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  1. Change in 2012. The extremes in net change in chain stores - consistent with a population that is running out of money after costs, increasingly reliant on debt, buying lowest end possible and hawking off goods whilst cutting any non-essential purchases as much as possible. Gaming - Down 45% Health Foods - Down 24.7% Card & Poster - Down 23.4% Payday Loans - Up 20% Pawnbrokers - Up 13.2% Pound Shops - Up 13% High Street Crisis: Chain Closures Accelerating http://news.sky.com/story/1058041/high-street-crisis-chain-closures-accelerating
  2. Well they've been playing that trick with inflation targeting for a decade and more - housing taken out, then the ONS had to start substitution and jiggery pockery of the basket to cover the fraudulent policy of monetary debasement that was ongoing all the while.
  3. Well, ths is where the politicians have lied, taxes, "defence" policy, regulation (on a gargantuan scale) has already been foisted on us. What the politicians don't want is too much heat and exposure of their true position. The fraud in the banking cartel could have been the tin opener to the can of worms, opening the eyes of the wider public to the total misrepresentation they get from their elected officials, strong enough to unseat those who gain so much from it in the name of elected representation. No bonuses should be paid and pay cut back until every penny of direct or indirect subsidy (including that of inflation for the rest of us) is paid back. Better they should have faced the consequences of their gambling in the first place. Their is a disugsting asymmetry in the economy and it is still there, capitalism is crooked as a nine bob note at the moment.
  4. Redrow wants more bungs. Those making building produts know the score though. Bottom line, there is a cartel of land leeches producing shit, cramped accommodation, You could let every one of them fold and without them monopolizing land release you would have more houses built, to a better standard, more in line with requirements, at cheaper price. But no, this governemnt want retricted supply and the central bank are full square behind ths policy of provided inflated rubbish for public comsumption. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/09c8214a-7fff-11e2-adbd-00144feabdc0.html#axzz2Lx6AsVPA High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email [email protected] to buy additional rights. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/09c8214a-7fff-11e2-adbd-00144feabdc0.html#ixzz2M5N6GNwe Redrow calls to extend funding for lending By Gill Plimmer Redrow has called for an extension of the government’s scheme to make more cheap mortgages available, as its latest results show that it has been among the chief beneficiaries of the initiative. ... High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email [email protected] to buy additional rights. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/09c8214a-7fff-11e2-adbd-00144feabdc0.html#ixzz2M5NBWMfz Noble Francis, economics director at the Construction Products Association, questioned whether the government’s schemes were helping builders more than buyers. “Essentially government schemes are raising units slightly but increasing profits massively,” he said.
  5. and residential property business and is also involved in waste management and renewable energy. Obviously going for the full house in government rigged and manipulated markets. Follow the money, follow the fraud, follow the waste and skim off the top. What a cesspit this country has become for business.
  6. All the benefits of noiseless coal, and that coal doesn't kill birds unless you throw lumps of it.
  7. The company statement says it all. UK coal mine faces closure after blaze http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/a7af2ef8-7f50-11e2-89ed-00144feabdc0.html#axzz2Lx6AsVPA A fire at Britain’s largest coal mine could close it permanently and has set back the recovery of one of the nation’s last domestic coal producers. ..... However, Coalfield Resources said investors were not exposed to losses since it had little economic interest in the mines, which were controlled by an employee benefit trust including miners’ pension funds. “Shareholders’ money is in the property side [Harworth Estates],” it said. “This has no impact on the property business.” The company added that it would have collapsed this year without the move.
  8. NExt step is that people who do save, save it abroad. We already have a lot of that, though stolen wealth squirreled away by the banks in offshore accounts, the debts and liabilities they leave behind, for tax breaks and to throw at the population when their scams get exposed.
  9. Excess savings, yes ********. That was the theme followed to excuse loose monetary policy which only created more debt, higher costs.
  10. All points made on here before. You don't have to be an energy specialist or indeed dig that far to find out how these paid off politician scum are acting in the interst of their paocket and those of their contributors and not the general population as a whole. Still as I'm not innvesting in this country again I'm happy to invest in China and sending the work there.
