in place, Aus Gov are keen. It's almost all done bar the graft and unless im missing something looks very good value, longer term. Lots of reading to do. Im also getting tempted to add a few more DPL, cou
  24. Losses are part and parcel of all investing sometimes. Don't be put off because of them, look for something better. Consider RRR, it is a much safer bet, i am very happy to keep my largest ever gain in there and will let it roll for a long while yet. Great company. Good luck whatever you decide. JayWall
  25. I had a re-assessment of Angel today in the light of the half yearly report, and sold out. If i were able to be at this all the time the market is open then i would have waited for the spike on gold production which i believe probably will come, but also that many others are waiting to sell out then too and it may be short lived. And i can't guarantee i will be at my desk when that happens. My feeling is that with the debt they are carrying now, and the fact they feel they are a 'going concern' only because production is close (and then they sneak in it's been delayed without actually saying
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