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  1. Almost every single word of this is a lie - if you go through it sentence b senstence nearly on every single point policy is the antithesis of his statements. Stunning. It is almost like a guilt trip admission of what they are actually doing.
  2. And pretty much 100% of all the architectural, cityscape and lanscapes with embedded housing that is being protected wer created before those acts too.
  3. An extension of the shitloans to taxpayers' scheme, so that bent politiians and central bankers can pretend that ther precious banking friends are doing well. What an utterly disgraceful CONservative party they are.
  4. How productive. Banks' efforts to clean up PPI scandal spawned new industry and created 20,000 UK jobs Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-2292112/PPI-scandal-created-20-000-jobs-says-Manpower.html#ixzz2NNBgfG2X Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  5. The SME's don't want any more stinking debt. Good bank, bad bank, government bank, all the same shit solution for a problem that is too much debt, too high costs, a crappy currency, overtaxation, a banking sector revered whilst everyone else foots the bill and has to cope on ever more rapidly devlaued wages etc etc etc. http://www.onrec.com/news/news-archive/smes-not-onboard-for-cable%E2%80%99s-british-business-bank SMEs not onboard for Cable’s British Business Bank Posted in News archive on 12th Mar 2013 icon_share Newsletter New research released today from Crunch Accounting (run by One Poll) reveals that only 13% of small businesses believe Vince Cable’s proposed British Business Bank is a good idea for the UK’s small business sector. The survey also shows that over a quarter (26%) of SMEs think it would be a conflict of interest if both the government and the private sector are involved in a state-backed bank, which is due to be in operation by 2014. A further 28% of respondents said that they are not fully aware of the proposal, claiming there has not been enough information available.
  6. And possibly a lot of their staff. Upmarket price with downmarket labour force.
  7. True, but there is a mix across the spectrum - butall you'll end up with in a non-productive, dysfunctional market is a layer in academia and government funded slush programs and not much else. You'll get the ones who want to use their knowledge to make money but the will be the ones without access to income, facilities, (or even space) to do so.
  8. Exports a smaller proportion than before so not organic growth, maybe just gutting the competition with cheap labour. Got themselves on the list of operators so presume they are heavy users of the cheapest labour they can find. ........ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-21692532 Though the company has seen very healthy growth in exports since 2010, foreign sales have not actually grown as fast as sales at home. Sales to China are up nearly 70% since 2010, and exports to Brazil are up more than 45%, but they still account for a tiny share of the total. Because sales in more important markets like the US and Italy have been flat or falling, the proportion of Tiptree's business that comes from exports has actually gone down a little. ........... http://www.totaljobs.com/careers-advice/content/bulgarian-and-romanian Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (For Bulgarian and Romanian nationals) This programme allows growers to hire low-skilled workers on a short-term basis. To be eligible for this programme you must be at least 18 years old and be from Bulgaria or Romania. Successful applicants will be able to work in the UK for up to six months. Additionally, you will need to have a work card issued from an approved Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (SAWS) operator before applying for the programme. The Home Office uses nine operators to issue the cards. They are: Barway Services (Formerly Gs Marketing) Tel: 01353 727314 Address: Barway, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 5TZ Concordia (YSV) Ltd Tel: 01273 422 293 Address: 19 North Street, Portslade, East Sussex, BN41 1DH Fruitful Ltd Tel: 0870 727 0050 Address: Unit 3, Honeybourne Industrial Estate, Evesham, WR11 7QF Haygrove Ltd Tel: 01531 633659 Address: Redbank, Ledbury, Hereford, HR8 2JL HOPS Labour Solutions Tel: 02476 857 206 Address: National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs, YFC Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2LG R & J M Place (International Farm Camp) Tel: 01692 536337 Address: Church Farm, Tunstead, Norwich, Norfolk, NR12 8RQ S & A Produce Tel: 01432 880235 Address: Brook Farm, Marden, Hereford, HR1 3ET Sastak Ltd Tel: 01588 673636 Address: 1-7, BDC, Long Lane, Craven Arms, Salop, SY7 8DZ Wilkin & Sons Ltd (International Farm Camp) Tel: 01621 815407/815496 Address: Hall Road, Tiptree, Colchester, Essex, C05 0RF
  9. Tahoma, agree, likewise very similar sort of figs 1:10 debt to earnings on leaving. Universities like shops, pricing themsleves out, and their students. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-21670959 UK universities 'face online threat' By Sean Coughlan BBC News education correspondent MIT MIT and Harvard launched pioneering online courses last year Pic: Jon Fildes Continue reading the main story Related Stories "Complacent" British universities that fail to respond to the rise of online universities will be swept away by global competition, says a report into the future of higher education. Sir Michael Barber, chief education adviser for Pearson, says online courses will be a "threat and opportunity" for the UK's universities. This "avalanche" could see some middle-ranking universities closing, he says. "There are too many universities doing the same thing," says Sir Michael.