  11. Funny how the politicians want a totally restricted land marked but we must have am almost totally unrestricted labour market. Scum the lot of them.
  12. This is a country that cant / refuses to build houses even whern they are needed. Says a lot about the future and present of the way this country is run - incompetent, incapable, wedded to bubbles - a bent and bust entity with nowhere to go but down. Home construction slumps to record low http://www.localgov.co.uk/index.cfm?method=news.detail&id=108981
  13. Get a much lower coefficient of drag if you are slipstreaming the vehicle in front !
  14. Not to worry ---- the duplicitous little shit is certainly taking action - inistructing more printing and QE through the now utterly discredited, lying bunch of fraudsters at the central bank - there has been a real sea change in comments to any article in the press nowadays, the public has cottoned on to these shysters, which is good news, but probably too late. £1.50 diesel just around the corner. Osborne 'taking action' on petrol prices http://www.itv.com/news/update/2013-02-22/osborne-taking-action-on-petrol-prices/
  15. Is there anywhere in this piece of effluent where it points out that these "fixed" mortgages are terms that are shorter in months than a standard US fixed mortgage is in years?
  16. Apart from the likes of energy and petrol, external suppliers have not had a chance to re-price goods yet based on a falling/collapsing sterling. When they do the population will really get it in the neck.
  17. Agreed also the chairman gets to coach the question to vote on too. It is not a vote for higer lower or stay the same say in terms of interst rates. Allows the chairman to steer the vote at arms distance even votng the other way knowing full well which way the vote will go against them but make them look like they are behaving resposnibly say in resisting a rate rise but effectively having offered that to the committee. Basically printing money out of thin air is fraud, in jsut the same way that banks do it, especially when they do it beynd any real ability to backstop the conseuqneces when they hand the bill to the taxpayer. A disgusting lying rabble of hucksters and thieves, the clue is in what they call themsleves - bankers.
  18. Kunt's pension is directly linked to the amount of printing via a pension fund that is kitchen sinked in TIPS. Not so much a case of market abuse but economy abuse.
  19. Scrappage = pathfinder for cars. The state srtificaially trying to manipualte prices upwards by reducing supply at the lowest level. Long term could put a real dent in ownership and tax income from fuel sales as ownership rates drop.
  20. EU wants to limit bonuses to twice salary, compared to 12x (doesn;t say if that is a limit of some measure of what is available/taken). Of course the politicians are sticking up for mega bonuses, wonder where their mega-contributions come from? And what is it with this Britain bit? http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/business/industries/banking/article3692290.ece?CMP=OTH-gnws-standard-2013_02_18 Britain is mounting a frantic, last-ditch effort to head off a cap on bankers’ bonuses proposed by Brussels.
  21. More debt, that's the only answer these crooks can come up with - yes the conservatives are as bad if not worse than labour. Only act on the planning front was when they first came in - "get rid of garden grabbing", essentially removing one of the main sources of land outside the land speculating companies for any new housing. Disgusting debt whores the lot of them, using debt and scarcity to further entrench the current situation. http://www.thecourier.co.uk/news/politics/conservative-leader-wants-banks-to-offer-95-mortgages-1.69714 Conservative leader wants banks to offer 95% mortgages By Kieran Andrews, 19 February 2013 8.30am. PA The UK Treasury should put pressure on the Bank of England to bring back 95% mortgages and help first time buyers, the Scottish Conservative leader said. Ruth Davidson called on her party colleagues in London to find a way to make the mortgage sector recover from the banking crisis so people are able to realise the “dream” of getting themselves on the property ladder.
  22. Dip Shit didn't like to reminded about the bad ending to his shonky economics - the same economics that he promoted and this and previous government enacted. So he turned his comments off. Now he is complaining about the end result, what a prize idiot.
  23. Similar have existed (AIM market tax reliefs), the the lying ***** that parade as politicians restrospectively changed rules to give the benefit to BTL. Never trust a politician, never trust their schemes, or any of their promises.
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