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  1. Its been a while! My PM status at the moment... shifted most of my PMs at about break even point with the exception of a few bits for the kids an a tube of maples. Thinking of putting a few bits aside again, still love silver but still think gold may be a better long term; would a handful of sovs or a tube of maples be a very bad thing at the moment? Its either this, an isa or a luxury watch!
  2. Joined here 4 years ago in 2010 when I started buying PMs in relatively small quantities. Sold some, helpd some. What are your thoughts on the "bubble" that everyone was talking about back then? I've seen silver drop by massively from when I was buying! Gold has corrected back to where it was pretty much.
  3. Taken delivery today, nice, small but nice! Was surprised that nowhere on the coin is the numbers "20", just the letters "twenty" on the head side, strange.
  4. Just order more to your work address, homes of friends & family etc... Order some to my house if you want
  5. I'm looking to buy a new car so am considering off lading some silver bullion... I have available... X2 metalor kilo bars with certs. X1 plata fina 500gm bar. X1 tube (25) of 1oz silver maples 2011. I'm in stoke on Trent and would be looking for a cash sale. Pm me if interested.
  6. Good shout on getting into pm. Silver would be my preference, I have a modest few bars and a couple of tubes of maples just in case. The next time I'm saving or investing for the future I'm going to be looking for something that will always be in demand, non perishable, may become rarer, is easy to sell or trade, will go up in value ( and history shows this), non traceable.... I'm thinking alcohol, or specifically a decent quantity of fine whiskey! I've also considered tobacco, a few grands worth will easily fit into a small suit case and if it ever gets banned I'll be laughing! Ps don't
  7. I doubt weather team GBs olympians will be too concerned about the low gold content... We won't be winning any at this rate
  8. Small denominations without a massive mark up, could be usefull when it comes to selling it off.
  9. Sold a couple of sovs yesterday I usually hate selling but I wasn't that bothered this time.
  10. Surely there will be less availble properties??? We have a growing population, houses are falling into disrepair / coming to the end of their usefull life, far fewer new properties are being built.
  11. People taking in lodgers will never account for any meaningfull number of people, nor will couples be able to find lodgers readily never mind familys finding somewhere to lodge! People who can't affor to buy will surely aim to rent eventually?
  12. People will simply not be able to afford to or be allowed borrow There are plenty of people who could just about meet rental payments, but no way could they afford this plus a massive deposit, solicitors fees, or surveys, their own property maintenance etc... Nor would many want to borrow at a base rate of 10%+ with a chance of it going higher still!
  13. I have no idea how it will pan out if interest rates take a hike. I do know that many if not most home owners will do everything they can to keep their home, extra jobs etc... If you simply cannot keep or own your own home, the next best in the hierarchy is renting which is what people will look to do. It would be a very last gasp for many to move their family in with parents and would only ever be a short term solution, with people looking to rnt or buy as soon as they could. The hysteria, uncertainty, instability and damage that hiked interest rates woul cause leads me to believe that r
  14. If interest rates rise significantly, people will generally not take out mortgages... But will still need somewhere to live. There will be a bigger demand for rented properties (nothing to do with landlords paying their mortgages), as demand increases so will the monthly rent rates as there will be panty of people queuing up to rent and pay the going rate. Simple principle of supply and demand surely?
  15. If anything happens to the company that you rent from, your "home" is simply an asset that will be sold on to the highest bidder.
  16. Just a thought, if interest rates sky rocket, won't rent rates pretty much track it? Unless you can pay cash for a house you're pretty much at the mercy of higher beings. I'm in the 7 th year of a 30 Year mortgage, bought at the peak but I'm lucky that my house is worth pretty much what I paid. Scared of interest rate rises? .... I certainly am! What are the choices, line a landlords pocket or try to own a property that I can sell at retirement or leave or my daughter?
  17. We keep hearing this king of rampng every other week but the fact remains that gold (and silver) have tanked since February
  18. There's something about any 1oz coin thats just amazing, I'd love to hold (or even better to have!) a kilo or 5 kilo coin.
  19. Not much interest from joe public in silver... Several kilo bars on eBay at £700 with no bids, some buy it news around £760 - £780 with no interest either. I was only seeing good things for silver but the reality and prices tell me otherwise, it'll be a good while before we see the highs of Last year.
  20. Granted bullion by post are a couple of quid more but generally competitive and I find cheaper than many. Obviously free, insured and fast delivery is included in the price and tbh their service is excellent... I suppose it's up to you how desperate for metal you are if you do or don't want to pay an extra couple of quid to get your hands on some, in the bigger picture it's almost insignificant? I hope that this is the last of my PMs I have to sell in the short term, it just seems that over the last couple of months everything in my house / garden / car has packed in at the same time :angry:
  21. Bullion by post appear to have stock. Incidentally I've just sold a sov this morning to pay for new tyres and exhaust, gutted
  22. Gold n silver daily charts read like a roller coaster at the moment!
  23. Gold was still sub £250 in mid 2005. It remained largely constant From 1977 until this time, we all had plenty of opportunity to buy
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