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  1. Tha only nonsense is creating an artifical "good bank" out of a pile of shit, refusing to accept the monetary policies in place were a prime contributory factor in reckless banking, gambling and outright fraud, manipulation and malinvestment and take any personal reposnsibility for the situation. Not just a nonsense, a travesty.
  2. They've done their bit for the financialized economy, borrowed years of earnings and sunk them into supporting a bloated education sector and associated hangers on, taken theselves off the unemployment register and made way for a migrant labour deluge to satisfy the corporates. Time to move on.
  3. Maybe says a lot more about the value of £1, relative living cost and a fiat money system spun out of control by meddling crooks than anything else.
  4. If you had a pay freeze during weimar, for instance, you'd not have to worry about turning up for work becuase you'd starve. Unless you became a beggar/mugger/thief. It is always easier to see why some things are so by looking at the extreme limits.
  5. The distribution and availability of land is skewed. Germany have local build policies that frees up land from cartels. We don't. There is also limited supply. http://www.selfbuildportal.org.uk/latest-news/124-average-cost-of-building-plots-drops-in-third-quarter-of-2012 17/09/12 A typical individual building plot across England and Wales of similar size to those used by traditional housebuilders now costs £93,300. Three months ago the same plot would have cost £94,000. A larger plot of one sixth of an acre (the size often purchased by a self builder) currently costs – on average - £274,000. Three months ago the cost would have been £276,000, according to a new survey of land and house prices. Average plot cost £50k - £133,100 The survey shows that – on average – a self-builder planning to build a three-bedroom home in England should allocate just over £50,000 for the purchase of their building plot (assuming they opt for a modest sized plot typical of those used by traditional housebuilders). For a four-bedroom home their average land budget (for a modest plot) should be £119,500, and for a five-bedroom home it should be around £133,100. Across all three, four and five bedroom homes in England the average budget for a modest building plot should be around £101,000. In 2011, self-builders paid an average of £212,000 per plot in England (including London). In Wales the average budget for a building plot of similar size to those sold by housebuilders should be around £67,400. Last year in Wales the average price paid by self-builders was £114,000.
  6. Net outflow of £305 million. Worst figs since July 2008. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/investing/9908213/Isa-investment-falls-in-January.html Disappointing Isa sales figures reveal a distinct lack of investor confidence, despite major stock markets rising across the developed world. Isa investment saw outflows of £305m in January according to the Investment Management Association (IMA), despite the FTSE 100 and the S&P 500 rising. The falling figures will come as a blow to the investment industry during a time normally dubbed "Isa season" because of a pick up in sales.
  7. If you could the cartel would hardly sell anything - you'd have to be brain dead to buy their output. The only way to sell obscenely overpriced, badly spec'ed rubbish is to hold a monopoly on provision and you so that by landbanking and paying off political parties to enforce it via planning regs. Big companies love over-regulation, that is how they maintain their advantage.
  8. Another banker. That'll go down well.If the Italians have seen Grillo's past comments on what they are dealing with - very prescient, then should be very good for his support.
  9. The notice said China will work to increase land supplies for housing, and the total amount of such land nationwide in 2013 should be greater than, or equal to, the annual average over the last five years. Cities and counties are required to make information on land supplies available to the public and reveal annual land supply plans before the end of March. Also trying to ensure there is no supply shortage of land to prevent land specs buying up and sitting on development land. Looks like a rounded set of policies to deal with a problem. Good luc to the west trying to inflate China out of the market, they'll only end up damaging themselves and pushing more activit east. Which is what has happend over the last couple of decades.
  10. That's right chuck some more petrol on the inflationary bonfire. When the small business sector goes demand for the corporates will slump too.
  11. First action of the Con servatives was to pull garden grabbing. It destroed one area of small parcel land availability that had improved the situation a bit. So it is artificial and intentional restriction of land supply and lending multples (and migration), they all act together and the goal is intentional.
  12. Supports the landbankers parading as builders. Small and medium sized builders locked out, the ones likely to employ locally and use local materials. that is why identikit shite is built. Land prices are high enough to make small development uneconomic, especially with the rise in cost of raw materials - which has risen even more because local merchants are trying to cream off profits from a reduced turnover. Stifling the conctruction sector and competition is the result.
  13. Another side-effect of monetary polciy - on the side of the scammers, driving the population in a desperate lunge away from inflated paper. This is a continuation of similar polcies which drove hundreds of billions into toxic crap in the form of mortgage backed securities. The central bank shithouses are the source of malinvestment and the very reason why economies are doing (and done) so badly. They are making an honest living and honest investment impossible, due to their own dishonest policies.
  14. Apart from the fact that they have ALL been bailed out with low interest rates and a tax called infaltion paid by everybody else, with taxes on top of that inflation too, which have also gone up as a result not only due to inflation but nominally also via tax rates.
  15. Diesel 147.9. Will break 1.50 within 2/3 weeks at this rate. Consumer reaction should be interesting.
  16. Log scale, we're struggling to find energy at the moment to prevent escalating pricing, "just" getting 10 times more energy than now to tick up one level on that scale - nigh on impossible without a totally new tech.
  17. 1) Not enough space. A family need around half an acre to be self sufficient, unless really intensive growing, so outlet serving thousands would need to be very much larger than a few stories. Having said that output of ag land in the UK is pretty poor in the scale of things, polytunnels and greenhouses could offer a hell of a lot more tonnage, longer growing season and faster maturity and wider range of crops. 2) Self driving cars - could probably bump up efficiency a fair bit and utlization faactor of a car and mileage over lifetime of a vehicle by loads - runnign 18 hours a day say non stop would reduce wear and tear significantly. Most of the work in the moving parts occurs during start up when oil and mechanics are cold, plus optimum servicing, maybe double useful effcient mileage over the lifetime. Traffic cops used to keep their engines running whilst at standstill I believe, wear and tear being one of the reasons as well as readiness.
  18. Books are flammable. Ban them and flog em again past security.
  19. Don't worry the foreign buyers will be flocking to buy into the London bubble + olympic top up bubble and the strong currency. Between that lot the could lose a lot of money very quickly plus costs.
  20. Trickle down economics at its best. Where's the 1%ers' money then? http://www.forbes.com/sites/abrambrown/2013/02/27/j-c-penney-posts-wider-than-expected-552-million-loss-holiday-sales-fell-28/ J.C. Penney lost $552 million, $2.51 a share, after earning $291.4 million, $1.28 a share, a year earlier. Excluding one-time items, J.C. Penney lost $427 million, $1.95 a share. Analysts had predicted J.C. Penney to lose 28 cents.
  21. LOL, ok the tax incentive bit has some validity. The losing the job bit utterly specious - smart sam is likely to have taken out a few helocs for new cars and shit once he is in this mindset and chased by all and sundry when he burns his budget after losing his job. As for what happens after paying the mortgage off and there still being bills to pay, well yes, and the mortgage is on top of all that for sam, don;t see the whole cost comparison anywhere. God forbid competition and inflation go the way that the longer you wait to pay off the mortgage the higher the burden becomes, a practical reality for millions in the US and elsewhere who have burn their real economy to the ground in sacrifice to the housing bubble. As for quoting the fed, yeah great, Greenspan was shoving the population into ARM mortgages before the bust, that worked well.
  22. Indeed. Even easier when your are frontrunning the deals and have inside information, or even better the hand at the tiller - see the bankrupt of england pension fund for that one.
  23. Biggest scam going s this one. Buy one politician get one free.
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