  10. Gas/plumber probably the most reliabel main trade - high cost of entry and certification and costly to stay in, this limits the competition. Also the water or heating goes and you get that fixed as a priority over almosts anything in terms of household expenditure. Also busy in winter - frozen pipes, leaks, boilers and systems runing flat out, any breakdown needs to be serviced asap. Sumer the switch is to new build / renovation with house move projects mainly.
  11. Out of the country. Manufacturing is not coming back, The setup costs are laughable. Trashing sterling has made import costs more expensive, think we will see a shocker trade deficit as a result soon. Even if you went with a highly automated production line there you;d have to import the machines/raw materials - they just got a lot more extensive, epic fail.
  12. I'm pretty sure the govt and the cohort of hangers on in the central bank have no idea what they have doen to the economy outside their rarified coterie of lobbyists, corporate lobbyists and cheap money / taxpayer subsidy junkies. The small business sector is suffering and it is not the lack of debt that is causing it. It is eveything that they have strived to levitate - costs, interefence (regulation is a governmetn subsidy to large firms). They will have nigh on killed the small construction sector - both new and refurb by the time they have finished, materia costs are insane and enough to put ost people off before they get llabour plus 20% vat lobbed on top. Like I said last year construction and particularly small trade is going to take a clobbering and it won't appear in the stats (at least to start off with).
  13. The sense of entitlement of this lying parasitic scum is something to behold. OP is right - all true professions should actively lobby or down tools until there is a level playing field - why on earth should anyone be responsible ofr their actions on a fraction of the wages these tyrants are on? Remember when they bleated and the trading rules were change to prevent shorting of their own company stocks? The sames tools were being used against them as the ones they actively use to bring companies down and manipulate pricng to their trading advantage - didn't like that when the gun was pointed in their face.
  14. More machines, robots too, but if there is development land or existing commericial space available at a workable price then all the more likely to return. Not here though.
  15. Measured against some currencies british worker salaries have fallen by nearer 45% overall.
  16. Longer than that, the slump started when we started shipping production abroad - the affects were disguised by monetary policy and govt borrowing to hide the truth and in so doing accelerating and deepening the process. Services next.
  17. Maybe he's getting confused between soluble and solvent.
  18. Great result from the slack old bitch of threadneedle street. “More would-be buyers are focusing on consolidating and paying off debts, and are reluctant to purchase a new home while their finances are being pillaged by high inflation and record low savings rates.”
  19. The job of your dreams is there you just aint looking for it. http://www.onrec.com/news/news-archive/surrey-county-council-warns-uk-jobseekers-of-the-unseen-dangers-of-procrastination Careers experts at Surrey county council have this week issued a refreshed call to the jobseekers of the UK to break tired and dangerous habits of procrastinating or risk remaining in a rut for the long-term. According to the team behind the warning, tens of thousands of UK citizens are costing themselves the jobs of their dreams every single day simply by not being proactive enough in their efforts. Use of Resources They also argue that there really are no excuses left, given the way in which today’s jobseekers are largely spoilt for choice when it comes to the tools and resources at their disposal to make the job hunting process easier. From online job listings to CV databases and all-manner of advice and guidance resources, it’s a little like everyone having his or her own personal careers adviser on hand 24/7.
  20. MPs know of 50 tax-avoidance charities like the Cup Trust http://www.civilsociety.co.uk/governance/news/content/14644/mps_know_of_50_charities_like_the_cup_trust The PAC had identified 50 charities operating in a similar way to the Cup Trust, she said: “We think we know of 50 organisations where charities are being used as tax avoidance mechanisms – and that’s us completely on the outside.”
  21. Centralization - much easier for lobby groups and corps to gain inifluence with fewer to influence. Also means that there is no competition - no county / town can go it alone, use a different tax and effectively outcompete local/national policies.
  22. One company's pipeline, is another man's moopoly of land supply. Don;t see where the element of choice comes into it - the planning system limits when and where housing can be built and determines relative pricing - it could be entirely the affordability aspect that is leading any trend seen in the stats.
  23. Is this the bad bank bit or the shit bank bit? http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/rbs-apologises-after-second-computer-meltdown-means-customers-are-unable-to-withdraw-cash-8523685.html RBS apologises after SECOND computer meltdown means customers are unable to withdraw cash
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